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  • Latin name: Sebidin
  • ATH code: R02AA
  • Active ingredient: Hlorgeksidin + Ascorbic acid (Chlorhexidinum + Acidum ascorbinicum)
  • Producer: Glaksosmitklyayn Trading, Russia


Drug contains active agents: hlorgeksidina dihydrochloride, ascorbic acid.

Additional components: sucrose, methyl cellulose, talc, quinolinic yellow E104, magnesium stearate, dye red E124 and fruit essence.

Release form

Sebidinum in the form of tablets for a rassasyvaniye on 20 pieces in the blister, on 1 blister in packaging is issued.

Pharmacological action

Antiseptic, bactericidal and antibacterial action is characteristic of drug.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Use of drug helps to destroy cellular membranes of bacteria thanks to a hlorgeksidin. For ascorbic acid the antioxidant action which is slowing down cell aging process, stimulating immunity and reducing fragility and permeability of capillaries is peculiar.

Hlorgeksidin influences gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria. And ascorbic acid is capable to strengthen protection of fabrics against negative action of tooth deposits, preventing development of a periodontopathy. Also this component participates in formation of intercellular substance and collagen, an odontosis and a cartilage, helps be healed wounds and to neutralize unpleasant taste of a hlorgeksidin.

Weak absorption in a gastrointestinal tract from mucous an oral cavity is characteristic of a hlorgeksidin. Ascorbic acid is quickly and well absorbed by mucous, getting into body tissues.

Indications to use

Sebidinum at treatment of various inflammations of a mucous throat, gums and an oral cavity is appointed, namely at:

  • infectious diseases;
  • parodontita;
  • periodontopathies;
  • ulites;
  • chronic recurrent afta.

Contraindications to use

The main contraindication to use of medicine is hypersensitivity.

Side effects

At reception of tablets development of disturbances of the gastrointestinal tract functions in the form of diarrhea and abdominal pains, allergic manifestations on skin is possible.

Application instruction of Sebidinum (Way and dosage)

The official instruction on Sebidinum recommends to accept on one tablet for a rassasyvaniye inside up to 5 times a day. It is necessary to do it after the use of food and toothbrushing. At the same time the tablet needs to be held in a mouth until it completely is dissolved. It is after taking the medicine recommended to abstain within 2 hours from rinsing of an oral cavity and drink of liquid in large volume.

Also the application instruction to children, a sick diabetes mellitus and to patients with a carious illness, recommends to use drug with care, strictly observing appointments of the doctor.


Usually during treatment of side effects does not arise. But it is not necessary to exclude increase of expressiveness of the symptoms specified in side effects.


The drug combination to heparin sodium can cause decrease in its efficiency.

The concomitant use with Acetylsalicylic acid lowers its absorption and assimilation, increases removal of ascorbic acid as a part of urine and reduces removal of acetylsalicylic acid. At the same time the risk of development of a crystalluria increases.

Also ascorbic acid is capable to increase Benzilpenitsillin's concentration as a part of blood. Sebidinum combination with Primidonum quite often increases removal of ascorbic acid in urine.

Terms of sale

Without recipe.

Storage conditions

The dry, dark, cool place unavailable to children is suitable for storage of tablets.

Period of validity

3 years.


Treat analogs: Bioparox, Sinupret, Teraflya and Aqua Maris.


The use of ethanol is capable to increase efficiency of a hlorgeksidin while ascorbic acid increases the general clearance of the alcohol considerably reducing concentration of ascorbic acid in structure an organism.


  • Tablet Sebidinum No. 20

Drugstore of IFC

  • Sebidinum tbl No. 20, Glaxo Wellcome/Poznanpolsha
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  • Sebidinglaxosmithkline Pharmaceuticals (Poland)
  • Sebidinum plus tablets for suction No. 16glakso Welkom GW (Great Britain)


  • Sebidinum plus the tab. for suction No. 16glaksosmitklyayn
  • Sebidinum plus the tab. for suction No. 16glaksosmitklyayn
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