The pseudorheumatism is a chronic illness which has autoimmune character. Its nature consists in a system inflammation of connecting fabric at which joints as the progressing erosive and destructive polyarthritis mainly are surprised. The etiology of an illness is not clear. Among the population this disease is observed approximately at 0.5-1% of people.

Pseudorheumatism reasons

Till today there are no data on the fine-molded reasons of this disease. However at laboratory researches of patients with revmatoitdny arthritis the increased quantity of leukocytes in blood, and also a blood sedimentation rate is observed that testifies to the infectious nature of this illness. There is a theory that the illness develops as a result of disturbance of immune system at the people having to it hereditary tendency. As a result at people the so-called cell-bound immune complexes which are postponed in body tissues are shown. It also becomes the reason of injury of joints. However, at treatment of a pseudorheumatism by means of antibiotics of effect it is not observed therefore higher many specialists consider the described theory wrong.

This disease is in most cases fraught for the person with the disability which is shown very much early. Also there is a risk of a lethal outcome which comes owing to complications of infectious character, and also a renal failure.

The first symptoms of a pseudorheumatism are shown in the main ambassador of strong exercise stresses, an emotional overstrain, overfatigue. Also the course of a disease is possible during hormonal reorganizations and action on a human body of a number of adverse factors.

There is a so-called rheumatological triad of factors which are contributing for a pseudorheumatism.

First of all, it is about predisposition of genetic character: in this case tendency to autoimmune reactions means.

The following factor – infectious. So, paramyxoviruses, gepatovirusa, gerpesvirusa, and also retroviruses can provoke development of a pseudorheumatism.

One more important factor – starting. It is a number of states (overcooling, organism intoxication, reception of some medicines, a stressful state etc.) which can become starting to start an illness.

Pseudorheumatism stages

Development of a pseudorheumatism happens gradually. At the first stage of an illness at the person synovial bags swell up that provokes emergence of a tumor, pain and heating around joints. At the second stage of development of a pseudorheumatism very fast process of cell fission begins that as a result leads to consolidation of a synovial membrane. At the third stage of an illness there is a release by the inflamed cells of the enzyme affecting cartilages and bones. As a result the joints affected with an illness are deformed, the person suffers from a megalgia and loses motive functions.

It is also accepted to allocate some types of a clinical current of a pseudorheumatism:

At classical option the disease progresses slowly, at the same time both small, and large joints are surprised.

At mono — or an oligoarthritis generally large joints are surprised, it is the most frequent — knee.

If at the patient the pseudorheumatism with a pseudo-septic syndrome develops, then fever, loss of weight, a fever, a hyperhidrosis, anemia, etc. takes place. At the same time symptoms of arthritis are not the main.

Besides, there are also other types of a pseudorheumatism: Felti's syndrome, Steel's syndrome, allergoseptichesky syndrome, rhematoid vasculitis; etc.

Pseudorheumatism symptoms

ревматоидный артрит Initially the illness develops slowly, symptoms of a pseudorheumatism accrue gradually. This process can last till some months and even flying, at the same time the acute course of a disease takes place much less often.

In most cases (about two third) disease are shown by polyarthritis, in other cases at the patient takes place mono - or an oligoarthritis.

As a rule, the course of a disease begins with inflammatory processes in metacarpophalangeal joints of index and average fingers of hands. Respectively, these joints considerably swell up a little. In parallel the inflammation and swelling of radiocarpal joints is very often observed.

As a rule, in most cases damage of joints at a pseudorheumatism happens symmetrically. So, at damage of joints on one hand, very often they are surprised also on other extremity.

The constraint in the mornings lasting more than one hour in this case is characteristic of a joint syndrome. Similar symptoms arise as well in the second half of night. The person suffers from so-called symptoms of "hard gloves", "corset", he is overcome by a spontaneous joint pain which is shown constantly. At patients rhematoid arthritises the articulate syndrome is monotonous and long. Pain at the same time is very similar to a dentagra.

Sometimes the patient also has prodromal clinical manifestations. It can be periodic passing pain, pain which are connected with vegetative frustration, weather conditions.

Symptoms of a pseudorheumatism are in parallel shown also by damage of small joints of feet which happens also symmetrically. Damage of large joints – knee, humeral, talocrural, elbow – happens in later period of a course of a disease. Before such manifestations there can pass weeks and even months. However, at some types of revmatodiny arthritis large joints initially are surprised, and the inflammation of small joints occurs later. Similar disease is characteristic of elderly people.

Often at patients with a pseudorheumatism under skin rhematoid small knots which are very dense are shown. They have the size about a pea and appear a little below from an elbow bend. Such small knots can be single or they arise in a large number.

Except the pseudorheumatism symptoms described above, at people constant weakness, a bad dream and appetite often takes place, sometimes periodically they are overcome by oznoba and insignificant rises in body temperature. Very often patients with this illness for a short time can strongly grow thin.

