Hands — the business card of the woman

It is well-known that pay attention when conducting business negotiations therefore our hands are our business card therefore behind them it is necessary carefully to hands, and, the main thing, daily to look after. Hands grow old quicker and therefore they can give age of the woman, as well as the withering beauty of your neck and a zone of a decollete they the first show aging signs. But skin of hands not only from age, but also from homework, means of household chemicals, and also from wind, cold and the sun grows old.

However it is possible to keep skin of hands smooth and gentle if regularly to look after them. Each woman has to have available hand cream of various action — and moistening, both protective, and nutritious. Besides the srub and drugs for a peeling and massage are obliged to enter an arsenal. Any cream is applied on skin with the easy stroking movement at all length of a hand, up to a shoulder.

With age skin becomes to the land because collagenic fibers will worse keep moisture and to cope with this problem select to yourself the moisturizing hand cream as a part of which there is an oil shi, sorbitol, silk proteins. It is also possible to undergo procedure of ultrasound or an ionophoresis to deliver moisture in deep layers of skin.

After contacts with cold water or in chilly, cold weather skin of hands can become rough, grows coarse, because of decrease in functions of sebaceous glands and thinning of fatty greasing of skin. When on the street wet and cold weather, do not forget to wear gloves, woolen or leather. Houses, during washing of ware in cold water use the special gloves made of rubber or of thermal material from the "second skin" series which on hands are not felt. For recovery of a water balance of your frozen handles use masks, created on the basis of natural oils. Specialists recommend to use for this purpose oil shi, oil of grape or apricot seeds. For food of skin it is possible to use hand cream on the basis of panthenol and a pantavin which cover skin with a thin blanket.

For release of skin from the keratosic cells, and improvement of intake of oxygen in cells can use srubs and peelings. If skin of your hands sensitive and thin, then apply srubs with paraffin balls or enzymatic srubs. For more rough skin it is possible to use a srub with the crushed apricot stones. In beauty shops procedures of a peeling — mechanical, ultrasonic, laser and chemical are carried out. By the way the peeling is prevention of an age xanthopathy.

Руки - визитная карточка женщиныOut of any doubts, at least sometimes, it is necessary to do massage of hands. It improves blood supply of cells, and also promotes maintenance of normal level of humidity in the deepest layers of skin. The correct massage of hands among other things rasslablyayushche affects a nervous system. At independent massage begin the movement from finger-tips and move to a palm, and finish the movements on the brush back. It is no secret that on a palm and fingers there are biologically active points and to improve to themselves mood, properly knead index fingers of both hands.

To slow down aging of skin of hands, give preference to creams as a part of which there are a collagen and vitamins A and E which promote softness of elasticity of skin.

Try to prepare the softening hand cream in house conditions. For this purpose fill in one tablespoon of flowers of a camomile and a calendula with a glass of boiled water and insist several hours, then — filter. Honey and butter is added to the received infusion (on one teaspoon). Every time, carrying out a peeling, do not forget about additional protection and food of skin which demand a hand.

Do not forget as well about nails if they are stratified, means that in an organism a lack of calcium and vitamins. Fragile nails well become stronger if regularly to arrange them trays from warm oil with addition of vitamin A and lemon juice, or with addition of sea salt. In a nail and skin around it it is possible to rub lemon juice.

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