The sedentary life worsens menopause symptoms

Women who got used to lead a sedentary life can feel much worse in the period of a menopause in comparison with those who behave more actively. Scientists who published results of research in the authoritative magazine "The North American", emphasize that the health of the woman in the period of a climax is influenced by several factors, in particular, sleeplessness, a depression, obesity. It is considered to be that those women who in a week practice exercise stresses less than 3 times lead a sedentary life. In this case it is necessary to understand occupations as an exercise stress run, swimming, active walking which continue more than 30 minutes. According to physicians, regular physical activity can not only significantly reduce intensity of unpleasant manifestations of a menstrual pause, but also reduce probability of development of a colon cancer and a mammary gland, and also weak-mindedness, depression, stroke. Sport significantly strengthens immune system that also positively affects on health of women in the period of a climax.

However, the negative impact of sedentary work and way of life in general affects not only women. The American scientists the next time warn that sedentary work significantly reduces life expectancy of the person. Special research in which 123000 volunteers — representatives of an average age category participated was conducted. A certain number of these people had heart diseases, vessels, and also oncological diseases. For 13 flyings researchers conducted careful supervision over examinees.

As a result they drew the following conclusions: women who are forced to stay every day more than 6 hours a day risk to die prematurely 37% more in comparison with those women who sit less than 3 hours a day. At men the similar indicator makes 18%.

Scientists emphasize that long sitting even for one day can become the reason of negative changes in a metabolism. Therefore doctors insistently advise office workers periodically to rise because of a table, to stretch and at least to walk during a lunch break a little.

It is necessary to consider also the fact that people whose work is connected with long sitting, have higher risk of formation of blood clots. That is regular warm-ups for day are important also from the point of view of the prevention of "stagnation" of blood.

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