Sixth month of pregnancy

On the sixth month of pregnancy the woman enters the second half of the period of incubation of the child. Most of pregnant women note good health during this period, feeling energy inflow. The tummy only begins to increase intensively, without creating especially noticeable inconveniences, and all displays of early toxicosis in most cases completely disappear by this time. During this period there is an intensive growth of body weight of the woman as the fruit also intensively puts on weight. Therefore, it becomes already almost impossible to hide "interesting situation" from surrounding people on the 6th month of pregnancy.

Pregnancy which 21 weeks are marked by sharp increase of need of the woman for calcium demands during this period of especially attentive relation and observance of some conditions for harmonious development of the child. At this time there is a rapid growth of a skeleton of a fruit therefore calcium is the main "construction" material. Therefore each future mother has to realize that in the absence of the necessary amount of the consumed calcium there will be an expenditure of this element from her fabrics. Therefore, first of all, it will affect a dental health of the woman.

For the 6th month of pregnancy the weight of a fruit will increase three times. Gradually his eyes begin to open, there are data and that during this period the kid feels taste. There is an essential jump in development of a nervous system of a fruit that affects its movements. Their part is not chaotic any more, and is accurately controlled by the strengthened nervous system.

But nevertheless the most important achievement in development of the child is growth of his lungs at this time: they are already almost completely developed. Therefore there are 50% chance of a survival for the kid who was born after the 25th week of pregnancy. The 22nd week is marked by fast development of muscles of a fruit. Also at this time there is a mortgaging of oroimmunity of the child that is promoted by intake of immunoglobulins through a placenta. But nevertheless still early to speak about a possibility of a small organism to take care of own protection against viruses. Therefore if the pregnant woman will get sick with a viral illness, for example, flu at this time, then it can negatively water on some systems of an organism of a fruit.

Next, 23rd week of pregnancy two departments of a brainaverage and a cerebellum are gradually registered. On an end of the 6th month of pregnancy the weight of a brain of the kid makes already about 100 g. Gradually crinkles and furrows of a brain are made out and go deep.

At the same time work of internals of the kid is sped up. Actively his liver which accumulates a glycogen stock works. Functions of a hemopoiesis are provided by a spleen and red marrow, kidneys and the alimentary system also function. Actively ripening lungs on the sixth month "learn" to breathe. During pre-natal development oxygen arrives to the child through mother's blood stream. Therefore, intake of air in lungs does not happen. However the child already begins to do the respiratory movements during which a few amniotic waters get into his lungs. However, it is not harmful to the child at all. And the respiratory center in a brain "directs" work of such movements.

That the respiratory center developed and functioned correctly, it is necessary that future mother followed all rules of a healthy lifestyle. In this case it is very important to walk and stay much on fresh, clean air, not to take alcohol, not to inhale evaporation of toxic substances and not to smoke, of course. Otherwise at a fruit bronchial tubes and a respiratory center can develop with delay. If pregnancy which 24 weeks already behind, come to an end with premature births then the child can be rescued, using the special equipment for breath support. But nevertheless such children in most cases, unfortunately, remain disabled people.

As other achievements of this period of development it should be noted gradual development of fatty tissues in the child, forming of fingerprints.

When the 24th week of pregnancy comes to an end, the fruit weighs already about 600 g, and its length from heels to the top reaches about 34 cm.

Outward of the woman on the sixth month of pregnancy

In these week, important for development of the kid, appearance of future mother gradually changes. First of all, the stomach is considerably rounded. So some things, especially close trousers, it is necessary to postpone and buy more spacious clothes. The preference should be given to fabrics natural which help to transfer easier a heat and do not create discomfort at all seasons of the year. The person becomes more roundish. Also the woman notes increase in a breast which continues to be poured, and nipples and circles around them become more dark.

Шестой месяц беременностиAs a rule, on the sixth month the woman gains about two kilograms of weight. But nevertheless a body weight set – process individual therefore some brittle women can grow heavy slightly more.

At this particular time often a nevus pigmentosus on a face and a stomach appears. Such spots in most cases after the delivery pass into nothingness.

