Cones on skin

Cones are educations on skin which have dense structure. The size, the place emergence of cones depends on the reasons of their emergence.

How cones on skin are shown?

Cones and swellings on skin often appear at the person spontaneously, for no apparent reason. Nevertheless, there are always factors owing to which influence swellings under skin appear. Such symptom can demonstrate development of infectious diseases, inflammatory processes in lymph nodes, about the postponed injury , etc. Reddening and a swelling on skin can be both single, and multiple. Depending on the reason also other features of such new growths can differ. Not always there is red swelling on skin. The impressive size can have such education, to be both soft, and rather firm to the touch. Swellings and cones on skin happen painful and absolutely painless. The reason of emergence of cones determines symptom duration. If such educations intensively increase, and also other symptoms guarding the person are noted, then it is necessary to see a doctor immediately.

Cones on skin of a back, hands, legs, etc. appear at people rather often and can proceed completely asymptomatically. In most cases even big cones, well distinguishable even on a photo, are high-quality educations. If under skin there were educations and they are located, for example, on spin, then the person can live with such consolidations many years, without noticing any inconveniences. However sometimes the skin cone which is not causing pain, an itch and other unpleasant feelings can be a sign of development of an oncological illness. Therefore it is desirable to see a doctor not only at esthetic inconveniences (for example if there were cones on a face under skin), but also at emergence of any other educations.

Cones on skin of a hand, the head and on other bodies can have the size from 1 millimeter to fathers-in-law and more centimeters. Clinical manifestations of such educations does not depend on age of the person, his floor. All features are defined by only that reason which provoked emergence of cones.

Consolidation can be a cyst. Such education progresses slowly and without pain, she reminds a ball with a smooth surface which can move under skin.

If cones appear in connection with a folliculitis, then they look as big reddish spots. There are they, as a rule, on head skin under hair, on hips, a face. Spots can cause an itch.

Why there are cones on skin?

Hypodermic cones on a body of the person appear after blow or an injury. Also cones on a body of the person sometimes are a sign of an inflammation of lymph nodes, developments of an infectious disease, emergence of a tumor.

Шишка на головеThere is a number of diseases which can become the reasons of why cones on a body appeared. Depending on a cause of illness and its symptoms cones can differ (in more detail such distinctions can be seen on the corresponding photos).

Cones on a face and a body of the person can appear at severe acne rash when a certain quantity of eels passes into a form of consolidations. Cones on a body often appear also after stings of insects.

The people who are ill a lipoma on a body have cones as very small, and rather impressive size. Such educations to the touch dense, morbidity and discoloration of skin they do not cause.

Educations which appear owing to a folliculitis that is inflammatory process in hair follicles, most often develop at people with weak immunity, at diabetics, and also at those who have obesity. At a folliculitis sometimes red cones on a body scratch. However it is necessary to consider that cones on a body scratch also at other diseases.

Big red cones on a face and on a body can appear owing to defeat of a human body an infection. However if on a face the cone was formed, it is possible to suspect also manifestation of allergic reaction to cosmetics. In that case on face skin spots often develop.

At inflammatory processes of lymph nodes hypodermic cones are located over lymph nodes. Such internal cone hurts, it hot and dense, not soldered to fabrics, it people around. At the same time at the person also other symptoms of an illness – intoxication, the increased body temperature are noted.

One more reason of emergence of cones on different body parts is a carcinoma cutaneum. At oncological pathologies of the cone can be different color – both dark, and normal. Such educations are soldered to fabrics which surround them. Such education, as a rule, hurts. At the last stages of an illness it can be the purulent cone. Cones on skin appear at a basal cell carcinoma, at sarcoma of soft tissues, a neurofibromatosis, etc.

Owing to a hemangioma there are cones on head skin, and also on other body parts. Such cone has red color, a dense or soft consistence. How to treat it is necessary to ask the cone on the head which appeared owing to a hemangioma immediately the doctor as this tumor develops very quickly and washes gradually to destroy healthy fabrics, nearby.

Шишки на коже у маленьких детейCones on skin appear owing to development of an intradermal cyst. Such educations dense, can have the different size, skin color at their emergence does not change. Perhaps periodic inflammation of education, then contents can come to light. The cyst can be formed on any part of a body. Their emergence is often connected with obstruction of sebaceous glands, the postponed infectious disease.

