Bruises on a body at the person develop owing to the different reasons. Many people are inclined to consider that bruise and a hematoma are the same phenomenon. But actually there are certain distinctions. Bruises develop owing to damage of capillaries, and the hematoma is an internal hemorrhage, that is the phenomenon, more dangerous to the person.

How bruises are shown?

In a human body blood circulation happens both on large vessels, and on small capillaries which are practically under an integument. Owing to an injury skin can remain completely unimpaired, but at the same time capillaries under it burst. Developing of bruise — a bleeding effect from the damaged capillaries. Later in process of disappearance bruise changes the color as it is influenced by enzymes.

Bruises on a body can develop both owing to serious injuries, and after minor injuries. At some people frequent bruises on a body which sometimes develop also without the visible reasons are noted. Bruises often develop also as symptoms of some diseases. If causeless emergence of bruises causes concern, then to find out why bruises on a body often develop, the doctor has to.

Specialists define different degrees of bruises. At the first degree of a bruise the integument is damaged slightly, the person feels weak pain, and bruise passes for several days. At the second degree of a bruise the person has not only superficial bruises, but also ruptures of muscles. As a result, hematomas and hypostases are noted. The third degree of a bruise leads to injury of muscles, sinews, there can be dislocations. Bruises of the head of the third degree can be very dangerous. The most serious degree of a bruise — the fourth. In this case the damaged part of a body can lose the functions completely.

Why there are bruises?

Different factors can be the reasons of why bruises on a body develop. The general reasons of emergence of bruises is a damage of capillaries which are located under skin.

Most often on a body bruises in connection with bruises and injuries develop. The bruises arising on skin in that case accurately are looked through, it is easy to notice them even on a photo. Bruises on a body without the reason develop owing to age changes of integuments. Gradually in an organism there is an aging of connecting fabrics which provide elasticity of a wall of vessels. As a result, the capillaries which lost elasticity are damaged very easily, and bruise develops even from a touch to a clothes body. One more factor which can be the answer to a question why bruises develop is a shortage of estrogen in an organism. As a rule, this problem is actual for the women who entered the period of a menstrual pause. Also regular reception of aspirin for fluidifying of blood for the purpose of prevention of strokes and heart attacks can provoke sudden emergence of bruises.

If the person quickly has bruises without the reason, then, first of all, he has to remember whether there were no injuries or bruises about which he simply forgot. At people who hold light skin bruises and on other parts of a body are more noticeable. At such people noticeable bruises around eyes are more often noted.

Nevertheless, if the answer to a question why bruises develop, is not found, then it is the best of all for person to consult nevertheless with the doctor. Sometimes bruises on a lap, and in other places will lie on spin because of shortage in a vitamin C organism. Deficit of this vitamin leads to collagen synthesis disturbance that, in turn, provoke the increased fragility of vessels.

Nevertheless, in some cases emergence of bruises nevertheless can be connected with rather serious diseases. For example, emergence of bruises on a body is characteristic of a hemorrhagic vasculitis at which development the immune system develops the antibodies destroying vessels.

Big bruises standing sometimes develop at people who have a varicosity. Emergence of bruises standing is followed by emergence of a grid near them from capillaries. Why there are bruises standing at varicosity and how to get rid of this phenomenon, the doctor who appoints treatment of a varicosity will tell.

Синяк на рукеIf there are bruises standing without the reason, and at the same time they do not pass throughout a long time, then consultation of the doctor is obligatory. Only after careful inspection it is possible to tell precisely from where standing bruises develop.

Bruises under a nail develop because of damage of a nail plate owing to injuries and jammings. On nails of legs bruises can develop because of carrying very close and inconvenient footwear. Owing to the constant pressure of such footwear bruises arise and directly on a toe.

Small bruises on hands develop at some diseases. Emergence of such bruises can be connected with a varicosity, disturbance of coagulability of blood. If on a hand there was bruise, then it can be connected with fragility of vessels. However, it is not excluded that bruise on hands or on a finger of a hand arose because of an injury which the person just does not remember. Bruise on a vein often develops after carrying out the medical manipulations connected with piercing of veins.