In the course of active development of a disease when the pseudorheumatism enters the developed stage, in the person permanent deformation of fingers is shown. So-called ulnarny deviation at which there is a fixing of brushes and fingers of hands in the wrong situation is most often observed, deviating by knaruzh. It becomes difficult for person to bend and unbend hands in wrists. In parallel there is a blood supply disturbance owing to what the expressed pallor of skin on hands and on wrists takes place. Gradually there is an atrofation of muscles of hands.

The illness continues to develop, and pathological processes extend also to other joints. At the same time inflammatory process of shoulder, elbow and ankle joints generally happens rather easy. However at the same time joints become rigid, and the patient is forced to limit the movements in a joint.

At defeat of a knee joint sometimes in his cavity a lot of pathological liquid which begins to stretch a joint capsule collects. Sometimes, at severe forms of an illness, owing to excess of liquid the cyst is broken off, and liquid comes to shin tissues. As a result hypostasis of a shin develops, the person suffers from very sharp pains. Over time these manifestations take place, but at the subsequent development of an inflammation in a knee joint they can repeat.

ревматоидный артрит Sometimes the inflammation extends also to vertebral joints. Most often there is an inflammation of cervical department of a backbone that is fraught with emergence of pains in a nape and a neck. In this case treatment of patients by means of massage, warmings up will be a gross blunder, manual therapy – it only aggravates a situation as inflammatory process only amplifies.

The pseudorheumatism proceeds wavy. The aggravation of symptoms of the person alternates with improvement. If not to undertake the correct treatment of a pseudorheumatism, then sufferings of the person can proceed throughout all his life.

Complications of a pseudorheumatism

Except directly pseudorheumatism at patients complications in work of a number of internals – hearts of a liver, kidneys, intestines, vessels are often observed. Very serious complication of arthritis rheumatic inflammatory process in muscles which is called a polimialgiya is considered. Such complications of a pseudorheumatism not only considerably worsen quality of existence of the patient, but also can threaten his life.

Diagnosis of a pseudorheumatism

It is possible to establish the diagnosis "pseudorheumatism" by carrying out biochemical analysis of blood, a X-ray analysis of joints, and also studying of a clinical picture of disease.

However in most cases in view of not specificity of early symptoms of a pseudorheumatism statement of the diagnosis happens later a long time after the beginning of a disease. The doctor in the course of poll, survey and studying of the anamnesis defines existence of the general symptoms, morning constraint, rhematoid small knots.

There is also a number of diagnostic criteria of a pseudorheumatism which use in the course of diagnosis. If at the patient four and more criteria from seven specified take place, then it is possible to assume development of a pseudorheumatism. These are the following criteria:
— existence of constraint and rigidity of joints in the mornings which remain more than one hour;
— existence of arthritis at which not less than three groups of joints are surprised;
— arthritis at which metacarpophalangeal, radiocarpal or proximal interphalangeal joints are surprised;
— existence damage of joints of one group on both sides;
— presence of rhematoid small knots;
— presence of a rhematoid factor at serum;
— typical results of a X-ray.

In the course of a X-ray analysis presence of erosion of a bone, and also expressiveness of destruction of a cartilage is defined.

Treatment of a pseudorheumatism

ревматоидный артрит Treatment of a pseudorheumatism means the correct approach to process in general. If at an organism there is an infection, to the patient appoint reception of antibacterial drugs. If extraarticular manifestations are not expressed brightly, for treatment (a joint syndrome it is necessary to pick up non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Also corticosteroid means are entered into joints in which the expressed inflammation is observed. Plasma exchange courses are often appointed also sick.

At treatment of a pseudorheumatism it is important to pay special attention to prevention of osteoporosis. As measures of similar prevention it is necessary to fill up a food allowance with products, rich calcium, animal protein. At the same time it is necessary to exclude dishes with high content of table salt from a diet.

Besides, include in complex therapy of a disease also physiotherapy exercises which promote mobility of joints.

Treatment of a pseudorheumatism is carried out also by use of physiotherapeutic procedures, and also sanatorium treatment. However similar methods have effect only at an easy form of a pseudorheumatism.

Treatment of a pseudorheumatism happens approximately in 20% of cases. The correct approach to therapy and even treatment of a pseudorheumatism by national methods give the chance to considerably facilitate the general condition of the patient.

In this case it is necessary to consider that treatment of a pseudorheumatism folk remedies assumes preliminary approval of the attending physician. Besides the patient should be adjusted on long process: treatment of this illness continues sometimes several years, and the maintenance therapy in general can constantly proceed.

Prevention of a pseudorheumatism

As preventive measures fight against excess weight as additional weight promotes increase in load of joints is meant. It is important to develop the correct food allowance taking into account above the stated recommendations. Besides, specialists insistently advise to avoid constantly repeating stressful situations.

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