Emergence of cones and consolidations is often connected with skin abscess. At the same time consolidation very painful, dense, contains pus. Often at abscess at the patient body temperature increases.

Body warts are small knots or cones which have the different sizes, skin color remains natural or gets a reddish shade.

The blue cone under skin can be formed in that place where under integuments there are foreign bodys – splinters, splinters, bullets. The size of such cone depends on the size of a foreign body.

Cones on a body under skin can be rhematoid small knots. Such mobile cone under skin does not prove at all. But at the same time the person sometimes notes pain and signs of deformation in joints.

Шишки у детейChildren have a cone on a hand under skin or the cone on a leg under skin and even on a bottom most often appears after blow as children lead a mobile life. But if at emergence of cones in the child drowsiness, vomiting is noted, then it is necessary to see a doctor immediately.

Cones of the different size appear on different body parts – sometimes consolidations which cause to the person discomfort, are formed on one side under skin, on an edge, affect armpits, etc. Why under cone skin and what the reason of their emergence is connected with, the doctor who after establishment of the diagnosis will appoint treatment has to find out.

Cones under skin of a penis and on a pubis under skin are formed owing to influence of many factors. But most often their emergence is connected with viral or bacterial damage skin a cover, with obstruction of glands and hair a follicle. It is necessary to consider that in intimate places skin possesses special sensitivity therefore on it damages even after friction about clothes or after shaving can appear.

However it is necessary to remember also that cones on generative organs in certain cases can be also a symptom of diseases, which are transmitted sexually. Such symptoms are most characteristic of sexual herpes and condylomas.

Sometimes emergence of consolidations, cones and spots on generative organs of the man and woman is connected with allergic reaction to contraceptives.

How to get rid of cones on skin?

Шишки на кожеIf the person finds the cone on any site of skin, then first of all he needs to address the therapist who, according to the diagnosis, directs the patient to consultation to the specialist of a necessary profile.

In some cases cones and consolidations under skin disappear independently, without treatment use. But nevertheless a number of diseases demands intervention of the specialist and purpose of complex treatment.

If cones on a body of the person appeared owing to infection with an infection, then treatment can include reception of antibiotics and drugs from group of antifungal means. Treatment is carried out so that not to allow development of an infection, and also to prevent emergence of hems on site of consolidations. It is important to observe strict hygiene of those body parts which are struck with cones, not to allow their strong friction about clothes.

If emergence of cones is connected with cysts, then in certain cases such educations recover by itself. If the cyst inflames, to the patient cortisone injections can be appointed. However surgical intervention sometimes is required: the doctor appoints carrying out operation on excision of a new growth.

Cones which appear a lipoma consequence delete only if they are serious cosmetic defect for the person or cause inconvenience in everyday life. The lipoma does not strike fabrics which surround it therefore if necessary it is possible to remove it in the surgical way.

If the cone on a body arises owing to oncological pathology, then it is cut out if necessary with those fabrics which are located near it.

Treatment of warts is carried out with use of that method which the doctor considers most expedient in a specific case. Are applied as medicamentous means which allow to remove gradually a wart, and laser removal, a cryotherapy method, etc.

It is necessary to consider that during surgical removal of cones and consolidations under skin it is important to clean all new growth completely. Otherwise at some diseases the repeated growth of consolidation is possible.

Лечение шишки на головеIf the cone does not grow, inflammatory changes are not observed, then the doctor can make the decision that treatments should not be applied. Educations lipomas, birthmarks, uninflammed cysts of the small size can be it.

On a body which appear at children owing to injuries and bruises it is necessary to put to cones at once after their education cold not to allow emergence of big hypostasis. Further any cream, gel or ointment for removal of hypostases and hematomas is used.

At emergence of cones and consolidations on generative organs it is necessary to carry out a number of analyses to exclude development of diseases, sexually transmitted. If consolidations are connected with genital herpes, then for treatment the drugs containing an acyclovir or valatsiklovir are most often used. Treatment of condylomas is carried out by a burning out by chemical drugs or clean up surgically.

To prevent emergence of the consolidations connected with stings of insects it is necessary to use means which frighten off them. At once after a sting it is necessary to process fabrics special means.

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