All age are obedient to the birth of children!

As in former Soviet period definition "starorodyashchy "which doctors branded the woman who conceived the child after 30 years awfully sounded! In any case after thirty even if twenty-eight-year-old, in case of approach of the first pregnancy, some especially vigilant doctors did on the out-patient card a text "elderly primapara ".

Thanks to progress, times changed and the last twenty years were spent for withdrawal pains of many taken roots representations. As now it is unsurprising to see the lady of pre-retirement age dressed in a short short skirt, and the woman's figure under forty walking with a carriage is not perceived unambiguously in the way of the young grandmother any more. Now in increasing frequency women make the decision to become mother, having stepped over 35 summer age.

The Soviet doctors built sacredly considering that the best time for pregnancy is age 22-24 years, beliefs on researches of the 30th years of the last century. Then owing to lack of methods of contraception and the developed beliefs of people, it was accepted to give birth to children "how many God willing". From here aged "after 35" the organism of the woman was izmochalen this sorts, is tired and, is as a result incapable of normal reproductive function. Besides development of medicine of the last years allowed to level various dangerous factors that gave many risks including risk of premature births, for pozdnerodyashchy mothers in the borders equal to that which are characteristic of young pregnancy.

So, why now there are a lot of those who decided to test pleasure of motherhood aged which approaches forty? It is known that present time regards financial and career success as of paramount importance. Therefore many girls from young nails, like mad, throw all the forces on conquest of some tops. When it is possible to reach the desirable then the thought comes that it would be time to react to tick of a biological clock.

The second very widespread category, is mummies who, on the contrary, hurried to give birth to the child early enough in 17-19 years. They grew up the child who already became the moustached young man or the issued girl, but did not become still old, in soul at mummy still at most youth with might and main smells sweet. She wishes to test pleasure of motherhood again that it is equivalent for it to return to youth, for this reason many also decide to bring the second child when their age approaches forty.

There is also a group of mummies who conceived the child, without having such plans. At such age cases of the unplanned pregnancies resulting from decrease in attention to contraception are very frequent. Women logically decide that it is already more difficult for them to become pregnant and begin to neglect protective actions that leads to abortion, but there are also those who decide to give birth. Let's not disregard also category of women who just could not reach very long position of future mother, desired for them. Treatments, clinics both other traditional and not really methods often yield result not at once, and the age does not stand still.

Today pregnancy after 35 flyings is not surprising any more and will not become the factor turning the woman in labor into an exotic wonder. But you should not forget that in something the Soviet doctors were right therefore follows is very weighed to approach a problem of health of future mother. At a stage of planning of pregnancy it is necessary to pass inspection of all organism. All found problems need to be fixed if it is possible.

From the first days of pregnancy it is necessary to be observed continuously at the corresponding doctor. It is necessary to be ready to the fact that doctors of an old school at the slightest symptom will stack the pregnant woman whose age is more than 35 years on preservation, and childbirth will insistently recommend to do by means of kesarevy section.

Surely it is necessary to throw beforehand prior to pregnancy addictions, such as smoking and the use even of small doses of alcohol. It is good to resemble to the pool at this time and to do the gymnastics directed to strengthening of muscles of a back.

The special attention needs to be paid to the food. It is necessary to throw all these harmful hamburgers and a habit to eat on the run even before conception! With its approach in food it is necessary to accept many proteins and celluloses. The use of liquid at pregnancy has to be under control and not less than 10 cups a day.

It is necessary to know well that aged between 35 and 40 years a huge number of women managed to give birth to healthy kids. So the diagnosis frightening all  a Down syndrome happens at 1 percent of the babies born by age mummies. Therefore it is not necessary to be afraid, the motherhood at any age is fine, Charitable business.

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