How to get rid from pink depriving?

Is among the most widespread dermatological diseases pink deprive, known still as deprive of Zhiber. Having found a scattering of round pink spots on the body, the person asks a question whether it is necessary to go immediately to the doctor or will pass? To life deprive does not threaten, does not cause painful feelings, however it does not mean that it is not necessary to pay attention to it absolutely. Harmless deprive can provoke not harmless skin diseases, for example, eczema, various forms of a pyoderma.

Fortunately, pink deprive - it is just that type of a disease at which treatment it is possible to manage the folk remedies fulfilled within centuries. The majority of them suit for fight not only with pink, but also other more dangerous types depriving.

Use of useful properties of plants is the cornerstone of national treatment. The simplest and available medicine — buckwheat broth. To prepare it as easy as shelling pears. Grain is cooked as usual, only do not allow water to be absorbed, and rub with it affected areas of skin. Very effectively and quickly cope with we deprive Tinctura Calendulae, the wrung-out onions juice, burdock oil, false hellebore water.

Way of treatment at the choice of any means identical — to moisten with curative liquid pure bandage or a wadded disk and two-three times a day plentifully to moisten lishayny spots. It is necessary to handle with water of a false hellebore very with care because it is very poisonous.

Efficient medicinal ointment can be prepared most, having mixed broth from roots and seeds of a sorrel with sour cream. This ointment helps to reduce deprive in few days; use it and at treatment of herpes. Also in the people for fight with we deprive prepare sea-buckthorn oil, a dogrose, a St. John's Wort.

Very much help disposal from depriving curative bathtubs. Decoction from oats or leaves of blackcurrant is added to water. Daily reception of such bathtub will quickly destroy all traces of a disease.
Excellent medical action broth from a betony possesses. It is possible not only to rub with it skin, but also to drink as fortifying means.

Deprive requires special attention to personal hygiene. Hydrotherapeutic procedures need to be carried out carefully: to wash in warm (but is not hotter!) to water not to use rigid basts, soap, means which dry up skin. For washing it is better to take the special lotions recommended at dermatological diseases (kalaminovy or menthol).

Also, as well as at any problems with dermatology, it is necessary to refuse synthetic linen and clothes, it is better to carry things from cotton and linen fabrics. Thus, folk remedies and observance of hygienic norms it is quite enough once and for all to get rid from pink depriving.

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