Seasonal time conversion increases risk of strokes

Development of a stroke in people of advanced age can provoke time conversion on winter or to summertime. So scientists from Finland who the other day announced results of ten years' research consider. Researchers studied in detail features of a state of health of those people for which the stroke in the first few days was diagnosed after clock was put. In all studied cases at patients stroke effects – paralysis, death were noted.

As a result scientists drew a conclusion that because of, at first sight, "harmless" turning clocks the probability of development of strokes increases by 8% as any changes in the established dream cycle negatively affect a condition of an organism.

It is indicative that is most expressed translation process of hands affects on health of elderly people. So, at aged people after 65 flyings these days the probability of strokes increases by 20%.

Researchers emphasize that in this case this is not about hypothetical risk. The statistics demonstrates that in the first days after establishment of summer or winter time much more patients with strokes, than in other time are hospitalized. Also the number of those who ask for emergency medical service at this time increases.

Conclusions of the Finnish scientists confirm also researches of neurobiologists from the American academy of neurology who assure that at time conversion there is a rough intervention in functioning of mechanisms which formed throughout the millennia in the evolutionary way. In other words, there is a failure of the so-called "biological clock" controlling exchange processes, day-night rhythms.

Doctors warn about negative impact of switching for a long time. According to many neuropathologists, owing to such changes in beat at the person the headache, sleeplessness, stressful states can develop.

To avoid effects of "hour" changes, physicians advise not to use in the evening sweets and pastries. It is important to pay attention to the morning menu and not to have breakfast "heavy" products. Positively bright light therefore it is desirable to walk in a lunch break on the street affects a state of health also and to provide clarification of office good naturally.

By the way it agrees with statistical WHO data, in the countries where seasonal time conversion still practices, about 45% of people note displays of sleeplessness.

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