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  • Latin name: Salin
  • ATH code: R01AX10
  • Active ingredient: Sodium chloride (Sodium chloride)
  • Producer: Sagmel Inc., USA


Drug Salin is isotonic 0,65% aqueous solution of sodium of chloride.

As additional components medicine contains: chloride a benzalkoniya, sodium dihydrophosphate a dihydrate, hydrophosphate a sodium dihydrate, and also the purified water.

Release form

Means is made in the form of nasal spray which contains in bottles from polyethylene on 30 or 44 ml.

The bottle is equipped with the sprayer, it is packed into a box from a cardboard.

Pharmacological action

NaCl solutions exert osmotic impact therefore expressiveness of their action completely depends on concentration on an organism. Salin influences as antikongestivny, that is an antiedematous. After drawing on a mucous membrane of a nose reduction of hypostases and antiinflammatory influence is noted.

Medicine improves nasal breath at rhinitis. Under its influence dry crusts are softened, slime is liquefied. As a result, allocations are easily brought out of the nasal courses.

The solution of sodium chloride purified 0,65% corresponds to a nasal physiological secret. In view of availability of buffer substances in its structure there is a stabilization rn sodium chloride solution to level rn to a natural secret of mucous.

Besides, drug has antiseptic effect (thanks to existence in structure a chloride benzalkoniya), influencing as virusotsidny, bactericidal, antifungal means. Spray Salin allows to reduce a dosage and frequency of use of local vasoconstrictive drugs, to improve sense of smell and transport function of an epithelium mucous a nose.

As a result, drops help to recover effectively nasal breath and to reduce the rehabilitation period after surgeries.

Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics

The description is absent.

Indications to use

Salin it is reasonable to accept at the following diseases and conditions of an organism:

  • At allergic, infectious, atrophic rhinitis of a different origin for ensuring treatment and high-quality hygienic care of a nasal cavity;
  • When using local vasoconstrictive drugs as an additional tool which reduces extent of accustoming to such drugs;
  • At the raised xeromycteria connected with influence of conditioners, radiators of a central heating, other devices for heating;
  • During rehabilitation after recently performed surgeries mentioning nasal cavities and sinus bosoms.


Use of spray at the following states and diseases is contraindicated:

  • hyperchloremia, hypopotassemia, hypernatremia, overhydratation;
  • disturbance of acid-base balance;
  • dekompensirovanny renal and heart failure;
  • symptoms of a fluid lungs or brain.

Side effects

If means is applied outwardly and locally, by-effects are absent.

Salin, application instruction (Way and dosage)

The application instruction Salina provides use of spray in three provisions. If to use it vertically, there will be aerosol spraying of means. It is necessary to spray means in both nasal courses. For this purpose it is necessary to press in vertical position the bottle body.

Adults spray two times in each of the nasal courses. 3-4 times a day are shown to carry out such procedure.

To children about one spraying is shown to carry out 3-4 times daily. Babies are recommended to apply spray as drops for what the bottle needs to be turned.

It will allow to avoid spasmodic reflex reactions. If to use a bottle in horizontal position, it will follow as a liquid stream.

Several minutes later after spraying it is necessary to clear a nasal cavity carefully.

If Salin is applied for the purpose of treatment of inflammatory processes in a nasal cavity, without consultation of the specialist it can be done no more than three days. If symptoms of an illness remain or aggravated, it is necessary to address the doctor.


Overdose cases are not described.


It is not necessary to apply this means in at one time with reception of high doses of glucocorticosteroids.

Terms of sale

Without recipe.

Storage conditions

It is necessary to store spray in the dark and dry place, without allowing influence of direct beams of the sun and heating devices.

At the same time air temperature has to make from 15 to 30 degrees.

Period of validity

It is possible to store 3 years.

Special instructions

It is very important to use the sprayer individually to provide prevention of transfer of infectious diseases to other people.

Does not influence ability to drive vehicles and to work with dangerous mechanisms.


Sodium chloride, sodium salt of hydrochloric acid, solution of table salt, chloride sodium, normal saline solution.

It is possible to get analogs of means Salin.

These are drugs: Aqua Maris, No-Sol, Sodium Chloride, Fiziodoza, etc.

Salin for newborns

Salin for newborns – effective and safe remedy for relief of symptoms. With its help it is possible to clear easily a nasal cavity and to facilitate a condition of the kid at rhinitis.

At the same time doctors categorically do not advise to apply vasoconstrictive drugs to treatment of kids. Salin does not irritate a mucous membrane of a nasal cavity of the baby.

It is possible to apply medicine to treatment of newborns after consultation with the children's doctor.

To children

It is applied to treatment of babies and senior children for the purpose of hygienic treatment behind a nasal cavity, and also to prevention and treatment.

Salin at pregnancy and a lactation

At pregnancy and feeding by a breast it is possible to use this drug for treatment of rhinitis and other diseases. Use of means during any period of incubation of a fruit is allowed.

The making drugs do not get to a blood plasma therefore do not make negative impact on a fruit and the newborn baby.

About Salina

Responses demonstrate that Salin is effective and really safe means which can be applied both to adults, and to children.

Responses of parents demonstrate that drug considerably facilitates a condition of the most small children at a nose congestion. Sometimes medicine is used also for prevention of diseases.

In general lack of by-effects, effective moistening and clarification of a nasal cavity thanks to influence of this spray is noted. Also many positive responses from women who applied this spray during pregnancy meet.

The price Salina where to buy

The spray price Salin — 100-120 rubles for a bottle.

It is possible to buy drug in Ukraine on average for 35 hryvnias.


  • Salin of 0,65% nasal spray 30mlsagmel Inc
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  • Betasalin (0,5mg +20mg) / ml of 10 ml spray naruzhn. Farmtekhnologiya of Ltd company (Belarus)
  • Betasalin (0,5mg +20mg) / ml of 25 ml solution for an external primen. in a flakonakhfarmtekhnologiya of Ltd company (Belarus)
  • Salin of 0,65% 30 ml spray naz.sagmel, Inc. (Italy)
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