Rozatsea (pink eels)

Rozatsea – the chronic illness affecting integuments of the person whom it is also accepted to call pink eels. The main symptom of this illness is the redness of skin and formation of an enanthesis of the person. It can be hillocks, pustules. The disease develops certain stages which gradually pass from one into other. The illness is most often observed at women who already were 30 years old, but in certain cases perhaps and earlier began it. Most often develops at people with light skin and red hair. On researches of specialists, this disease affects approximately the tenth part of people.

The disease is very often called also the term "pink eels". At a certain stage of development the illness on some signs is reminded by an acne therefore it is important that diagnosis was carried out surely by the specialist dermatologist. From that, treatment of pink eels will be how adequate, recovery of the patient depends.

Reasons of a rozatse

The starting moment of a disease is pathological reaction of vessels owing to which the inflammation develops. Such phenomena are characteristic of those people at whom high reactivity of vessels of skin, and also for persons with high sensitivity of skin to sunlight and other features of an arrangement of vessels in skin is observed.

But till today there is no information on the exact reasons provoking development of this disease. People who are ill a rozatsea have an expansion of superficial arteries of skin as response to influence of those irritants which do not cause such effects in healthy people.

In due time as the reason of this illness it was considered to be infection with a microscopic tick – demodeksy. He lives in sebaceous glands of hair follicles on face skin of the person. However modern specialists claim that healthy people have this microscopic tick even and does not exert initial impact on development of pink eels.

According to other theory the disease arises against gastritis under the influence of a bacterium which provokes its development. Besides, a certain impact is exerted by the use of some medicines among which — corticosteroid ointments.

Thus, among factors which influence development of a rozatse it should be noted diseases of a digestive tract, disturbance of endocrine character, failures in work of immune system. The exacerbation of an illness is possible at stay of the person in rooms with too hot or cold air temperature, and also as a result of emotional shocks and splashes.

Symptoms of a rozatse

Розацеа (розовые угри)The Rozatsea is shown by a number of certain signs. First of all, at the patient the main symptoms of a rozatse – considerable face reddening which generally extends to the center of the person, a forehead, a chin, cheeks, a chin, a nose are noted. Sometimes reddening also affects cheeks and a chin. Against the reddened skin sometimes on a face rashes in the form of pink papules appear. After a while they change, turning into abscesses. Sometimes in the field of reddening consolidations which are more characteristic of the last stage of an illness are shown. One more characteristic sign – expanded vessels and existence of a vascular grid on skin. Approximately at a half of patients damage of eyes at which the patient is disturbed by dryness, gripes, feeling of a foreign body in eyes is also shown.

Feelings of an itch, burning, tightening of skin are possible. Treatment of a rozatse is appointed depending on a stage and displays of a disease. Sometimes the doctor also recommends to practice in parallel treatment by folk remedies as an auxiliary method.

Stages of a rozatse

At the first stage of a disease the person has periodic rushes of blood to the person while he eats very hot food, and also alcohol, a citrus, spices with bright taste and aroma. Development of this stage of an illness demands observance of some important recommendations: is it is necessary only warm food, it is not necessary to abuse alcohol, spicy food. The first stage of an illness demands refusal of a sauna, a bath, suntan in sunbeds and stay under sunshine. It is also necessary to look after skin more carefully: in particular, it is worth picking up soft means for washing, suitable for specific type of skin. Use of the nutritious creams having a heavy consistence does not approach at this stage. It is possible to stop inflow by means of thermal water which washing effectively stops pathological reaction of vessels.

At the second stage of an illness on a face the patient is observed already permanent reddening. And sometimes even vascular asterisks appear. At this stage it is necessary to adhere to already more rigid diet, to categorically avoid visit of a bath or a sauna, to hide from the sun. The deep, full-fledged sleep is not less important, it is also possible to accept soothing medicines (a valerian, a motherwort, new Passitum). It is worth to remember also about care of skin.

At the third stage of an illness on integuments there are rashes looking as pustules and small small knots. In this case often the person makes a mistake, undertaking those methods of treatment which practice at an acne illness. As a result improvement does not come, and, some procedures can even provoke some aggravation of symptoms. Therefore it is important correct to establish the diagnosis then the doctor appoints the correct complex therapy.

The fourth, last stage of a disease develops at male patients more often. In this case the hyperplasia of connecting fabric and sebaceous glands (the phenomenon called a rhinophyma) takes place. At the fourth stage the nose size increases, it takes asymmetric shape. At the same time on skin cyanotic spots are shown, and vascular asterisks are enlarged. It is possible to eliminate the fourth stage of a disease only by surgical intervention.

