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  • Latin name: RETASOL
  • ATH code: D10BA01
  • Active ingredient: Izotretinoin (Isotretinoinum)
  • Producer: CJSC Retinoidy (Russia)


Izotretinoin propylene glycol, butyl hydroxyanisole, butyl hydroxytoluene, alcohol.

Release form

Solution of 0,025% for external use in glass dark bottles on 50 ml in cardboard packaging. 1 ml of solution contains 250 mkg of an izotretinoin.

Pharmacological action

Regenerating, antiseborrheal, antiinflammatory, keratolytic.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics


Actively active ingredient of drug represents one of active forms of vitamin A. Retasol slows down hyper proliferation of an epithelium of channels of sebaceous glands and process of a differentiation of sebotsit, normalizes structure of a ferruterous secret and process of its evacuation. As a result — production of skin fat decreases. Drug has antiinflammatory, antiseboreynoy and keratolytic effect, strengthens regeneration processes in skin.


Izotretinoin is quickly and well absorbed from a gastrointestinal tract, at administration of drug along with food absorption can increase. Bioavailability is low. Quickly turns into transretinoic acid (tretinoin). Cmax in blood after intake is reached in 1-4 hours. To 80% of drug contacts blood proteins.

It is metabolized in a liver with formation of an okso-izotretinoin who is exposed to enterogepatichesky recirculation. It is removed with mochy and fecal masses.

Indications to use

Eels ordinary (komedonalny and papulo-pustular forms), pink eels, seborrheal dermatitis, rozatse, perioral dermatitis.


Pregnancy, the breastfeeding period, lactation, hypersensitivity to an izotretinoin, reception of antibiotics of tetracycline group.

To apply with care at chronic pancreatitis, diseases of kidneys and a liver, a decompensation of cordial activity, a chronic drunkenness.

Side effects

Local allergic reactions: hypostasis and itch of skin, hyperemia, papular rash, photosensitization, headache, excessive fatigue.

Retasol, application instruction (Way and dosage)

Solution is applied outwardly with a cotton plug on the skin cleared previously not by spirit solutions for care of skin twice a day. Duration of treatment from 4 to 12 weeks. If necessary, after consultation with the doctor, perhaps repeated passing of treatment. At emergence of reactions of an aggravation for 1-2 weeks of treatment (emergence of an itch, new rashes, reddenings and puffinesses of skin) use of drug needs to be stopped before subsiding of symptomatology, and then — treatment can be resumed. It is necessary to avoid putting drug on mucous membranes and near eye sites of skin.


Data are absent.


The concomitant use of an izotretinoin with other retinoids (Tretinoin, Adapalen, Retinolum, Atsitretin) increases risk of development of a hypervitaminosis And.

Contraindicated combined use with tetracyclines as the risk of increase of intracranial pressure increases. Drug weakens effect of progesterone in this connection, during use of an izotretinoin, it is not necessary to use the contraceptive means containing progesterone.

Use of drug together with the HP increasing photosensitivity (thiazide diuretics, tetracyclines, sulphamides) increases risk of receiving sunblisters.

Terms of sale

Without recipe.

Storage conditions

At a temperature up to 22 °C.

Period of validity

2 years.


Coincidence on the ATH code of the 4th level:

Retinoic ointment, Roakkutan, Dermoretin, Izotreksin.

About Retasole

About drug in the majority positive. Retasol from spots is rather popular medicine. It is a lot of enthusiastic responses "… drug in two weeks cleaned my face blackheads who did not allow me to live normally and completely leveled skin. Effect amazing". However, in some responses it is specified that effect of drug very slow, strongly dries and bakes skin.

According to doctors drug possesses a high therapeutic effectiveness, especially quickly it works against fat face skin.

At the expressed forms of acne rash Retasol with other antibacterial drugs or antiacne means is recommended to use.


  • Retasol solution of 0,025% 50 ml No. 1 of a flakonretinoida of FNPP of closed joint stock company
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