Seborrheal dermatitis on a face and in pilar part of the head

Seborrheal dermatitis is an illness of skin of the person which develops as an effect of disturbances in functioning of sebaceous glands. In development of seborrhea very intensive producing skin fat is observed. As a rule, displays of a disease are noted during puberty at teenagers, seborrheal dermatitis is also diagnosed for children.

At the same time releases of skin fat it can be observed both on pilar part of the head, and on a face, and also on other body parts where the greatest number of sebaceous glands is located.

Reasons of seborrheal dermatitis

Till today there is no accurate information on the reasons and mechanisms of development of seborrhea in the person. However it is possible to speak about a direct impact on a course of a disease of some genetic factors. Besides, the illness is often shown at staphylococcus carriers. The barmy fungus of Pityrosporum ovale can act as an infestant. Seborrhea is diagnosed for persons with disturbance of hormonal balance owing to which in an organism allocation of androgens increases and the level of the emitted estrogen decreases. The illness has a certain communication with disturbance of work of a gastrointestinal tract of the person. It should be noted that seborrhea very quickly passes into a chronic form, at the same time afterwards there can be palindromias.

At teenagers the illness develops owing to increase of secretion of sebaceous glands. Besides, displays of an illness can provoke the following states: obesity, epilepsy, illnesses of a nervous system, alcoholism, stress, external influences. As a rule, exacerbations of seborrheal dermatitis happen in the winter and in the fall, that is during the cold period.

Symptoms of seborrheal dermatitis

At the sick person skin looks grease, brilliant, at the same time has a grayish shade and rather uneven surface.
Three different forms of a disease – fat, dry and mixed are allocated. If it is about a fat form of an illness, then it is subdivided, in turn, into a dense and fat form, depending on quality of fat.

Себорейный дерматит на лице и в волосистой части головыMost often symptoms of liquid seborrhea are noted at girls aged from 10 till 14 flyings. Skin fat which is emitted from glands has a liquid consistence. If to press on integuments on a nose, cheeks, on nasolabial folds, then oily liquid which is emitted from glands is noticeable. Recently washed up hair also very quickly become fat. At a fat form the pyoderma often develops. At women during pregnancy or feeding of the child, and also during intensive brainwork of display of seborrhea often amplify.

Symptoms of dense seborrhea are more often shown at males aged from 16 till 20 flyings. In development of a disease elasticity of skin decreases, it becomes more dense, mouths of sebaceous glands extend. At the same time contents of glands are hardly squeezed out as has rather dense consistence. At this form of a disease atheromas, pyodermas, abscesses are often shown.

At children dry seborrhea at which special treatment is necessary is most often fixed. At such children seborrheal dermatitis of pilar part of the head is, as a rule, noted, however also integuments sometimes are surprised. On the child's skin at the same time scales of whitish color appear. If to remove them, then under them the reddened skin is observed. On pilar part of the head on the struck places thinning of hair is noted.

The mixed form of seborrhea is more characteristic of men. In this case face skin can be surprised fat seborrhea, and under hair sites of dry seborrhea form.

The illness can proceed differently: sometimes only the small centers of an illness develop, in other cases the extensive erythrosis is observed. Sometimes also complication of dermatitis is noted by an acne illness and consecutive infection.

Types of seborrheal dermatitis

Себорейный дерматит на лице и в волосистой части головыExcept the described forms of an illness also several versions which are distinguished on signs and features of a current are defined. The seborrheal eczematid is considered the easiest form of seborrheal dermatitis. In this case at the person the small peeling and moderate redness of affected areas is noted. At damage of eyebrows, pilar part of the head, folds behind ears, a middle part of a breast of the patient the severe itch can disturb. At a perinazalny erythema which is considered a kind of a seborrheal eczematid defeats are observed mainly at women.

Spotty seborrheal dermatitis at which the chronic current with periodic aggravations is noted is considered a classical form of an illness. In this case there is not only a damage of head skin under hair, and also face skin. Initially on a face small separate points which gradually expand are formed. As a result the limited plaques of an oval form having a yellowish shade are formed. At the same time the inflammation is expressed rather poorly, and places of defeat are covered with fat scales.


Special difficulties in the course of establishment of the diagnosis at doctors, as a rule, are not observed. However to the specialist dermatologist it is necessary not only to differentiate an illness from baldness, psoriasis, and also other skin illnesses, but also to define what reason became the major contributing factor in this case. Only having conducted all necessary researches, the doctor appoints the corresponding therapy.


That treatment of seborrheal dermatitis conceived due effect, it is necessary to implement all recommendations of the doctor surely. Most of specialists, making the decision on how to treat the patient, surely in a complex approach this question. At any form of a disease vitamin therapy is without fail shown: reception of E-Retinolum, vitamins of group A is especially important. These vitamins normalize processes of peeling and keratinization. It is in certain cases reasonable to carry out treatment by polyvitaminic means. Defining how to treat seborrhea, the doctor can appoint reception of Riboflavinum, a left carnitine also. Means corticosteroids are applied to topical treatment on a face and pilar part of the head.

In certain cases the positive effect can give also treatment by folk remedies. But if the bacterial infection joins a disease in the course of its development, then, as a rule, the attending physician appoints a course of antibiotics. The antibiotics having a broad spectrum of activity are generally applied. But if there are results of microscopic examination or bacterial crops, then purpose of means which directly influences on specific an infestant is possible.
If at the patient only easy degree of seborrhea developed, then the most usual cosmetic methods in certain cases will help to get rid of this problem. In particular, rather regularly to wash the head, having picked up suitable shampoo. It is also worth applying medical lotions, masks and balms.

If there are no inflammation signs on skin, it is possible to practice some cosmetology procedures, for example face peel, masks with antiinflammatory and resorptional influence, sessions of medical massage.

Patients with seborrhea need to follow surely the rules of a day regimen and healthy food, to have a rest normally, and also to treat timely all infectious diseases to avoid emergence of the centers of persistent infection in an organism. An effective method of prevention of progressing of an illness – to keep to a diet at which fat, fried dishes, too fat food, sweets, white loaf are excluded. These products are considered such that aggravate displays of seborrhea therefore the diet can improve a condition of the patient considerably.


Себорейный дерматит, на лице и в волосистой части головы Most often at patients complications in the form of acne rash of different forms are observed. The most common form of rash in case of liquid seborrhea is ordinary eels who look as pink educations on skin. After healing of a pustule on skin there can sometimes be a hem.

If at the patient dense seborrhea develops, then processes happen in deep layers of skin. At the same time the eels who are shown as complications will be already more expressed, and cosmetic defects which remain after their healing, deeper and noticeable.

Less often as complications there are drain forms of eels of which localization of process in upper layers of hypodermic cellulose is characteristic. Abscesses are sometimes formed. Rashes of this type are located generally on spin, is more rare – on a face of the patient.

Manifestations of a seborrheal alopecia are observed both at men, and at women. The poredeniye of hair on the head which has uneven character is characteristic of such complication. Generally at this disease hair in a parietofrontal zone thin. On the head under hair also yellowish scales which easily separate from skin are formed. If the mixed seborrhea takes place, then the poredeniye of hair is noted only where the expressed inflammations of hair follicles are observed.

It is important that therapy at a disease and its complications was most sparing and careful. At the same time the patient has to understand accurately that the illness proceeds throughout the long period, with periodic aggravations and remissions.

As prophylactics it is necessary to provide the correct care of skin, to follow the rules of healthy food, not to allow strong emotional retension.

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