Hems on skin appear owing to injuries and surgical interventions. Hems are a cosmetic problem for the person and if a scar very big, he can create discomfort and interfere with normal life activity of the person.

How hems are shown?

Even small hems on a body can be very serious problem. Especially often the person ozabochivatsya by how to clean a hem on face skin. How to get rid of hems, it is possible to learn from the specialist dermatologist, in modern medicine there are many ways of disposal of scars.

Hems arise owing to disturbance of integrity of skin and the subsequent its healing. The physiological structure of integuments is broken owing to injuries of mechanical character, burns, skin diseases. As a result, skin is substituted with connecting fabric. Hems are formed not only on skin, but also under skin, that is on internals.

If physiological scarring happens gradually and without disturbances, then on skin defects gradually decrease. As a result, the place of defeat turns pale, and on an integument there are white hems. But not always process of scarring happens without pathologies. The scar gradually gets a crimson shade, and at the person red hems which can be cleaned completely only after skin transplantation are formed.

In the course of forming of a hem passes four stages which replace each other. At the first stage of an inflammation and epithelization which proceeds about 10 days from getting injured swelled and inflammatory process gradually decreases. On site injuries there is forming of granulyatsionny fabric, edges of a wound gradually approach. In the absence of infection the wound gradually heals, the thin, scarcely noticeable hem appears.

At the second stage which lasts from the 10th to the 30th days the unripe, friable hem forms. It has pink color as supply with blood of this site is strengthened. The third stage is the period of formation of a "mature" hem. It proceeds at the person from the 30th to the 90th days. Gradually the blood stream in a hem decreases owing to what the hem becomes more dense and gradually turns pale. When after an injury there pass three months, there comes the fourth stage when the hem is transformed finally. The scar ripens approximately till 12th month. At the same time collagen fibers gradually stretch, hems become more dense and pale. Only after the fourth stage the doctor can define most precisely in what state the hem and what methods of treatment need to be applied stays.

The skin was more deeply affected, the healing will be more long. Respectively, and the hem will be more expressed.

Why there are hems?

Рубцы после операцииHems on skin appear a consequence of mechanical injuries, burns, surgeries, etc.

Doctors allocate several different types of hems at the person. If process of scarring takes place normally, without complications, then on an integument the normotrofichesky hem forms. It flat, its color is as close as possible to color of surrounding skin. Such hems are, as a rule, hardly noticeable, to the person they do not bring special discomfort.

Atrophic hems arise after acne rash or owing to low-quality removal of papillomas and birthmarks. When developing such scars the question how to clean hems on a face, is very serious for the person. Hems from spots on the face are below the general level of skin. Cicatricial fabric flabby as production of collagen in it decreases. Respectively, after spots on the face there can be noticeable poles and hems which are serious cosmetic defect. However in modern medicine there are many means allowing to get rid of hems of this type. And if cream or other local means in this case it is ineffective, then laser polishing of the person and some other procedures allow to clean such hems almost completely. Atrophic hems are also extensions (striya).

Hypertrophic hems act over an integument and have bright pink color. In certain cases hems of this type in several years after an injury partially disappear. But nevertheless how to clean a hypertrophic hem, it is necessary to learn from the specialist. If treatment was correct, then it is possible to get rid of such hem almost completely. Seeing a doctor, the patient can look at a photo before and after and estimate how effective will be a certain procedure. The best result can be received by means of surgical treatment in the course of which removal of cicatricial fabrics is made. If treatment was carried out correctly, then on site a small hypertrophied hem skin remains same, as after removal of birthmarks.

Keloid cicatrixes are sharply limited and strongly act over a surrounding integument. As a rule, such hems are painful: even the keloid cicatrix of a lobe of an ear can periodically bring pain, burning, an itch. To treat such hems most difficult. Unlike hypertrophic hems which accurately match the injured skin surface keloid cicatrixes can have the big area, than damage.

Most often keloid cicatrixes are formed on auricles, in a thorax, in more exceptional cases – on joints and on a human face.

Лечение рубцаKeloid cicatrixes arise owing to surgeries, burns, vaccination, stings of insects or animals, after tattoos. Sometimes hems of this kind appear even without preliminary traumatizing. Why on a body of the person there are keloid cicatrixes, physicians did not establish still.

Keloid cicatrixes during the period of the third month of existence and approximately till five years have red color and a smooth surface, continue to grow actively. Those hems from which emergence there passed five years gradually turn pale, become wrinkled, and in certain cases their central part sinks down.

Postoperative hems remain after carrying out surgical intervention. Their size and features depend on operation type, and also on properties of integuments of the person. Rassasyvaniye of postoperative hems occurs gradually. To estimate process of a rassasyvaniye of a hem, it is possible to compare the photo made in several days after operation and the image of a scar several months later. Removal of postoperative hems is carried out with the help both surgical, and some other methods.

Sometimes at formation of a postoperative hem there are pathological processes which are slowing down a rassasyvaniye. Infiltrate of a postoperative hem can arise in 3-6 days after operation. At the same time the hyperemia of edges of a wound is noted, there is a painful consolidation, symptoms of intoxication and an inflammation develop. Besides, as complications fistula or abscess of a postoperative hem can develop. Less often endometriosis of a postoperative hem of a front abdominal wall meets.

How to treat hems?

