Skin peeling

Peeling of skin of a body and person – a problem which the person can face throughout life in connection with development of different diseases, and also owing to influence of some factors.

Why the skin peeling is shown?

The strong peeling of skin is periodically shown at many people. The itch and a peeling of skin disturbs the person who on a surface of skin has an excess layer of devitalized epidermis. It occurs in the course of too strong rejection or keratinization.

If at the person the peeling of integuments is shown, then at the same time he often feels a moderate or severe itch, discomfort. The xeroderma is noted. The peeling of integuments can have different degree of manifestation. It can be as change of skin, almost imperceptible for a naked eye, and the expressed change owing to which integuments become similar to bran. If such pathological processes last for years, then periodically they can fade, and then be shown again.

In medicine natural (physiological) and pathological rejection of skin is defined. Physiological processes of rejection of cells of skin happen owing to regeneration of epidermis. Life activity of a human body happens in such a way that approximately once a month (in 26-28 days) the upper layer of an integument is completely updated.

Pathological rejection of skin happens under the influence of a certain adverse factor or their set.

Depends on the reason of a peeling of skin as long and there will be this process, the peeling will be shown where exactly. Sometimes skin is shelled for one-two days. But at some diseases the peeling of epidermis can proceed even decades.

In certain cases the question how to get rid of a skin peeling, becomes irrelevant after use of the moistening or nutritious means. Correctly picked up mask from a skin peeling is often effective. But if not only dryness and a peeling of skin is noted, but at the same time there are also other symptoms disturbing the person it is necessary to address the specialist surely.

The peeling of skin can arise at any age, both at men, and at women.

The skin peeling at newborn children is often noted. At babies dryness and a peeling of head skin and person is, as a rule, noted.

Why the skin peeling is noted?

Сухость и сильное шелушение кожи лица и головыDryness and strong peeling of face skin and head – a widespread problem not only at people who have by nature dry skin. Frequent the reason for which at the person the peeling of face skin is observed is the wrong water-in-oil balance in an upper layer of skin. Very often people at whom reddening and a peeling of face skin is noted use incorrectly picked up means for leaving. For example, if fat face skin is shelled, the person uses means from a peeling on a spirit basis. As a result the condition of skin is aggravated even more. Not always that who has a dry face skin is helped by the nutritious or moisturizing cream from a face skin peeling. Therefore it is the best of all that masks, creams and other means were recommended by the dermatologist after definition of the reason of a peeling of skin.

The peeling of skin can be noted in an organism in connection with problems in functioning of a digestive tract. Problems with integuments can also arise owing to shortage in a human body of some vitamins. So, if deficit of B12 vitamin is noted, then skin can begin to be shelled on ears, on a nose, the peeling of skin of eyebrows is also noted. The skin peeling between eyebrows and under eyebrows arises also owing to seborrheal dermatitis. This disease is often shown against disbolism, the wrong care of face skin and the head, etc.

The peeling of skin arises also owing to the endured stress, that is because of a nerve strain. Often this symptom is connected with allergic reactions. If at the person such reaction is noted, then it is important to define that allergen which became the reason of a strong peeling of skin. Hereditary tendency to dryness of integuments can be the cause of a peeling of skin on a body of the person. Also any injuries of skin — a wound, a crack, an inflammation become the factor provoking a peeling often. Sometimes the xeroderma is an effect of long treatment by some medicines.

That skin was healthy and fresh, existence of the correct hormonal balance in a human body is important. Dryness and a peeling of skin can be an effect of disturbance of products of sex hormones, and also hormones of a thyroid gland. For this reason the skin peeling often is the symptom accompanying the woman in the period of a menstrual pause.

Listing the reasons influencing manifestation of a peeling of skin it should be noted influence of some external factors. It is about wind, sunshine, strong cold. Besides in a cold season in rooms, as a rule, air is dried up because of heating.

Шелушение кожи рукDryness and strong peeling of skin of hands and legs at people with sensitive skin it is connected with the fact that daily skin on hands and legs of the person contacts to water, household means, cosmetics, and also is exposed to mechanical influence. However often the reasons of a peeling of skin of hands are connected not only with influence of external factors. Skin on palms of hands, between fingers of hands is sometimes shelled owing to infection with fungal infections, parasites or pathogenic microorganisms. The skin peeling on hands is often connected with development of a dermatosis. At a disease of psoriasis, red it is deprived and other diseases of skin also note a skin peeling on elbows, a skin peeling on palms, etc. As quite often found reason of a peeling of skin of palms and fingers of hands it is necessary to allocate allergic manifestations. Besides, the skin peeling on fingers of hands in certain cases is an effect of avitaminosis, a lack of an organism of a number of microelements, dehydration.

