Sex appeal and sexuality

The concepts "sexuality" and "sex appeal" often sound in the modern language. But at the same time people not always accurately understand, than one concept differs from another. Besides, accurate values of both definitions also correctly perceive not all.

So, sex appeal, in translation from English "sexual attractiveness" designates. Therefore, this concept in relation to people of both floors designates ability to give itself as the sexual person and to show readiness to respond to the sexual requests to representatives of an opposite sex. However, speaking about sexuality, we not necessarily mean high needs for sex life. Sexuality – the concept defining sexual characteristics of the person and his direct sexual behavior.

Sexual attractiveness

Saying about what is sexual attractiveness, it should be noted that it is shown at the person not only directly in the sexual relations, but also in his behavior, mentality, a conversation manner, features of a structure of a body, to habits in clothes, etc.

It is obvious that actually it is rather difficult to differentiate concept of sexuality and sex appeal. If at the woman or at the man the striking, distinctive features allowing representatives of an opposite sex to feel outgoing sexuality or sex appeal are observed, then it is about a sexual attraction.

Cексуальная привлекательность мужчины и женщиныIn this case sex appeal should be understood as open sexual attractiveness, both men, and the woman who consists in ability to cause desire in representatives of an opposite sex. But it is not necessary to consider that there are accurate certain criteria of sexuality. Actually they are individual for each certain person. Therefore very often it happens so that the person without visible signs of bright beauty becomes attractive to many people in view of existence at him the special hidden charm. At the same time the person, rather beautiful from the point of view of canons of attractiveness, remains lonely and to nobody interesting.

What is sex appeal

This concept cannot be defined precisely, disregarding some moments inherent in both the woman and the man in each individual case. At the same time sexuality and sex appeal can often match as that woman who is able to be pleasant to men and knows how to draw attention to herself, usually and is able to become widespread in sex. However it happens and so that the sexy girl or the woman is absolutely not sexual. At the same time the sexy woman if necessary can prove extraordinary sexy.

Thus, accurately to differentiate these concepts at least to understand how to develop in itself such characteristics.

Female sex appeal is an existence at the woman of those external characteristics which can cause sexual desire in the man. As a rule, similar characteristics and lines conform to the standards of beauty recognized in society. Respectively, as sexy it is considered to be now the girls similar to those who are represented on covers of glossy magazines. Besides, female sex appeal includes also perfected ability to coquet and tempt men.

The sexy woman puts on and behaves so that to draw attention of representatives of an opposite sex and to cause in them certain sexual thoughts and imaginations. By the way, now the concept "sex appeal" is actively applied also to men though earlier it intended only for the characteristic of women.

Sex appeal can be subdivided into two different composed: internal and external. In the first case it is about natural inclinations of the person and to how it could develop them. In the second case we speak about clothes, a make-up, spirits and other female and man's accessories.

Specialists speak about the leading value internal composed as it more promotes attractiveness. The person with the developed sex appeal is capable not only to transfer not verbally positive sexual feelings to the elect, but also to radiate unshakable confidence in the opportunities. External data play in this case not the most important role therefore the canons of modern beauty mentioned above in practice have no leading value. Therefore, if to consider the concept "sex appeal" to some extent as a synonym of the concept "attractiveness", it is possible to speak about that, even the most beautiful woman or the man not always are attractive and vice versa.

How to develop sexuality?

Женская сексуальностьMany women and men not only are interested in what is sexuality, but also are eager to hear a practical advice how to develop sexuality.

At the same time some people for certain reasons are sure that they do not possess this quality absolutely, and even try to pass a sexuality test. Especially sharply this problem disturbs women who stay in search of the constant partner.

Nevertheless, specialists claim that each lady gets female sexuality by nature. It is only important to create all conditions in order that evolution of sexuality at the woman happened in the natural way. Very often natural sexuality does not develop because of various taboos and bans which are inspired from children's age. Both male sexuality, and sexuality of the woman suffers in the course of a course of life because of the found complexes, the unsuccessful relations, public requirements, etc. And, can get similar experience of people at absolutely early age. Psychology of teenagers such is that any failure can significantly be displayed on character, feelings and on further life. As a result – unnecessary complexes and conviction in own not sexuality appear.

Therefore it is important to know some secrets which can help to orient in how to increase sexuality. It is possible to study, of course, own sexual horoscope, to try to define secrets of sexuality of zodiac signs or the name. But all this is no more than entertaining occupation. Both the theory, and practice demonstrates that development of sexuality has to begin with psychological changes in an inner world.

