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  • Latin name: Septolete Plus
  • ATH code: R02AA
  • Active ingredient: Benzocaine + Tsetilpiridiniya chloride (Benzocaine + Cetylpyridinium chloride)
  • Producer: KRKA (Slovenia)


Pastils and spray Septolete Plus benzocaine and cetylpyridinium contain in quality of active agents chloride.

Excipients in spray: ethanol, sodium saccharin, water, glycerin, peppermint oil.

Excipients in pastils: left menthol, fragrance lime, maltitol liquid, glitserol, silicon dioxide colloid, dripped 600 Farm, titanium dioxide, maltitol, oil of leaves of a peppermint, fragrance honey, Mannitolum, castor oil, magnesium stearate, povidone, dye quinolinic yellow E104, dye E150a caramel, dye red E129.

Release form

Septolete Plus is issued in the form of spray and pastils with a smooth surface (a cover of dark yellow color).

Pharmacological action

Drug for use at throat diseases, has antiseptic action.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

This medicine possesses antimicrobic, mestnoanesteziruyushchy and anti-mycotic action which is caused by properties of its active ingredients — cetylpyridinium of chloride and benzocaine.

Cetylpyridinium chloride – an active antiseptic agent with anti-virus, antifungal and antimicrobic action. Mainly, it influences gram-positive bacteria.

Benzocaine – a mestnoanestiziruyushchy component which reduces a pharyngalgia. It blocks conductivity of nervous painful impulses due to reduction of permeability of cellular membranes for sodium ions.

Pastils Septolete Plus, among other things, contain polyols: Mannitolum, maltitol and so forth which improve antiseptic and anestetichesky action of drug.

As for pharmacokinetics, given about cetylpyridinium of chloride is not present. Data on benzocaine pharmacokinetics are very limited too. It is known that it is badly dissolved in water and therefore its absorption is small. It is hydrolyzed by means of cholinesterases in a blood plasma and in insignificant quantity is metabolized in a liver. It is removed with urine.

Indications to use

It is necessary to accept this cure for diseases of a throat and an oral cavity:


It is not necessary to take medicine at:

  • hypersensitivity to one or several components of drug;
  • alcohol abuse;
  • children's age till 6 flyings;
  • hypersensitivity to other local anesthetics;
  • methemoglobinemias.

Side effects

Undesirable side effects at the use Septolete Plus are observed extremely seldom if to observe the recommended dosages. Emergence of an allergy, and also nausea and diarrhea is possible. At the same time use of drug should be stopped immediately.

Application instruction Septolete Plus

If you bought spray, the instruction on Septoleta Plus provides the following dosages:

  • adults and children aged from 12 flyings: 2 pressing in each 2-3 h, but is no more than 8 times in day;
  • children from 6 to 12 years: one pressing every 2-3 hour, but is no more than 8 times in day (only under supervision of adults).

At the same time it is not necessary to use spray more than 7 days in a row.

Before the first use of means or if it was not applied for a long time, remove a plastic cover and press a head of a spray of 5-9 times, letting out a small stream in air, you will not achieve normal spraying yet.

At further use try to open a mouth as it is possible more widely, the head of a spray is directed to a throat. When spraying hold the breath. After that surely close a spray a special cover.

Spray is intended strictly for individual use.

The application instruction Septolete Plus in the form of pastils provides the following dosages:

  • to adults and children at the age of more than 12 years – one pastil each 2-3 h, but is no more than 8 pieces in day;
  • children are from 6 to 12 years old – one pastil each 4 h, but it is no more than 4 pieces in day.

It is not necessary to combine drug intake with milk or to use it just before food.


Overdose or prolonged use of drug can lead to a methemoglobinemia. Its symptoms can be shown approximately in 45-60 minutes after overdose. It can be a headache, increased fatigue, an asthma, cyanosis, an adynamy, a heart consciousness, arrhythmia, spasms.

At very high doses nausea, vomiting or even a coma can develop.

At symptoms of intoxication use of medicine needs to be stopped.

Treatment provides introduction of 100% of oxygen or a gastric lavage, reception of absorbent carbon, support of breath and blood circulation in serious cases.


The benzocaine which is contained in composition of drug reduces antibacterial activity of streptocides.

Besides, its action can be strengthened by non-narcotic analgesics and inhibitors of cholinesterase.

Terms of sale

In drugstores this medicine is released without recipe.

Storage conditions

It is necessary to store Septolete Plus in the unavailable to children and well protected from hit of light and moisture place at a temperature no more than 25 °C.

Period of validity

The period of validity at observance of all storage conditions makes 2 years.


About this medicine generally positive. It very nice to the taste and well kills a pharyngalgia. Some, however, complain of very short-term effect and availability of dyes.

The price Septolete Plus where to buy

The price Septolete Plus average makes 150 rubles. The same medicine in Ukraine can be bought for 70


  • Septolete plus No. 18 pastilkikrka
  • Septolete plus honey and lime No. 18 pastilkikrka
  • Septolete plus spray 30 of ml (160 doses) of KRKA

Drugstore of IFC

  • Septolete plus pastils No. 18 honey and lime, Krkasloveniya
  • Septolete plus spray 1,5mg +0,3mg/dose fl 30 ml, Krkasloveniya
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  • Septolete pluskrka (Slovenia)
  • Septolete plus pastils No. 18KPKA (Slovenia)


  • Septolete pastil Plus No. 18
  • Septolete Plus of 30 ml spray mestn. flacon.
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Section: For an oral cavity For cough
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