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  • Latin name: Simethicone
  • ATH code: A02DA
  • Active ingredient: Simetikon (Simethicone)
  • Producer: Ratiopharm GmbH., Germany


Simetikon is an organic compound in which molecules communication between atoms of silicon and carbon is noted. It has an appearance of viscous translucent liquid of gray color which contains from 4 to 7% of a finely dispersed silkon of dioxide. It is characterized by inability to be dissolved in water and alcohols.

Release form

Drug is issued in a look:

  • capsules;
  • emulsions;
  • thaw for oral administration;
  • suspensions;
  • chewable tablets.

Pharmacological action

Simethicone possesses carminative and penogasyashchy properties, and its action is directed to reduction foam and gas generations in a stomach and intestines. Substance inert, non-toxical and capable to show superficial activity.

Physically reducing surface intention, it promotes elimination of vials of gas which are formed in an intestinal path at a meteorism. At the same time the released gas is soaked up and/or completely is removed from an organism in the natural way, without creating any discomfort for the person.

Also drug interferes with further education of new vials of gas. The similar effect is provided thanks to ability of substance to reduce the surface intention arising on border of two various phases.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Simetikon's drugs improve an irrigation of mucous membranes of an intestinal path contrast agents, interfering thereby with emergence of gaps in a contrast film.

Simetikon-soderzhashchiye drugs do not irritate a mucous membrane of a digestive tract, do not provoke change of a clinical endoscopic picture and do not influence motility and evakuatorny function of a stomach and intestines.

Substance is considered completely safe for patients and has no negative effect on the equipment used for carrying out medical and medical and operational endoscopic manipulations.

Against abuse of food which contains a large amount of carbohydrates in a stomach and an intestinal path there is an increased formation of gases that in turn provokes a gut gleam contamination the undigested proteinaceous substrates creating disperse system of liquid and gas bubbles. This system completely submits to laws of surface intention.

Owing to disturbance of processes of digestion absorption of food components worsens, also foaming amplifies gazo-. Because of it:

  • normal wall digestion worsens;
  • fermental activity decreases;
  • the reabsorption of gases decreases.

Against Simetikon's use:

  • expressiveness of gas generation in the field of an intestinal path decreases;
  • expressiveness of pain in epigastric area which is caused by accumulation of gases in a digestive tract or digestion dysfunctions decreases;
  • overall health at a meteorism improves.

Getting to an organism, Simetikon is badly soaked up in a digestive tract and brought from an organism in an invariable look.

Indications to use

It is reasonable to Simethicone to appoint:

  • to the patients suffering from manifestations of a meteorism (including a meteorism which is noted after carrying out surgeries);
  • at an aerophagia (morbid condition which is shown by the increased swallowing air during meal);
  • to patients for whom the gastrocardial syndrome (Remkheld's syndrome) is diagnosed;
  • by training the patient for procedure of a X-ray analysis;
  • by training the patient for a sonografiya;
  • by training the patient for endoscopic manipulations;
  • by training the patient for carrying out procedure of ultrasonic diagnosis.
  • at poisoning with surface-active substances;


The instruction of drug warns that such substance as Simetikon is contraindicated to people at whom hypersensitivity to it, and also the patients suffering from impassability of intestines and obstructive diseases of bodies of the alimentary system is noted.

Side effects

In certain cases administration of drug Simetikon can be followed by side effects which are expressed as allergic reactions.

Simetikon: application instruction, dosing mode

Drug is issued in several dosage forms and various concentration. The optimum dose of Simetikon in each case has to be determined by this reason by the attending physician who makes a start from age of the patient, and also degree of manifestation and character of a course of a disease.

Medicine is taken orally after food or along with meal, it is optimum — before going to bed. To children Simetikon mix with food or liquids. Duration of a course of treatment can vary depending on appointment of the attending physician.

For adult patients Simetikon's dose in the form of suspension makes from 25 to 50 drops. Before each use of suspension the bottle with it is recommended to be stirred up carefully. About one or two pieces are recommended to accept capsules, swallowing entirely. It is optional to wash down drug with liquid.

According to the application instruction of Simetikon to children of school age appoint to accept till 15-20 drug drops in the form of suspension, and to children of preschool age and newborn babies — till 10-15 drops.

Before carrying out procedure of research of an intestinal tube the recommended daily dose of drug makes from 6 to 8 capsules or from 150 to 200 drops of suspension. Preparation is recommended to be begun two days prior to research. In day of research in the morning on an empty stomach accept two capsules or 50 drops of drug in the form of suspension. The similar dose should be accepted also just before procedure.

To patients with symptoms of intoxication surface-active substances appoint to accept from 20 to 25 ml of suspension.


As system absorption of drug is characterized as extremely low, Simetikon refer to category of safe medicines. Nevertheless, at accidental exceeding of the recommended dose it is necessary to see consultation the attending physician.


Drug should not be combined with antiacid medicines which mechanism of action is based on chemical neutralization of a hyperoxemia of a gastric juice at the same time.

Terms of sale

Drug is released without recipe of the doctor.

Storage conditions

Simetikon in the form of suspension and capsules store at a temperature which is not exceeding 30 degrees Celsius. After opening of a bottle with drug no more than a month is allowed to store suspension.

Suspension is not subject to a freezing.

Period of validity

Drug is good for use within 3 years.

Simetikon's analogs

Analogs of drug are the medicines created on its basis:

Simetikon for newborns

Simetikon thanks to its safety and low indicators of absorption in a digestive tract is allowed to use to appoint to small children. It is suitable also for newborn babies. An optimum dosage form are drops or suspension.

Before the use the bottle with drug is shaken up then its necessary dose is mixed with breast milk or water. The single dose not due to exceed 50 mg of active agent. Admissible quantity of such doses within a day — 5.

Drug is allowed to be used throughout a long span, up to several weeks.

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