Nice people are ill less often

People with beautiful appearance are less subject to attacks of various diseases. Such original conclusion was drawn by the American scientists who initiated carrying out special research. 15 people of both floors which age made from 24 to 35 years participated in it.

Scientists after studying of results of research with a certain surprise established the fact that nice men and women are ill a diabetes mellitus, asthma, a hypertension less often. The following pattern was looked through: the from the physical point of view the person was more attractive, the less problems with a state of health were found in him. In this case it is about many indicators – from cholesterol level to problems with a nervous system. Such people felt rather healthy, found less time for work and less often suffered from mental and physical illnesses.

Specialists from Cincinnati University in the course of research estimated appearance of people according to the photo, and also studied the quantity of diseases specified by participants of experiment whom they managed to have, and data on their present state of health.

In the course of experiment of all volunteers divided into five groups on the level of physical attractiveness, beginning from very unattractive and to very attractive. As a result, the man was more attractive, the probability of increase of level of cholesterol, growth of arterial pressure, display of a depression, and also a hyperactivity and vitamin deficiency was lower.

At the same time at the women recognized more attractive the probability to ache with a diabetes mellitus, bronchial asthma decreased. Also at them the risk of increase of pressure, development of a depression and a vitamin deficiency was reduced.

Besides, representatives of both floors which were recognized during experiment as more nice left on hospital less often and more often recognized themselves as healthy people. At beautiful women and men less chronic diseases of disorders of psychological character and other diagnoses were fixed.

However, scientists explain this interesting pattern very simply. In their opinion, attractiveness of the person is a marker of existence at him healthy genes which define a condition of mental and physical health.

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