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  • Latin name: Selencinum
  • Active ingredient: Club moss klavatum (Lycopodium clavatum) + fosforus (Phosphorus) + tallium atsetikum (Thallium aceticum) + atsidum silitsikum (Acidum silicicum) + alyuminium oksidatum (Aluminium oxydatum) + selenium (Selenium) + natrium hloratum (Natrium chloratum) + kalium fosforikum (Kalium phosphoricum).
  • Producer: Alkoy of Ltd company, Russia


Tablets Selentsin include active components in the structure: club moss klavatum or club moss, fosforus, tallium atsetikum oksidulatum or tallium atsetikum, atsidum silitsikum or silicium, alyuminium oksidatum or alyumina, selenium, natrium hloratum, kalium fosforikum.

Also they include additional components, including lactoses monohydrate.

Release form

The homeopathic medicine is issued in tablets on 10,20 and 60 pieces placed in polymeric banks or in the blister from a foil and polymer.
Besides, with the name of the same name conditioner, the hair shampoo, lotion-spray from a hair loss including the same substances in the structure is offered.

Pharmacological action

Selentsin possesses dermatotropic and seboreguliruyushchy action.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Use of this drug allows to improve a condition of hair follicles and head skin. Also the quantity of the sleeping follicles is reduced and the number of the hair which are in a phase of active growth increases. Selentsin's efficiency is shown at a diffusion hair loss, reducing the term of treatment and considerably improving result of complex therapy.

About pharmacokinetics of drug it is not reported.

Indications to use

Drugs Selentsin are used in complex treatment of a diffusion hair loss.

Contraindications to use

Use of drug is not recommended at:

  • existence of individual hypersensitivity to components;
  • lactose intolerances, lactose intolerance, sprue of a glyukozo-galactose and galactosemia.

Selentsin's use in pediatrics is contraindicated.

Selentsin at pregnancy and a lactation

Pregnant women and the feeding women can take this pill, having only consulted with the attending physician, at confirmation of the considerable expected advantage for mother and the solution of a question of further feeding by a breast.

Side effects

As a rule, Selentsin is well had by patients and its use does not cause development of undesirable effects. However it is not necessary to exclude emergence of allergic reactions or manifestations of hypersensitivity. Quite often the initiation of treatment homeopathic remedies is followed by an aggravation of symptoms of a basic disease. Such cases demand consultation of the doctor and correction of a dosage.

The instruction on Selentsin (A way and a dosage)

According to the instruction, tablets are intended for sublingual use, that is keep them under language until they completely are dissolved. It is possible to gain the maximum effect if to take medicine for half an hour to food or in an hour later.

Also the instruction on Selentsin reports that duration of therapy and a dosage are established by the attending physician, at the same time disease severity and the accompanying therapy is considered. Usually appoint thrice reception in days on one tablet. On average, the course of treatment makes few months, the break in 7 days is allowed. If it is necessary, in a month therapy is repeated. When treatment does not bring improvement of a state of health within 30 days, it is necessary to address the specialist to specify the diagnosis and to correct the therapeutic scheme.


Cases of overdose by Selentsin it is not established.

Special instructions

Reception of homeopathic medicines sometimes causes a temporary aggravation of symptoms that demands consultation of the doctor.

At treatment of patients with a diabetes mellitus it is recommended to consider that three tablets of Selentsin contain 0,074 grain units.

Treatment by Selentsin does not exert impact on ability of control of difficult mechanisms, to driving of motor transport, and also on performance of various dangerous types of activity which require fast reactions, special attention and so on.


During treatment by homeopathic medicines it is possible to apply other medicines.

Terms of sale

Drugs Selentsin are released without recipe

Storage conditions

Tablets need to be stored in standard packaging, in the cool place protected from light and children.

Period of validity

5 years.


  • Selentsin a mask intensive from a hair loss and fragility 150mlkorolevfarm Ltd company
  • Selentsin the lotion-spray strengthening from a hair loss 150mlkorolevfarm Ltd company
  • Selentsin No. 60 tabletkialky Ltd company
  • Selentsin conditioner from a hair loss 200mlkorolevfarm Ltd company
  • Selentsin the shampoo specialized from a hair loss 200mlkorolevfarm by Ltd company

Drugstore of IFC

  • Selentsin lotion-spray 150 ml, Ooorossiya's Korolevfarm stimulating for growth of hair
  • Selentsin the lotion-spray strengthening from a hair loss of 150 ml Ooorossiya's Korolevfarm
  • Selentsin shampoo from a hair loss of 200 ml, Ooorossiya's Korolevfarm
  • Selentsin tbl homeopathic No. 60, Alka-Holding (г.Москва) Russia
  • Selentsin a mask intensive from a hair loss of 150 ml, Ooorossiya's Korolevfarm
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  • Selentsin of 150 ml lotion-spray ukrepl. from loss voloskorolev LLC Farm (Russia)
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