Sex — panacea from all diseases

Sex – set of corporal, mental, social processes. Satisfaction of sexual desire, instinct of a reproduction, psychological need for caress, care, manifestation of the individual as men or women. Regular healthy sex gives not only psychoemotional feelings, but also positively influences health and the relations between partners.

During occupations sex stimulates cerebration and heart trains. Stimulation of cells of a brain increases their activity, and regular sex prolongs it for many years, it considerably slows down manifestations of an old age. On researches of the Scottish physicians the people having regular sexual relations look 10 flyings younger than the peers who have an irregular sex or less than three weekly. On researches of the surgeon K. Bernard sex is almost only prevention of cardiovascular diseases which does not have contraindications and side effects. As sex ensures healthy functioning of two major systems of an organism – cardiovascular and a brain, it is called panacea from all diseases.

Among people of an average age group those who have regular sex twice lower, against those who have no constant sexual relations have a mortality. Among men there are much less cases of developing of a heart attack and stroke, at preservation of sexual functions at advanced age.

Sex as medicine

Секс - панацея от всех болезнейAfter sexual intercourse in an organism production of prolactin, hormone of the charm causing formation of new cells increases. Besides for one act about 200 calories are burned, at the same time endorphine is produced that antithetically to the use of chocolate. For example, women use sweet more often, for production of this hormone receiving excess calories and getting excess weight. Sex is some kind of training which equals to 15 minutes on a racetrack.

Sex without condom is good depression medicine at women. Coming to the woman's organism with sperm hormone prostaglandin, regulates production of women's hormones. It is often possible to notice that at the women having regular sexual relations skin, complexion and hair are much better.

Sex as pain medicine is not less effective. Before an orgasm oxytocin level in an organism increases five times that leads to the increased formation of the endorphines having analgesic effect. This excellent headache medicine, joint pains and migraines.

Sperm contains a large amount of mineral substances, first of all it is zinc, calcium, magnesium. It considerably slows down destruction of teeth, fragility of hair and nails, strengthens bones. Thanks to a combination of all components immunity against catarrhal and infectious diseases is gained. Such prevention is available practically to all adults. The healthy person can and has to have sex regularly irrespective of age. It is often possible to hear from elderly people that they have no need for sex, actually it not so, and decrease in sexual function is caused just by lack of regular healthy sex.

Lack of sex

Секс - панацея от всех болезнейIrregular sex or its long absence is negatively reflected on health. At long abstention in a human body cholesterol as high doses of adrenaline capable to speed up pulse are much less often developed collects and to accelerate a blood stream. At sexual intercourse pulse becomes frequent to 150 blows, as well as at the athlete. Set of all factors caused by lack of sex are reflected in intellectual, physical and psychological activity. Sharply working capacity, mood decreases, feeling of disappointment, a depression appears.

Sexual abstinence at men is more senior than 45 years, leads to disturbances of sexual function, decrease in a potentiality. It happens owing to accumulation in a prostate of a secret which being soaked up in an organism, slows down gland work. The organism begins to perceive sexual function as superfluous, gradually stopping its action. There is a decrease in development of androgens – male sex hormones, and it reduces sensitivity of nerve centers to excitement by sexual irritants. Thus, there is the return from the desirable, the sex is more rare, the it is less in it requirement. At regular sexual contacts development of androgens on the contrary increases and the need for sex grows, it also is the main prevention of sexual frustration for men at advanced age.

Lack of sex causes stagnation of blood in bodies of a basin in women that leads to inflammatory diseases of urinogenital system. Besides it is negatively reflected in a psychoemotional state, the depression, migraines, irritability develops. The hormonal background suffers that leads to increase of weight, an irregular menstrual cycle.

Masturbation as sex replacement

Секс - панацея от всех болезнейAs a rule, sexual frustration begin because of irregular sex, and it is in turn connected with absence of the constant partner. In this case scientists advise to resort to masturbation. It is one of the most right substitutes of sex. It gives a sexual discharge, removes nervous and physical tension, both at women, and at men.

At long periodic sexual abstinence (abstinence), masturbation the only possible prevention of prostatitis at men. Naturally, it will not replace sex completely as at normal sexual contact there is an exchange of hormones, feelings.

The reproductive system in a human body takes not less important place, than any other. The disturbances caused by irregular sex negatively are displayed at work of other systems. Will not come to our mind to refrain from breath or the movement, knowing that then we will not be able to do it any more. But, nevertheless, we cause damage, to the health refusing regular sex forgetting that it is important for our life.

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