Seventh month of pregnancy

The seventh month of pregnancy is the period of relative rest and calm for future mother. The woman at this stage of incubation of the child already completely gets used to own state, she already made all tests and can quietly and gradually get ready for childbirth expecting it. The 7th month of pregnancy is time when it is possible to attend special courses for pregnant women or to be engaged in swimming under the leadership of the trainer. During this period future mother notes that her breast strongly grows heavy, nipples gradually darken. Every day pregnancy which 25th week is celebrated by the subsequent increase in a stomach gives more and more inconvenience: it is difficult for woman to breathe, inconveniently to sleep, strong weakness owing to squeezing is sometimes felt as a uterus of large veins.

Development of the child on the seventh month of pregnancy

During this period the most important event in development of future child is establishing strong bonds of a brain with bark of adrenal glands. Thereof process there is production of those hormones which are extremely necessary for the child for normal development after its birth. Gradually the hypophysis develops: from now on there is a development of a growth hormone irrespective of mother's organism.

Pregnancy which 25-26 weeks already behind, every day become more and more noticeable for people around. The child at this stage of development already completely occupies a cavity of the uterus. However, it still can change situation. The fruit is still plentifully covered with vellus hair, it already has marigold, superciliary arches are looked through. As the fatty layer of the child increases every day, his earlier wrinkled skin is gradually smoothed. The child is almost completely created, but nevertheless not all his systems can fully work. At this stage it is possible to speak only about full development of intestines and stomach. The kid already even distinguishes taste. Besides, he can hear music, reacting to its certain styles positively or negatively. Also the child distinguishes a sound of a voice of the parents.

This month the fruit so grew and developed that can already hiccup. At the child's hiccups the pregnant woman feels small spasms in a stomach. The hiccups at different children arises with a different frequency. But you should not worry even at too long hiccups as it does not cause inconveniences to the child.

However pregnancy which 28 weeks come to the end with premature births not always comes to an end favorably. The fruit at this stage of development cannot independently exist as his lungs are still underdeveloped. But at the correct approach to nursing of the kid and use for this purpose of the modern equipment it is possible to rescue the child sometimes.

When the 28th week of pregnancy a fruit comes to an end has the size of 35 cm, and its weight can make from 1 kg to 1,3 kg.

Appearance of the woman on the seventh month of pregnancy

Седьмой месяц беременностиAt this time changes in appearance of future mother continue to be shown. Intensively the stomach size increases owing to what on skin striya can be formed. The impressive size of a stomach influences also changes in gait of the woman: the bearing changes, the movements become clumsier and measured.

On the seventh month of pregnancy emergence on rash integuments is possible. Such rash does not exert a negative impact on a fruit, besides after the delivery similar changes on skin disappear. If very severe rash is shown on different body parts and causes considerable discomfort, then reception of the antihistamines appointed by the doctor is possible.

The psychological state of the woman at this stage of pregnancy is characterized by concern and constant thoughts of future child. Besides the fears concerning the most different things connected with her state, the forthcoming childbirth and future kid can torment the woman.

Health of the woman on the seventh month of pregnancy

7 month of pregnancy are time when the woman notes many changes in a state of health. First of all, practically all future mothers notice that every day the increasing fatigue is shown. It is explained by many factors: prompt increase in weight, sleeplessness owing to experiences, attempts of the woman to make as much as possible before appearance of the kid. Doctors strongly recommend not to ignore such signal from an organism and enough time is obligatory to have a rest. But if after long rest the woman feels weakness, then in that case it is necessary to address the specialist and to take a blood test for definition of anemia.

Very often pregnancy which 26 weeks already on an outcome, influence work of a digestive tract of the woman. In rate, heartburn owing to irritation of a mucous membrane is periodically shown by stomach contents which get into a lower part of a gullet. Generally such unpleasant feelings disturb the woman after acceptance of food, and, heartburn can proceed as several minutes, and hours. Such state often arises if the woman bends forward. If heartburn brings strong unpleasant feelings, it is necessary to address the specialist gastroenterologist. Besides, it is reasonable to change a diet: is on 5-6 times a day, at the same time portions have to be small. It is necessary to reduce contents in a diet of fats, hot dishes, acid fruit, chocolate. To overcome heartburn attacks, drugs — not soaking up antacids which effectively neutralize hydrochloric acid in a stomach are used. And here to drink baking soda extremely harmfully as pregnant women can note emergence of hypostases after its reception.

Седьмой месяц беременностиHypostases of extremities on the seventh month of pregnancy develop at many future mothers. They become expressed after long sitting or standing, often hypostases are shown at the end of the day. In that case it is necessary to lie down a little, having set up legs on an eminence. One more important point for the prevention of emergence of hypostases consists in that the footwear of the pregnant woman was the most convenient — time to refuse completely heels came.

Also doctors advise not to limit liquid drink: the use about 8 glasses of water in day allows to get rid of excess liquid more actively. However drinks need to be taken gradually for all day. If hypostases do not descend from a face and hands for days, and at the same time the pregnant woman notes sharp increase in body weight, then she should see at once a doctor and to check urine for protein content.