To define the exact reason which explains manifestation of a peeling of skin of hands and legs, can only the dermatologist, having conducted comprehensive examination of the patient.

Reddening and peeling of skin of legs very often develops under the influence of the external reasons at which elimination the condition of skin gradually returns to normal. For example, if the person wears close clothes which do not provide normal air circulation, then skin can begin to be shelled between legs, on hips, anklebones. Incorrectly picked up and low-quality footwear often provokes a peeling of skin of feet, dryness and a peeling of integuments on toes. If the peeling between toes, on feet of legs is noted, then it is necessary to exclude fungus diseases.

In the presence of the slightest suspicions on the fact that the peeling of skin is standing connected with infections, purulent diseases, allergic reactions it is necessary to see a doctor as elimination of external signs not always demonstrates treatment of a basic disease surely.

One more problem which both men, and women, this reddening and a peeling of skin can face a century. If there is a skin peeling around eyes, then the first that should be made, it to exclude existence of an allergy to means of cosmetics, hygiene or on food stuffs. The parasite — a ciliary tick can cause a peeling of skin of an upper eyelid and a lower eyelid. At a disease of a demodicosis at the person not only skin is shelled, but also eyelashes drop out. Skin can be shelled a century also in connection with influence of a number of the external factors described above.

Very often strong reddening and peeling of head skin at the baby disturbs young mother. But in most cases this phenomenon is quite natural as integuments of the child have no necessary protective barrier, and the irritating factors from the outside can cause such reaction. The reasons for which the kid has an itch and a peeling of head skin can be connected with the wrong leaving, mechanical irritation, allergic reactions. How to get rid of an allergy and than to treat such manifestations, the pediatrician will prompt. But sometimes treatment of a peeling of skin is not required. It is only enough to replace clothes, it is correct to bathe the kid, to comb out devitalized particles of skin, to use correctly picked up means on care of skin

Sometimes the skin peeling at babies can be connected with manifestations of an ichthyosis. It is necessary to treat this disease only under a constant control of the specialist.

How to get rid of a skin peeling?

Очень сильное шелушение кожиAt a peeling of integuments of the person and other areas of a body it is regularly recommended to apply the creams and other means having the moistening effect. Such cosmetics have to have a fatty basis which is a peculiar barrier and does not allow moisture to filter from epidermis outside.

However after use of cosmetic drugs the necessary effect is not always observed. But if the peeling on a face and on other parts of a body occurs in connection with development of diseases, it is in that case better not to practice independent treatment. It is necessary to fight against a skin peeling by means of various medicines which are appointed by the doctor. If the peeling of skin is a symptom of a disease which the doctor diagnosed in the course of inspection, then complex treatment for elimination of the main illness is carried out.

Peeling zones on a face can be processed cream which contains a hydrocortisone in structure. Such procedure it is necessary to spend one-two weeks, at the same time processing of the person is carried out once a day.

The skin peeling on hands is eliminated, applying an akvaforor – cream which contains a hydrocortisone. Cream is applied with a thick layer on hands then rubber gloves are put on. Cream in such a way needs to be applied for the night.

In certain cases treatment of a peeling of skin is carried out with use of drugs with deksapantenoly. Carrying out a number of procedures, nepravleny on recovery of a normality of skin is also possible. It is a mesotherapy, a peeling, biorevitalization. The specialist appoints procedure depending on a cause of illness.

House procedures for moistening of face skin will be reasonable if the peeling of integuments was provoked by external factors. In that case at a face skin peeling it is better not to apply soap to washing, not to wipe a face a towel dry. It is necessary to use the qualitative moisturizing cream. Before going outside in the winter, it is necessary to apply protective cream on skin. It is important to provide sufficient moistening of air in that room in which the person constantly stays.

It is possible to practice use of masks for moistening of skin in house conditions. Previously skin should be prepared for use of a mask, using for this purpose a srub. As a srub the coffee thick, pieces of green apple, tea tea leaves will approach. Masks for moistening of skin can be prepared from vegetable oils. For this purpose oil of sprouts of wheat, almonds, grape, peach seeds mixes up in equal proportions with honey.

The mask can also be prepared from mix of sour cream or cream with pulp of a cucumber. It is necessary to put such masks for 20-30 minutes.

To prevent a skin peeling at the newborn, it is important to get special means for bathing of the baby as usual soap overdries gentle skin of the child.

It is not necessary to bathe the child too often, and after acceptance of a bathtub it is necessary to apply the children's moistening means on skin of the kid. At some kids allergic reaction to means with lanolin therefore it is better to avoid such creams and shampoos is observed. Air in the room where there lives a small child, should be moistened surely. It is especially important to do it in a heating season.

The feeding mother has to watch carefully own diet, some products can cause allergic reactions which are expressed by a peeling of skin and other manifestations in the child.

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