Secrets of beauty of our great-grandmothers

To have effective appearance, it is not obligatory to visit beauty shops and to use expensive procedures. And put here not only in decorative cosmetics. How it is possible to dream of beautiful skin and it is wrong to eat? Our great-grandmothers knew beauty secret — a healthy lifestyle. About one and a half centuries ago precepts of well-groomed appearance and youth looked approximately thus.

Observe "flatness of character", that is avoid stresses and hassle, and still you watch "purity of thoughts" and "truthfulness of acts". Sounds a little unusually, but it is correct.

It is necessary to rise as soon as possible, and to lay down, respectively, not later than ten in the evening. A healthy and full-fledged sleep – a basis of your beauty external. Wash the purified water: then your skin will long remain faultless. It is useful to wipe face skin with cosmetic ice, according to your type of skin.

Let in your life will not be such day which you would spend at home all day long. Surely go out of doors! Skin has to be nourished with oxygen. Before you go to bed, it is necessary to open window leaves or windows regardless of weather.

Air temperature in a bedroom ideally should not exceed 14 degrees. Leave soft pillows and mattresses to your foes and if it is serious — try to sleep on a rigid covering and flat orthopedic pillows. Few times in a week carry out gymnastic exercises. It is desirable to carry out them before meal: for example, before a lunch for half an hour.

You watch hygiene of your body: this moment is not discussed as dirt is a messenger of microbes, and they, in turn, can lead to formation of diseases.

Put on as demands a season and climate – not cold and not hot. In a cold season take for the rule to keep legs in the warm, and the head in cold. By national councils in addition to the above still it is necessary to keep also a stomach in hunger.

It is necessary to wash not only in the morning, but also before going to bed. Clarification of skin twice a day will become zaporuky purity and normal balance of your skin.

As for food, it is necessary to eat in certain hours, and it is necessary to stop meal until when you feel that it would be quite good to eat still a piece. Then you are not threatened by an overeating and obesity.

It is necessary to move exactly so much how many food you ate: otherwise, not dissipated calories will "settle" on your hips and a waist in the form of excess centimeters. Play those sports which bring you pleasure: ride the bicycle, pipits, rollers. The hobby will not only give you joy, but also to be reflected well in your figure.

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