Fish oil prevents a course of a disease of Alzheimer

At people at whom rather high content an omega-3 in blood is noted the mass of a brain remains longer and more slowly there are aging processes. The American scientists report that the use of fish oil effectively protects from manifestation in mature years of life of Alzheimer's disease. The other day conclusions which scientists received during new research published on pages of the Neurology magazine.

If at the person brain volume decreases, then this process conducts to a course of a disease of Alzheimer and activation of processes of aging of an organism. Specialists report that a large number the omega-3 in an organism allows to increase brain volume in elderly years. Thus, the person receives one-two years of health of a brain, scientists from the USA assure.

It is proved that an omega-3 fats are the most preferable source of fatty acids for an organism. First of all, an omega-3 make effective antiinflammatory impact that allows to prevent development of a number of diseases, in particular heart troubles and oncological pathologies. At people with high content the omega-3 is more expressed an insulinochuvstvitelnost as in structure of membranes of cells there are positive changes.

Research which gave the chance to speak about similar conclusions was carried out with participation of 1111 women which carried out MRT. In eight years after the beginning of research to the women taking part in it it was already executed for 78 flyings. Specialists conducted new researches MRT for definition of a condition of a brain and its volume. It agrees with the received results, at those women in whose organism high level an omega-3 was noted, the total volume of a brain was more. At the same time the brain was about two years younger.

To slow down reduction of volumes of a brain and, respectively, to prevent Alzheimer's disease, specialists advise to adhere to some principles in the organization of daily food or to use periodically special additives which should be accepted from time to time. The omega-3 in large numbers contains in oil of walnuts and in linseed oil, in green sheet vegetables and in soybeans. Also an omega-3 fat species of fish are rich. It is recommended to use fish dishes at least two times a week. And, at least once weekly it has to be a fat fish dish — mackerels, sardines, a herring.

Earlier scientists conducted many researches which results demonstrated the expressed advantage of fatty acids for an organism. In particular, there are confirmed data that an omega-3 of acid reduce probability of development of heart attack, reducing the content of fat in blood. As a result, the risk of thrombosis and blocking of heart rhythms decreases. Besides an omega-3 of acid stimulate regeneration and development of nervous cells and stop inflammatory processes in a brain. At people who regularly include in a diet products with an omega-3, healthier vessels, heart, skin, hair.

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