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  • Latin name: Refnot
  • ATH code: L01XX
  • Active ingredient: Factor of a necrosis of tumors Timosinums alfa-1 recombinant
  • Producer: Refnot-Farm (Russia)


Rolled into one 100 thousand PIECES of a factor of a necrosis of tumors – Timosinum α-1 recombinant contain, and also there are Mannitolum, phosphate sodium dodecahydrate, sodium chloride and a dihydrate of sodium of phosphate.

Release form

It is made in the form of the lyophilisate intended for preparation of solution for introduction under skin has white color, friable or porous weight, it is hygroscopic.

Pharmacological action

Has direct antineoplastic influence of in vivo and in vitro on different lines of cells of tumors. On a range of cytostatic and cytotoxic impact on tumor cells of Refnot answers a factor of a necrosis of tumors α the person, but possesses in more than 100 times smaller general toxicity, than FNO.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

The mechanism of antineoplastic influence in vivo means several ways of a stunt or destruction of a tumor:

  • action of immune cells which cytotoxicity was directly connected with presence of molecules FNO-T on their surface or process of maturing or activation of these cells depends on the answer to FNO-T;
  • angiogenesis blocking that reduces germination by new vessels of a tumor which quickly grows, and, as a result, reduces blood supply of a tumor up to a necrosis of the tumoral center;
  • the cascade of chemical changes, including activation of coagulative blood system and local reactions of an inflammation which are caused by the lymphocytes and cells of an endothelium activated by influences of medicine. This cascade conducts to a hemorrhagic necrosis of tumoral educations;
  • direct action of a factor of a necrosis of tumors – Timosinum alfa-1 on a tumor target cell through the corresponding receptors which are on its surface owing to what there is apoptosis of a cell or a stop of a cellular cycle.

Drug does not make cytotoxic impact on healthy cells and in big concentration of in vitro provokes proliferation of lymph nodes and cells of a spleen. Strengthens an expression of GKGS antigens of the first class, CD-8 and CD-4, renders the stimulating effect on cytotoxic influence of standard killerny cells against tumor cells, strengthens development of antibodies on T-dependent antigens and is a factor of a differentiation of T-killers and T-helperov.

Drug increases efficiency of himiopreparat of Cytosarum, Doxorubicine, Actinomycinum D against tumor cells which are poorly sensitive to them, eliminating this resistance. Thanks to it is the modifier of antineoplastic influence of chemical tsitostatik at multiple medicinal resistance of cells of a tumor.

In combination with α2-or γ-interferonam has synergy cytotoxic action. Also increases activity against viruses of recombinant interferon scale (against the causative agent of vesicular stomatitis) from hundred to one thousand times.

Indications to use

Refnot at a breast cancer in complex treatment from himiopreparata is applied.


Treatment by Refnot is contraindicated at hypersensitivity to FNO-T or any other component of lyophilisate, pregnancy and the period of breastfeeding.

Side effects

Drug of Refnot can cause short-term (couple of hours) fervescence on one or two degrees and a fever. Also individual hypersensitivity to drug is observed. Side effects can be removed additional reception of the Ibuprofen or Indometacin that does not exert impact on cytotoxic influence of drug.

Refnot, application instruction (Way and dosage)

At a cancer therapy of a mammary gland in combination with chemotherapy the approximate daily dose of Refnot makes 200 thousand PIECES. The drug is administered p / to for half an hour to chemotherapy and for four days after carrying out procedure once a day.

Just before use lyophilisate in a bottle needs to be dissolved in one milliliter of water for injections.


Cases of overdose are unknown.


Medicinal interaction of this drug is unknown.

Terms of sale

Drug is released from drugstores according to the recipe.

Storage conditions

The bottle needs to be stored in the dark and dry place at  a temperature from two to ten degrees. It is impossible to freeze, the dissolved drug is not subject to storage.

Period of validity

Period of storage makes 2 years.


Coincidence on the ATH code of the 4th level:

Refnot's analog is Ingaron. Refnot and Ingaron are new drugs, most often Refnot is applied to the best transferring of chemotherapy.

About Refnota

Refnot helps to prolong significantly or even to save life of oncological patients, to prevent recurrence. On supervision of doctors it stimulates immune system and does not affect healthy cells thanks to what in a cancer therapy break with the advent of this medicine is made. Naturally, there were also cases when drug did not help.


  • Refnot lyophilisate for solution of 100 thousand. No. 5 piece flakonyrefnot-Farm

Drugstore of IFC

  • Refnot liof. for infection p / to 100000ME fl No. 5, Refnot-Farmrossiya
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