During this period, and also in the next months it is very important to pregnancy to watch to allowing falling or other injuries. Every day the stomach increases, stability is lost. If there was any unexpected injury, the woman has to report about it to the doctor without fail. It is especially important to ask at once for the help at bleeding, uterus spasms, the termination of movements of the child.

What disturbs the woman on the seventh month of pregnancy

During this period future mother has many new feelings of both physiological, and psychological character. First of all, every day the woman notes that the fruit becomes more and more active and to move much more more often than earlier. Periodic underbelly pains, locks, problems with digestion, often shown gases and heartburn can disturb the pregnant woman. Besides, can disturb also myotonia of legs, headaches, nasal bleedings. During a chishcheniye of teeth the woman often notes an odontorrhagia. The 7th month of pregnancy is most often marked by displays of a varicosity of legs, and also a rectum. At this time quite often there is sleeplessness, a stomach skin itch as a result of its strong extension, utrudnenny breath.

From a breast colostrum sometimes is periodically emitted. Besides, weakness and awkwardness begins to overcome future mother more and stronger, the fears concerning premature births increase.

Pregnancy which 7 months already behind, give to the woman troubles and from the point of view of increase of urinations. Every day the uterus more and more intensively squeezes a bladder therefore future mother can visit a toilet several times in a night. However it is impossible to allow long abstention as at the same time the risk of infection of a bladder and the subsequent infection of a uterus increases.

Sex on the seventh month of pregnancy

Седьмой месяц беременностиIn recent months pregnancies the sexual relations between spouses are possible, however it is necessary to approach this question with special accuracy. Some specialists claim that active sex life can provoke premature births. Therefore sexual life it is admissible messages to those women at whom the illnesses and states menacing with childbirth before term are noted.

If the woman in the course of sexual intercourse tests an orgasm, then the child can react to it differently: to show activity or, on the contrary, to calm down. However any reaction does not demonstrate that sex has a negative impact on a fruit.

Premature births on the seventh month of pregnancy

Several reasons which can provoke the premature birth of the child on the seventh month of pregnancy are allocated. It is a premature rupture of covers of a fruit or the beginning of patrimonial activity, complication which influence a uterus or a fruit, various complications of pregnancy. Each woman has to know about existence of a number of risk factors which do risk of premature births by higher.

More often premature birth come at women who did not leave off smoking at pregnancy approach. Also it is not necessary to take even small doses any alcoholic drinks. It is impossible to accept medicines without preliminary consultation with the doctor.

Approach of premature births at women who in the course of pregnancy sharply gain weight is more probable. Before childbirth body weight has to increase approximately by 12 kg. If the weight gain strongly differs from norm, future mother should reconsider the food allowance. Every day it is necessary to use products which contain zinc which warns the beginning of premature patrimonial activity.

Besides, it is important to limit physical activity and not to work too much at work even if pregnancy which 27 weeks already behind, pass without pathologies.

In certain cases for the warning of premature patrimonial activity to women the use of the hormonal means appointed by the doctor is shown.

Except the specified factors infectious diseases, high sensitivity of a uterus, feature of placental presentation, severe stresses, chronic diseases, age of mother can provoke premature births (it is less than 17 and more than 35 years). Especially those women who bear polycarpous pregnancy as in this case earlier childbirth is possible should show consideration for own health. Even in the presence of some of the specified factors premature births can be prevented if carefully to watch over health and to note all changes of a state and reduction of a uterus.

For the timely address to the specialist the woman has to know about symptoms of premature births. This manifestation of painful feelings in the bottom of a back, periodic emergence of the spasms similar to manifestations monthly which are followed by a digestive disturbance, feeling of squeezing in a basin. Also allocations which appear from a vagina change: they are distinguished by aquosity and a pink or brown shade. At emergence of childbirth the mucous stopper departs ahead of time, amniotic liquid follows from a vagina.

Researches on the seventh month of pregnancy

Седьмой месяц беременностиOn this duration of gestation the woman passes some inspections which define her state of health, and also development of a fruit. It is regularly important to measure pressure and to control weight, to check heartbeat of a fruit, to check what level of sugar in urine and whether protein contains in it. At visit of the doctor he will measure uterine fundus height, and also will conduct outside examination to determine the size and the provision of a fruit in a uterus. In view of high risk of developing of a varicosis the doctor surely examines the patient's extremities.

This month conduct laboratory research of urine, biochemical analysis of blood, a gemostaziogramma. Also the second ultrasonic research which gives the chance to define how there is a development of the child and in certain cases to know a sex of the kid is conducted.

Recommendations to the woman on the seventh month of pregnancy

Very often this month future mothers complain of utrudnenny breath: they breathe more often and more superficially as the uterus puts the strong pressure upon a diaphragm. Therefore in it vremyaberemenny it is necessary to walk as much as possible time on fresh and clean air, to try to go more often on foot a slow step. Good rest, a normal psychological sotsoyaniye and a positive spirit is important.

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