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  • Latin name: Resolor
  • ATH code: A06AX05
  • Active ingredient: Prukaloprida succinate
  • Producer: Janssen-Silag S. of the item. And., Italy


One tablet contains 1,321 milligrams of a prukaloprid of succinate that corresponds to 1 milligram of a prukaloprid. The kernel of a tablet contains from 1 to 6 milligrams of a film covering, 1,35 milligrams of magnesium of stearate, 0,36 milligrams of silicon of dioxide of colloid, 27 milligrams of microcrystallic cellulose and 149,969 milligrams of lactose of monohydrate. The film covering for 40 percent consists of a gipromelloza 6 Wednesday, 24 percent of titanium of dioxide, 8 percent of a macrogoal 3000, 6 percent of a tiratsetin and 22 percent of lactose of monohydrate.

Tablets of pink color contain 2 milligrams of a prukaloprid, and the film covering in addition contains 0,02 percent of indigo carmine (E132) and 0,01 percent of dye of ferrous oxide of yellow (E172).

Release form

Is issued in the form of white or pink round biconvex tablets which on one party have an engraving of "PRU 1" or "PRU 2".

Pharmacological action

Rezolor is a stimulator of serotoninovy receptors. The active agent which is contained in tablets of this drug is digidrobenzofurankarboksamidy which increases intestinal motility. It is the selection, vysokoafinny agonist of 5HT -serotoninovykh receptors, as explains its impact on intestinal motility.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Prukaloprid is quickly enough soaked up also after a single dose in the dose equal to two milligrams, the maximum concentration is reached 2-3 hours later. Absolute bioavailability makes more than 90 percent, and meal does not exert impact on bioavailability.

Prukaloprid after intake is distributed on all organism and contacts proteins of plasma for 30 percent.

The metabolism passes in a human liver of in vitro very slowly therefore very few metabolites are formed. It is removed in an invariable look – 60 percent are brought through kidneys and 6 percent with a stake.

Indications to use

It is applied in symptomatic therapy of a chronic lock at women, in cases when purgatives cannot provide the necessary effect for elimination of symptoms.


Rezolor it is impossible to accept at:

  • inborn deficit of lactase, glyukozo-galaktozny malabsorption, lactose intolerance;
  • mechanical impassability of intestines, obstruction or perforation of intestines because of functional or anatomic disturbances of an intestinal wall, heavy intestinal inflammations, for example, toxic megacolon / megarectum, an illness Krone;
  • disturbances of renal functions which demand carrying out a dialysis;
  • hypersensitivity to a prukaloprid or others to substances as a part of drug.

It is necessary to take with caution in the presence of the heavy and clinically unstable accompanying pulmonary diseases, a liver, neurologic, cardiovascular, mental, oncological, endocrine, and also AIDS.

Side effects

The most frequent undesirable effects at reception of this drug is a headache and undesirable reactions of a digestive tract in the form of diarrhea, nausea and abdominal pains. These effects were observed at 20 percent of patients who accepted drug. As a rule, such reactions develop in an initiation of treatment and take place several days therefore do not demand drug withdrawal later. Other side effects are observed incidentally and have weak or moderate severity. Treat them:

Application instruction of Rezolor (Way and dosage)

In the instruction on Rezolor it is specified that a pill needs to be taken inside at any time irrespective of reception of food. The adult about 2 milligrams are recommended to accept once a day, elderly (65 years are more senior) to begin with reception of 1 milligram once a day and if it is necessary, to raise a dose to 2 milligrams once a day. Drug is not recommended to children and teenagers till 18 flyings.

For the patients having heavy disturbances of hepatic functions (the class C on Chayld-Pyyu) can be accepted on 1 milligram once a day. Those who has the weak or moderately expressed disturbances of hepatic functions should not adjust a dose. The people having heavy disturbances of renal functions can accept on 1 milligram once a day. Having weak or slightly a dose to adjust the expressed disturbances of renal functions it is unnecessary.

If reception drug once a day for four weeks does not yield result, repeated inspection of the patient and determination of expediency of further use of drug is necessary.


According to researches with participation of healthy people, active agent of tablets have good tolerance at increase of a dose to 20 milligrams once a day. At overdose symptoms which are caused by strengthening of side effects of drug, including diarrhea, nausea and a headache can be observed.

The specific antidote does not exist. At overdose if it is necessary, the symptomatic and maintenance therapy is carried out. At big loss of liquid because of vomiting or diarrhea it is necessary to carry out correction of disturbance of electrolytic balance.


Drug has weak ability to interaction, but it can poorly contact the R-glycoprotein. Prukaloprid also does not exert significant impact on pharmacokinetics of a paroksetin, alcohol, Digoxin and Warfarin.

Ketokonazol in a dose of 200 milligrams two times a day, but this effect very small can increase AUC of a prukaloprid approximately by 40 percent to have the clinical importance. The same interaction is observed with Quinidine, Cyclosporine A and Verapamil.

Atropinopodobny substances can weaken effect of a prukaloprid, also it needs to be accepted carefully along with drugs which capable to extend QTc interval.

Terms of sale

It is released from drugstores according to the recipe.

Storage conditions

Tablets need to be stored in original packaging for the purpose of protection against moisture at air temperature not higher than 25 degrees.

Period of validity

The period of validity of tablets makes three years.

Rezolor's analogs

Coincidence on the ATH code of the 4th level:

Rezolor's analog is Prukaloprid (Prucalopride).

About Rezolore

According to reviews of Rezolor, side effects in the form of headaches, diarrheas, nausea and vomitings are observed rather often, but drug possesses very high performance.


  • Rezolor of 1 mg No. 28 tabletkiyansen-Silag
  • Rezolor of 2 mg No. 28 tabletkiyansen-Silag
  • Rezolor of 2 mg No. 7 tabletkiyansen-Silag

Drugstore of IFC

  • Rezolor tbl p/pl/o 2 mg No. 28, Janssen Pharmaceuticaitaliya
  • Rezolor tbl p/pl/o 1 mg No. 28, Janssen Pharmaceuticaitaliya
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  • Rezolor of 2 mg No. 28 tabl.p.p.o.yanssen-Cilag S.p.A. (Italy)
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