Health on the sixth month of pregnancy

Pregnancy which 6th month in the heat, can bring many new feelings and future mother. First of all, the deficit of calcium described above in an organism affects. Owing to this phenomenon spasms in legs can periodically disturb the pregnant woman. To prevent such unpleasant manifestations, it is possible with the preventive purpose to accept a calcium gluconate. It is recommended to pound tablets before reception and to drink two pieces every day. There is a national recipe which is also checked centuries: to take a shell of the hard-boiled egg, to remove about its internal film and to grind the cleared shell in the coffee grinder. It is desirable that the shell was crushed as it is possible more small. Every day it is necessary to add a quarter of a teaspoon of such powder to porridge or cottage cheese.

One more danger trapping the woman in the course of increase in her body weight is risk of development of a varicosity. On the sixth month of pregnancy the uterine fundus is already located at the height about 21-22 cm over a bosom that promotes squeezing of large veins. On these veins there is a blood flow from a trunk bottom to heart. Displacement of veins is resulted by stagnation of blood in veins of legs. Respectively, these veins extend. The woman whose close relatives suffered from this disease has to show consideration for measures of prevention of varicosity especially. If preventive measures were not taken for the prevention of this illness on earlier durations of gestation, then now it is a high time to take care of it.

So, it is important to refuse footwear on a high heel, and at home it is possible to walk on a floor in general without footwear, in socks. During rest it is the best of all to lie on one side. Periodically, for day the woman has to raise legs on an eminence and several minutes have a rest in such situation. It is also desirable to buy special stockings or elastic bandage which regular carrying will be an excellent measure of prevention. On each leg the whole bandage is bandaged. It is necessary to do it in the mornings before getting up. Action is made from below, from a foot, and up, approximately to the middle of a hip. It is important that the bandage slightly pressed a leg.

What disturbs the woman on the sixth month of pregnancy

Шестой месяц беременностиPregnancy which 23 weeks already behind, can "puzzle" the woman new, till this time with manifestations unknown to it. Owing to intensive building of muscles of a uterus the pregnant woman can feel at this time similarity of pains which are called Braxton Giks's pains. Such manifestations do not cause pain, about one-two minutes proceed and do not threaten with troubles. Such fight, as a rule, is reaction to the movements of a fruit.

But in this case it is extremely important to differentiate Braxton Giks's pains and regular contractions which can be a harbinger of the premature birth of a fruit. Therefore at manifestation of pains it is necessary to lie down and to relax completely. If Braxton Giks's pains take place, then the tone of a uterus will disappear and will not renew again. Immediately it is necessary to call the doctor if pains repeat regularly. The specialist will determine by the special equipment whether there is a reason for alarm.

Women who have chronic illnesses in the anamnesis can suffer on the sixth month of pregnancy from so-called late toxicosis. Especially often this state is shown at the women having cardiovascular diseases, a hypertension, nephrite and pyelonephritis, inflammations of urinogenital bodies. Also tendency to late toxicosis is observed at patients with myoma, endocrine disturbances, obesity.

The pregnant woman can be mistaken, considering that toxicosis is shown only by nausea and vomiting. Actually displays of late toxicosis are caused by disturbance of processes of salt and water exchange in promptly changing female organism. At the same time walls of vessels become more permeable that promotes penetration of liquid into fabrics. Blood volume also increases. As a result toxicosis is shown by hypostases of extremities, and also insufficiency of liquid in a blood channel, called by a hypovolemia. At similar manifestations there is a sharp rise in arterial pressure. If in time not to correct this situation by means of drugs and change of some habits, then effects for mother and a fruit can be very heavy.

If late toxicosis already developed that its treatment before the end of pregnancy it is impossible. Only measures for simplification of the general condition of the woman are undertaken. Often at late toxicosis does not do without hospitalization of the pregnant woman.

Prevention of late toxicosis

On the sixth month of pregnancy it is important not to allow developments of late toxicosis. Therefore some measures of prevention will be timely. It is important to adhere to special dietary food, having excluded tinned products, smoked products, salty and very hot dishes from a diet. The fried food, and also chocolate should be used extremely seldom. It is also undesirable to use many products provoking abdominal distention. Owing to pressure of the blown-up stomach upon the chart the woman can suffer from asthma, increase of heartbeat, display of pains in heart.