Вылечить рубецProcess of healing of a hem is influenced by both local, and general factors. Therefore right after an injury it is impossible to tell precisely how the hem will look afterwards.

As local factors it is necessary to consider that place which was injured as in different areas of a body of the characteristic of integuments differ. Actions of the doctor who at the correct approach to treatment is capable to minimize development of a hem further are also important. Forming of a hem of envy and from blood supply. The more active blood supply happens in an injury zone, the wound will heal better. Also character traumatized is important. If the person got burn or an equal wound, then afterwards the hem will be more noticeable, than when healing a cut wound.

The age of the patient belongs to the general factors: young skin regenerates more actively. Not less important, in what state the immune system of the person as activity of immune cells defines products of collagen stays. One more general factor – a genetic favor. Each person has a number of the individual characteristics defining features of an angenesis.

To get rid of hems and not to allow their emergence, it is necessary to see at once after a serious injury a doctor. Treatment of hems and scars folk remedies is very frequent conducts to the fact that afterwards on skin the noticeable hem which becomes a serious effect for the person is formed. It is impossible to treat in house conditions a severe burn, serious injury of skin at all.

At the address to the doctor treatment of the place of damage and a hem which on it is formed, carried out depending on what stage of forming of a scar takes place.

At the first stage of forming of a hem in order to avoid complications further on a hem the atraumatic stitch is put, antiseptic agents are applied, regular bandagings are carried out. That edges of a wound did not disperse, it is recommended to limit physical activity.

Рубец на лицеOn the second mode of formation of a hem if necessary bandagings are carried out. The patient should not allow one more injury of a wound. It is also necessary to avoid loadings not to damage the place of an injury. When process of forming of a hem passes into the third stage, restrictions of exercise stresses are not obligatory any more. But the doctor during this period advises to avoid repeated injuries as it can provoke forming of a keloid or hypertrophic cicatrix.

Therefore it is necessary to see a doctor also at getting injured and if the long time hurts a hem after operation. Only accurate implementation of recommendations of the specialist will accelerate healing after operation. Besides it is necessary to consider that after surgical intervention also the internal hem forms. Therefore you should not use any means from hems without preliminary consultation.

The modern medicine offers many the most different means and methods of removal of hems. However to answer how to clean an atrophic hem on a face or how to get rid of hems of other type, it is possible only after survey and studying of a case history.

If at the person almost imperceptible hems without pathology were created, then treatment can be carried out by means of cosmetic drugs. In such means in structure there is Retinolum, fruit acids, and also other nutritious components. Using cream or ointment from hems, it is necessary to understand that such treatment has to continue throughout the long period. Only after long use certain results will appear. If the person has more serious hems, then their removal needs to be carried out by means of other methods.

Physiotherapeutic treatment promotes processes of regeneration, granulation blood circulation on site of an injury. Most often treatment of hems is carried out with use of an ultrasonic fonoforez and electrostatic massage. In the course of a fonoforez medicines are administered in skin layers by means of ultrasound. Electrostatic massage is an influence by an electrostatic field on tissue of the person.

One more effective method allowing to destroy pigmentation of a hem is called fotokorrektsiky. By means of this method it is possible to improve considerably outward of skin with hypertrophic, red atrophic, normotrofichesky hems.

Рубец на коже лицаTo people who have noticeable surrounding hems specialists often appoint carrying out laser polishing. Removal of hems the laser on a face, and also on other areas of a body assumes layer-by-layer evaporation of connecting fabric. Laser removal of hems provides exact and fast removal of hems and scars. Procedure is not especially painful. By means of laser polishing it is possible to get rid as of scars after removal of a birthmark. And from more serious hems received owing to injuries. Laser operation on removal is, as a rule, performed in a complex with other methods of treatment.

The method of cryotherapy is a removal of scars with use of liquid nitrogen and ultralow temperatures. Most often this method is appointed for removal of keloid cicatrixes.

To make less noticeable a keloid cicatrix, corticosteroid hormones are entered into its fabric by means of an injection. When using such method for some time on skin pigmentation can appear. If it is necessary to get rid of atrophic hems, injections of hyaluronic acid are carried out.

The upper layer of cells of skin allows to remove uses of a peeling. Cosmetologists appoint a peeling fruit acids which accelerate process of products of elastin and collagen, level a skin relief, relieve of pigmentation.

The chemical peeling allows to grind hems, eliminating their borders and leveling skin. Such peeling is applied at all types of hems. However reduction of hypertrophic hems requires many such procedures and their step-by-step use.

If the patient has atrophic hems which were formed recently, then treatment with use of special gels and ointments can be carried out.

Procedure of microdermabrasion consists in carrying out thin polishing of skin. This method not only allows to clean hems, but also promotes rejuvenation of skin, healing of wounds.

It is possible to clean keloid cicatrixes by means of radiation therapy. However this method negatively influences a human body in general therefore use it seldom.

If it is necessary to reduce the area of cicatricial fabric, excision of hems by a surgical method practices. After surgical removal of edge of a wound are fixed by a cosmetic seam. It is impossible to carry out excision of a fresh keloid cicatrix as afterwards there can be a recurrence.

Not to allow formation of a big and noticeable hem, after getting injured it is necessary to address the qualified specialist who will make all necessary for the subsequent process of an angenesis.

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