It is important to person to get rid of those reasons which interfere with sexuality manifestation. In certain cases the help of the psychologist will be pertinent. But it is possible to change everything to the best and independently especially as the virtual collection of councils for finding of sexuality is very impressive.

Practical advice

Психология сексуальности мужчины и женщиныTo radiate sexuality, first of all, it is necessary to fall in love with himself really. If the person likes his body, at it thoughts are harmonious and the soul is quiet, it is already sexual. Therefore it is initially important to try to reach harmony with itself. It is not necessary to try to change at first the body, and then already to fall in love with it. It is better to reconcile to the fact that it in something can not answer the standard canons of beauty, but this your body, and it worthy love. Sexologists advise gradually to learn to derive pleasure from each touch. It will help to feel and understand better desires and preferences of a body.

It is possible to study corporal sensuality in the course of sexual games. But for those who are meanwhile not self-assured specialists advise to try to study preferences of a body by means of touches to it different materials. It is possible to experiment, having remained alone and serially touching a body with pieces of different fabrics and objects from various materials – metal, a tree, flew down, etc. This simple exercise will help not only to learn to listen to own feelings, but also will give the chance to understand what of them are pleasant to you most of all. If the person understands that the pleasure brings to him, then and in the course of direct contact with the partner it will be much easier for it to be liberated.

To women help to become more sexual than occupation by oriental dances. When training in such dances the body becomes more flexible and harmonous, and at the same time the sensuality hidden deeply inside wakens. At the woman gait changes after a while: it becomes smoother and easy. Both the body, and a smile thanks to occupation by dances begin to radiate easy, attractive sexuality.

For knowledge of own body and its desires it is recommended to visit sessions of professional massage. In the course of massage it is necessary to relax, abstract as much as possible from the outside world, but at the same time to strike to the analysis own feelings. It is important "to catch" that instant when you cease to feel it is held down and you will feel relaxation of a body and pleasant feelings from touches. These feelings need to be recorded in memory, realizing that the pleasure – it is fine.

For disclosure of sexuality it is recommended to use also some essential oils allowing to remove stress and to relax. By the way, classical compositions on love and erotic movies of recognized masters of this genre are also recommended to those who wishes to comprehend own sexuality.

By the way, not the last role in formation of sexuality is played also by regular exercise stresses thanks to which it is possible to find also a muscle tone and to take a step to harmony of a body with feelings. What in the best state the body will stay, that will be surer and quieter at heart. Also special set of exercises, positively influencing sexuality of the woman practices. It is the special intimate gymnastics which is positively influencing development of intimate muscles. The so-called exercises of Kegel consisting in consecutive reduction of muscles of a vagina allow to strengthen them gradually.

Psychological subtleties

Сексуальность женщиныPsychologists advise those who are eager to disclose in themselves sexuality, to begin with understanding of own feelings. The person who wants to interact with the partner and to feel his desires, has to initially learn to feel.

That internal naturalness was with you everywhere, it is necessary to watch own emotions in different situations, constantly thinking of that, how naturally you react. It is necessary to learn to tell the truth always. At least, to.

One more important point – liberation which allows to find internal and external freedom. Special literature on overcoming of complexes and finding of confidence will help to reach it.

The negative impact on sexuality of the person is exerted by a stress and mental tension. The person overstrained and anxious with troubles cannot be attractive as his thoughts are busy only with problems. Psychologists advise to look narrowly at people who stay at love peak: their eyes sparkle, they radiate attractiveness, their thoughts completely belong to object of love. Therefore, every day in life it is necessary to look for the fine moments and not to concentrate on problems and on pity to itself at all.

It is also necessary to look at world around specially, trying to find in it as much as possible sexual beauty. Regardless of your floor, it is necessary to aim both in women, and to find attractive, beautiful lines in men and to sincerely admire them. Psychologists advise as much as possible to dream, representing the things and events connected with sensual pleasures. It shall not be sexual scenes – it is possible to provide, for example, the beautiful place where you would like to retire with the partner. It is possible to dream also under music.

Besides, sexuality of the person develops also of many other, apparently, insignificant moments. For example, the voice – both its timbre, and a manner to speak can be sexual. The speech should not be fast: measured, accurate phrases are sexual. At last, told not less important: compliments, beautiful words and addresses can radiate the attractive, hidden sexuality if to seize this art.

Thus, development of sexuality and sex appeal assumes big internal work on itself.

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