Septolete D

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  • Latin name: Septolete D
  • ATH code: R02AA20
  • Active ingredient: Benzalkoniya chloride + peppermint of leaves oil + Methyl-isopropyl phenol + Eucalyptus prutovidny leaves oil + Levomentol (Benzalkonium chloride + Menthae piperitae oleum + Thymol + Eucalypti viminalis foliorum oleum + Levomentol)
  • Producer: KRKA (Slovenia)


One pastil of drug contains such operating components as a benzalkoniya chloride, methyl-isopropyl phenol, peppermint oil, left menthol, oil of leaves of an eucalyptus.

In addition there are following excipients: magnesium stearate, maltitol liquid, castor oil, povidone, titan dioxide, maltitol, Mannitolum, glitserol, silicon dioxide colloid anhydrous, dye quinolinic yellow, emulsion wax.

Release form

Septolete D is issued in pastils.

Pharmacological action

Has the antiseptic, anesthetizing effect.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Pastils are a combination of an antiseptic agent (a benzalkoniya chloride) and natural substances which increase its activity and improve flavoring feelings.

Benzalkoniya chloride acts as antibacterial and antiviral agent.

Essential oil of a peppermint and menthol are the anesthetizing and deodorizing components.

Methyl-isopropyl phenol increases efficiency of means.

Essential oil of an eucalyptus reduces secretion of slime in respiratory tracts and facilitates breath.

Medicine relieves pain when swallowing and reduces a sensation of discomfort in a throat.

Indications to use

Pastils should be accepted at infectious and inflammatory diseases of a throat, a mucous oral cavity and a throat:


This means should not be accepted at:

  • hypersensitivity to its components;
  • children's age till 4 flyings;
  • hereditary intolerance of fructose.

Side effects

Side effects at use of drug arise seldom. It can be nausea, diarrhea and vomiting. Besides, allergic reactions are possible.

Septolete D, application instruction

The instruction on Septoleta D provides the following dosages:

  • children of 4-10 years – it is no more than 4 pastils during the day;
  • children of 10-12 years – it is no more than 6 pastils during the day;
  • to adults and children 12 years are more senior – it is recommended to give no more than 8 pastils during the day.

Medicine should be rassasyvat slowly in a mouth before full dissolution approximately each 2-3 hours.

For those who accept Septolete D the application instruction does not recommend to use them with milk and/or during food.

At emergence of allergic reactions and other side effects use of drug should be stopped right there. Septolete D does not contain sugar in structure, however in the presence of a diabetes mellitus it is better to take it with caution.


At drug intake emergence of the following undesirable symptoms is much possible: diarrhea, vomiting, nausea. Besides, the headache is possible.

The symptomatic treatment is carried out.


It is desirable not to combine drug with other antiseptic agents which also resolve in an oral cavity.

Terms of sale

Septolete D is released in drugstores without recipe.

Storage conditions

It is necessary to store medicine in dry, not available to children, the dark place. At the same time temperature has to be not above 25 °C.

Period of validity

Drug period of validity – 3 years.


About Septoleta D as means for an oral cavity generally positive. Special efficiency is noted at an adenoid disease. Besides, quite often call among positive characteristics that medicine has different tastes, and quickly works, kills pain and facilitates breath.

The price where to buy

Cost of pastils, as a rule, about 130 rubles.


  • Septolete D No. 30 of a pastil (without sugar) KRKA

Drugstore of IFC

  • Septolete D without sugar of a pastil No. 30, Krkasloveniya
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  • Septolete D / pastil sugar No. 30
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