It is important to limit in a diet and those products from which body weight promptly increases. It, first of all, concerns flour and confectionery. But vegetables vegetable oil salads, various porridges and fermented milk products positively influence the woman's organism in the second half of pregnancy. It is not necessary to refuse boiled fish and meat, the daily use of vegetables and fruit. To limit itself in desire it is not necessary to eat, however it is necessary to satisfy hunger only with useful products. Very often doctors also recommend to the woman to accept a rate of polyvitamins on the 6th month of pregnancy.

For the timely prevention of late toxicosis it is necessary to control surely that how many liquid is emitted from an organism. To define whether the liquid delay takes place, it is necessary to watch that how many water and other liquid drinks the woman uses and how many urine at the same time is emitted. The difference has to make no more than 300 ml. If the amount of urine which is emitted is much less than amount of the drunk liquid, then it directly demonstrates threat of toxicosis.

The pregnant woman has to control own arterial pressure constantly. It is desirable to measure these indicators in house conditions regularly. At the same time has to guard and increased, and too low the ABP. It is extremely important to watch constantly the level of arterial pressure that who has a hypertension and vegeto-vascular dystonia.

One more major measure of prevention for the prevention of late toxicosis – observance of a day regimen. The full-fledged dream (not less than 8 hours a day), everyday walks, absence of stresses and heavy exercise stresses is important. If the pregnant woman gets tired too strongly, then it will at once affect a condition of a fruit which oxygen food will be broken.

Sex on the sixth month of pregnancy

Шестой месяц беременностиAt this stage of fetation most of women feel not bad. Therefore on condition of absence of diseases and threats for incubation of the child intimate life can proceed. Doctors, as a rule, allow continuation of sex life to 32 weeks of pregnancy. Specialists claim that sexual contacts, and also an orgasm which is tested by the woman have no negative impact on a condition of a fruit. At the same time the harmonious relations between spouses promote a stable emotional condition of the pregnant woman that is extremely important for her at this stage of pregnancy.

Feelings of the woman on the sixth month of pregnancy

On the sixth month of incubation of a fruit future mother can face some new to feelings which can disturb her. At this time considerably intensity of stirs of a fruit as it quickly grows increases and develops. The quantity increases is more white which are allocated from a vagina. The pregnant woman is a little hurt sometimes by area of underbelly as there is a tension of the sheaves supporting a uterus.

Changes in work of a digestive tract can be observed. So, some pregnant women during this period suffer from constant locks, they observe the increased gas generation, heartburn regularly torments. The feeling of weakness and periodic headaches can also take place at this time. Sometimes from gums blood is emitted. Especially it is noticeable during a chishcheniye of teeth.

Developing of nasal bleedings, periodic hypostases of extremities is also possible that the season is most often shown in heat.

The child actively grows, and the woman on the 6th month of pregnancy often feels noticeable increase of appetite. However also the organism of the most pregnant changes not less intensively owing to what standing or in an anus varicosity can be shown, the back hurts from time to time. Skin on the growing stomach stretches therefore perhaps periodic display of an itch.

At the same time the woman becomes quieter in the emotional plan. One already completely realizes the new state and even sometimes feels some fatigue from these changes. At the same time more and more noticeable is a concern preceding the coming childbirth.


Шестой месяц беременностиTime to talk to the attending physician about future feeding of the kid a breast came. At this time it is already possible to follow some advice on preparation of a breast for feeding. During rest at least several times a day it is worth taking legs on an eminence. It will take off fatigue of extremities and will help to avoid hypostases.

The woman can continue to do easy gymnastics, to carry out breathing exercises, to learn to relax.

It is recommended to listen to pleasant music, to talk to future kid, to relax under nature sounds.

This month during visit to the doctor to the woman weight is traditionally measured, she hands over on the analysis urine for the purpose of laboratory definition of amount of protein and sugar. Also attending physician listens to heartbeat of a fruit, measures uterine fundus height, defines, in it the child how exactly is located. The doctor surely examines the pregnant woman's legs to reveal hypostases and symptoms of varicosity.

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