Diagnosis of a rozatse

The doctor can diagnose a disease in most cases after external survey of the patient. But in certain cases carrying out research of microflora of an integument of the person, and the general condition of vessels practices. To define what disease of skin takes place, is carried out laboratory blood analyses.

If the doctor finds on face skin a tick-demodeks, then this diagnosis is not the basis for definition at the patient of pink eels or a demodicosis yet.

Treatment of a rozatse

Розацеа (розовые угри)In view of a possibility of transition of an illness to more serious stages which it is very difficult to treat afterwards, it is necessary to diagnose a disease in time and to take measures for its elimination. However, till today there are no drugs or methods which can completely and quickly relieve the patient of this illness.

Therapy begins with elimination of those factors which provoke development of a disease. The patient is recommended to keep surely to a diet in which all products owing to which reddening develops are completely excluded. Coffee, preservation, vinegar is harmful to the people having this illness. It is not necessary to use also some fruit: doctors do not advise there are pears, grapes, tangerines. At the same time low-fat meat and fish, vegetables, greens, bean, fermented milk products is useful. Solar bathtubs also should be excluded for treatment.

The general treatment of a disease is carried out surely in a complex, at the same time intervention of the therapist and endocrinologist is necessary. For treatment drugs of group of an imidazole (Trichopolum, metronidazole) are most often used. Such medicines increase protective, and also regenerative properties of a mucous membrane of intestines and stomach. If at the patient in development of a disease pustules are formed, the doctor can appoint reception of antibiotics. In this case treatment metitsikliny, metacycline, Oxacillinum, etc. practices. In the presence at the patient of resistant papular pink eels with effective medicine Ftivazidum is considered.

Besides, in the course of complex treatment vitamins are actively applied. The vitamin complexes used for treatment of such patients have to include surely Riboflavinum, niacin, B6 vitamin, Ascorutinum. If the disease is combined with various allergic reactions, then the desensibilizing therapy is appointed: reception of antihistaminic drugs, sodium thiosulphate. If in development of a disease there is a damage of eyes, then in this case the patient is examined surely by the specialist oculist. To the patient treatment by antihistaminic drugs, Prednisolonum reception internally, an instillation of hydrocortisone drops in eyes is appointed.

Розацеа (розовые угри)In the presence of acute inflammatory reaction use of the cooling lotions from solution of resorcin or boric acid practices. For this purpose also broths of some medicinal herbs can be applied. Besides, in the course of treatment are applied boron-naftalanovye the creams making antiinflammatory impact. After the end of such therapy use by antiparasitic means with sulfur and tar is appointed. As the subsequent stage carrying out physiotherapeutic procedures is appointed. Most often cryomassage practices. At the last stages of a disease electrocoagulation, treatment by the laser, a roentgenotherapy is sometimes applied. If all described methods are inefficient, then carrying out a surgery is possible. Also certain forms of a peeling are applied.

Each patient has to understand that this illness is chronic therefore even at complex treatment symptoms of an illness will not disappear at once. Their reduction requires, at least, several weeks.

National methods of treatment

Some national recipes can quite be applied to therapy of this illness. So, long since for this purpose use cranberry juice which is suitable for lotions on the person. It is necessary to moisten fabric in juice and to take such lotion on a face for 40 minutes. After that it is necessary to wash and dry skin a towel. Procedure is done once a day. At manifestation of allergic reaction juice is diluted with warm boiled water. Gradually, after decrease in intensity of redness of a lotion it is possible to do more rare – once in several days.

One more effective remedy of traditional medicine – propolis. For the night it is necessary just to wipe a face with the tampon which is carefully moistened in five-percent tincture of propolis. In the morning on face skin there will be a film which is carefully erased the cotton plug impregnated with vodka. Such procedures need to be done within a month. On the expiration of this time procedure is made already with use by ten-percentage tincture of propolis within one more month.

It is also possible to prepare broth which is used as tea on a half-glass several times a day. The nettle, a horsetail field, stalks of a young plant of a burdock is its part.

Periodically at pink eels it is possible to do face packs. Effectively the mask from fresh juice of the aloe half divorced water influences. The gauze moistened in such solution needs to be held on a face about 20 minutes. It is similarly possible to do a mask from the fresh juice divorced by halves from cabbage. Such masks can be done once in two days throughout one and a half month.

Prevention of a rozatse

Not to allow development of a disease, it is necessary to conform very carefully to all rules of personal hygiene, it is obligatory to treat timely all accompanying illnesses. It is impossible to allow excesses in food, abusing spicy, spicy food, alcohol. In hot sunny days use of qualitative sun-protection means for skin is obligatory. It is not necessary to allow overcoolings, irritations of face skin low-quality cosmetics.

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