Pink deprive and deprive of Zhiber

Pink deprive (also this illness is called Zhiber's illness) represents acute manifestation of a dermatosis which has a peculiar current, and also nature of rashes. At the same time the illness often recovers randomly. Generally the illness is shown after the person had a catarrhal illness. That is considered one of most characteristics of this illness, as at the correct therapy, and in the absence of any treatment its permission comes not earlier, than in 6-8 weeks.

Pink depriving of the reason

Pink deprive of Zhiber at the person has pronounced seasonality, most often the illness is diagnosed in the fall and in the spring. As a rule, it occurs at patients aged from 20 till 40 flyings, at the same time pink deprive at children till ten years, and also for people of advanced age it is diagnosed in rare instances. The illness is sometimes shown and at pregnancy. After there came recovery, recurrence, as a rule, does not happen, and about whether the patient is infectious, the speech does not go any more. At the same time the person finds durable immunity after treatment.

There are no exact data on the causative agent of this disease so far, but most of doctors incline that the illness has the virus nature. Some specialists are sure that a disease-producing factor is the virus of herpes of the seventh type.

One of important risk factors is the condition of an immunodeficiency which sometimes develops owing to the diseases postponed earlier, for example, an acute respiratory infection.


Розовый лишай и лишай Жибера Before beginning treatment pink depriving, it is necessary to define whether really this disease develops at the patient. As a rule, subjective feelings at the same time are not observed, only in rare instances the patient can feel a small itch. At the same time about a quarter of patients feel rather severe itch, about a half of people state complaints to a moderate itch, a quarter more of people have no such feelings at all. Most often people emotional complain of an itch, and also those who constantly suffer from influence of the irritating factors on skin. Defining how to treat a disease, the doctor surely considers also this symptom.

Initially deprive of Zhiber it is shown by a so-called "maternal spot" a large pinkish spot on which the peeling is noted. After scales gradually come off, the spot remains the led round narrow circle in which center there is a brownish skin color. On the periphery color pinkish. The spot has diameter from 2 to 5 centimeters. Such features are considered as the main symptom of this illness. As a rule, one center of a disease is initially shown, but in more exceptional cases on different body parts several spots — primary centers are shown.

After there was the first center, on the expiration of several days smaller spots of an oval form on integuments of a back, stomach, extremities begin to be formed. These are secondary rashes which have the oval form and a red or dark pink shade. Such rashes seldom appear on a neck and a human face. But at any features of manifestation of symptoms about what to treat a disease, it is necessary to consult surely with the doctor who will appoint ointment, gel or other form of medicine. Folk remedies also you should not undertake treatment without preliminary survey and establishment of the diagnosis.

Pink depriving of a form

Allocate several atypical forms depriving at which the patient has no primary maternal plaque, rashes appear on a neck and a face. One more atypical form which call angry pink it is deprived, it is shown with a pressure, friction, strong perspiration and also if the wrong treatment at children and adults practices.

At the angry herpes of the patient the intensive itch disturbs, and sometimes rashes are shown in the form of hemorrhages, vesicles, pustules.

Several different forms are allocated also separately depriving of which certain symptoms are characteristic. At an urtikarny form of an illness at the person blisters develop. If at the patient the vesicular form takes place, then on integuments small bubbles in which there is a liquid are formed. At a papular form on skin of the person there are bespolosny educations which tower over a plain skin surface. After such papules disappear, very often pigmentation on skin remains


Розовый лишай и лишай Жибера In the course of establishment of the diagnosis it is important to distinguish deprive of Zhiber from a number of illnesses with similar symptoms. Similar signs are observed at a disease of secondary syphilis, tear-shaped psoriasis, medicinal toksikodermiya, a parapsoriasis, Lyme's illness, mycoses of smooth skin.

Initially the doctor pays attention to characteristic symptoms of an illness. If signs do not disappear for three months and longer, it is required to make a skin biopsy to exclude a parapsoriasis. To exclude others, the diseases described above, serological research is appointed to syphilis, and also scrapings from the defeat centers undertake, research by means of Wood's lamp is sometimes conducted.


Rather often the patient recovers independently 6-12 weeks later after the first symptoms of an illness appeared. However, in rare instances the illness can longer last: sometimes it proceeds even several years. There is recurrence of an illness even less often.

But at the same time patients have to remember that in the course of recovery it is very important to implement all recommendations of the doctor always. It is impossible to allow friction or the strong pressure of skin certain elements of clothes as it can promote manifestation of the angry form of an illness. At the same time the patient can freely take a shower or baths as water does not aggravate disease. Just it is necessary to avoid intensive a terniya a bast of the struck places.

If the person complains of a constant severe itch in places of defeat, to it reception of antihistaminic drugs is surely appointed, and as means for topical administration use of low-strong corticosteroids (hydrocortisone), and also other means which relieve of an itch is shown.

Some specialists are inclined to appoint reception of high doses of an acyclovir, erythromycin in the first days of a course of a disease, and also to practice ultra-violet radiation. Such measures allow to facilitate disease.

Besides, patients are recommended to adhere to a hypoallergenic diet, not to apply a large amount of various cosmetics to a body, to refuse linen from wool and synthetics, to accept antihistaminic medicines.

It is important to consider that in certain cases rashes can extend massivno, on all body. Besides, if at the person immunity is strongly weakened, and also the severe itch is constantly felt, the infection can join a disease afterwards.

Also sometimes processing of places of rashes by salicyl alcohol practices to accelerate process of their disappearance. If accession of an infection takes place, local means with antibacterial influence will be effective: sintomitsinovy ointment, levomekol. But consultation at the doctor as self-treatment often aggravates process is anyway important.

Pink deprive at children

Розовый лишай и лишай Жибера At children the disease is shown by emergence of pink oval spots of the small size. Gradually these spots increase and can reach diameter about 2 cm. In general symptoms of a disease are similar to its manifestation at adult patients.

To cure deprive at children, as a rule, do not apply active therapy. Generally the illness passes independently, at the same time there is no trace left on skin of the child. It is desirable to correct the child's diet, having cleaned from it all products which can provoke an allergy, and also dishes which annoyingly influence a gastrointestinal tract. It is also desirable to carry out extremely shchadyashche all hydrotherapeutic procedures as too long and intensive bathing of the kid can provoke distribution of an enanthesis. At heavy disease and distribution of rashes on all body prescription of antibiotics is possible.

Pink deprive at pregnancy

Deprive at pregnant women it is shown rather often as during incubation of the kid at future mother protective properties of an organism decrease. However, despite transmissibility of this disease, it does not do serious harm to the developing fruit. However the woman expecting a baby should see at once a doctor and to complete a necessary course of treatment to get rid of an illness. The dermatologist will appoint therapy, considering features of an illness, its weight. It is important to recover protective forces of an organism, and also to get rid of an enanthesis. Generally pink deprive at pregnant women passes for two months.

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