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  • Latin name: Rhinonorm
  • ATH code: R01AA07
  • Active ingredient: Xylomethazolinum (Xylometazoline)
  • Producer: Ratiopharm GmbH (Germany)

Rinonorm's structure

Depending on a kind of nasal spray Rinonorm structure of 10 ml. this medicine may contain or 5 mg. (for children) or 10 mg. (for adults) active agent of a hydrochloride of xylomethazolinum.

Besides, at drug there are such auxiliary connections as: 85% glitserol, monohydrate of citric acid, a dihydrate sodium citrate, and also the water intended for injections.

Release form

Rinonorm let out in the form of drops in a nose (transparent liquid, inodorous), packaged in bottles from dark glass of 15 or 10 ml., placed in cardboard packagings (in one pack one bottle) and equipped for more convenient use with the specialized dosing nozzle.

Pharmacological action

Medicine makes vasoconstrictive and pronounced antikongestivny impact on a human body.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

This nasal spray is actively used for topical administration in practice of ENT specialists. As xylomethazolinum which is contained in structure of drops belongs to an alpha adrenomimetikam, this active connection promotes narrowing of arterioles that favorably influences mucous nasopharynxes thanks to reduction of hypostases and elimination of a hyperemia.

Rinonorm helps to reduce quantity of the secrets separated in a nasopharynx in several seconds after topical administration. The medicinal effect of drops remains for several more hours. Medicine recovers passability of the nasal courses, Eustachian tubes, but also, openings of bosoms.

Under the influence of nasal drops the health of patients due to recovery of air passability of a nasopharynx considerably improves, and also the probability of development of complications which inevitably arise at long stagnation of a secret decreases.

Indications to use

Rinonorm is shown to use at therapeutic treatment of rhinitis (allergic, bacterial or virus character), sinusitis (in acute or chronic aggravated phases), and also for elimination of hypostases of mucous membranes of an Eustachian tube at average otitis. Besides, drops use as preparatory means before carrying out diagnostic manipulations in the nasal courses.

Rinonorm's contraindications

The following cases belong to absolute contraindications of Rinonorm:

  • dry or atrophic rhinitis;
  • glaucoma is closed-angle;
  • age of patients till 2 years;
  • hypersensitivity to the basic and auxiliary components of medicinal connection.

It is not recommended to use these nasal drops at conditions of the following behind a hypophysectomy, and also at reception of antidepressants of a tricyclic row and MAO inhibitors (monoaminoxidase).

Side effects

Quite seldom, however, also the following side effects can be shown:

Rinonorm, application instruction (Way and dosage)

The application instruction of Rinonorm differs depending on a type of drops. The children's spray containing 0,05% xylomethazolinum solution is appointed on one dose (that is equal to one pressing the doser – 0,14 ml.) in each nostril no more than three times a day.

To adult patients, and also children aged from 10 flyings the drug containing 0,1% of xylomethazolinum is appointed in a dosage equal to one pressing the piston device in each nostril by no more than three times a day.

The general duration of use of medicine should not exceed seven days. It is desirable to observe a six-hour interval between use of drops. For strengthening of efficiency of spray before its use it is worth clearing nasal bosoms of a secret.


At observance of recommendations about drug use overdose is excluded. However when exceeding of the established dosages such symptoms as increase of arterial pressure, arrhythmia and a loss of consciousness can be shown. In such cases symptomatic therapy, a gastric lavage, and also use of purgatives is shown.


This medicine is incompatible with the antidepressants relating to three - and to a tetracyclic row, and also with MAO inhibitors.

Terms of sale

Without recipe.

Storage conditions

At a temperature up to 25 With, in the place which will be unavailable to children.

Period of validity

Total period of the validity — 3 years, after opening of a bottle – 1 year.

Special instructions

Drug does not exert impact on attentiveness and ability to driving or other potentially dangerous units and mechanisms.

Rinonorm's analogs

It is possible to distinguish from the main analogs of Rinonorm:


  • Rinonorm spray of nasal 0,05% 15mlmerckle GmbH
  • Rinonorm spray of nasal 0,1% 15mlmerckle GmbH

Drugstore of IFC

  • Rinonorm spray nazaln. 0.05% of 15 ml, Merckle/Ratiopharmgermaniya
  • Rinonorm spray nazaln. 0.1% of 15 ml, Merckle/Ratiopharmgermaniya
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  • Rinonorm of 0,05% 10 ml spray naz.doz.
  • Rinonorm of 0,05% 10 ml of a drop naz.
  • Rinonorm of 0,1% 10 ml of a drop naz.
  • Rinonorm of 0,1% 10 ml spray naz.doz.
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