Bags and shadows under the eyes are or an effect of problems with integuments, or testify to other problems with health. However any means from shadows under the eyes can be used only if the reason of their emergence was precisely established.

The answer to a question why bruises in eyes developed does not raise doubts if the person got a severe bruise. After blow bruise develops in several hours. Quickly folk remedies help to clean a black eye in certain cases. It is recommended to put right after traumatizing cold to the place of blow not to allow extensive hemorrhage. Such compress it is necessary hold for 10 minutes then several times to repeat procedure every 2 hour. From blow use of some medicamentous drugs will help to remove shadows under the eyes quickly. It is ointment Troxevasinum, Lioton, the Rescuer, other local means promoting a rassasyvaniye of bruises. How to clean bruises from blow if damages were very strong, the doctor will prompt.

Shadows under the eyes at the child and at the adult often are a consequence of a specific arrangement of blood vessels. They are very close to an upper layer of skin, as makes impression of shadows under the eyes. In this case treatment will not bring desirable results. Sometimes bruises are result of change of a xanthopathy. What to do in that case, the cosmetologist will prompt. As a rule, the noticeable result can be received after long use of bleaching cream.

Синяк у ребенкаIf the person had a bruise on a face without the reason, and treatment by make-shifts does not allow to bring him, it is necessary to consult surely with the specialist. Such bruises can be the certificate on problems with action of the heart, kidneys and other bodies. In this case not what to treat bruise on a face has to disturb the patient and how to cure the reason of this symptom.

In certain cases shadows under the eyes are the reason of long observance of diets. Especially often bruises at a scanty food allowance develop at women of middle age. Also shadows under the eyes often are result of unhealthy way of life. How to reduce such bruises, it is simple to answer: it is necessary to reconsider completely the habits and to refuse harmful addictions. How many there pass bruises after a correcting of habits — an individual question. But sometimes positive changes are noticeable in several weeks.

Parents are often disturbed by bruises at the child, without the reason the bodies appearing on different areas. Shadows under the eyes at the child often demonstrate development of different diseases. When progressing pathological processes there is a thinning of skin owing to what illuminate blood vessels. In the presence of such symptom it is important to define what became its reason. Especially the fact that bruise does not pass long has to guard and at the same time every day the posineniye becomes more noticeable.

Shadows under the eyes at the child often appear and if the kid is exposed to too serious loadings and as a result he notes the high level of fatigue. In this case the correct day regimen, active recreation, frequent walks will help. An iron deficiency anemia — one more dangerous state, one of symptoms of which are dark circles under eyes. Than to treat anemia, it is possible to define only after carrying out analyses.

Nevertheless, you should not forget also other factors influencing emergence of bruises in kids. First of all, it is genetic predisposition. If parents of the child have a skin very thin and is sensitive to external influences, then bruises on a body at the child can sometimes develop even from light blows. If the kid has always many bruises, then in this case not the question of what to smear places of bruises, and the general strengthening of an organism is actual. The healthy good nutrition, periodic reception of vitamin complexes is important.

But nevertheless parents have to understand that the child has bruises standing and on other parts of a body appear very often in view of its mobility. If bruise small, it disappears without treatment after a while. If big bruise owing to a bruise developed on the noticeable place — for example, on a forehead at the child, it is possible to use ointments which promote disappearance of bruises in order that bruise resolved quicker.

How to get rid of bruises?

Синяк на ногеBruises which developed at the person owing to a usual bruise, as a rule, after a while pass independently. As a rule, most often interests the person, what is the time there does not pass bruise and what to make that there passed bruises. According to specialists, usual bruise which developed after a bruise passes for several weeks. Sometimes, at severe bruises, skin becomes completely pure approximately in a month. In certain cases in several days of people begins to worry about why there are traces from bruises. But bruise cannot disappear in several days. Color of bruise gradually changes from bluish to purple, and then to greenish.

How many there pass bruises, depends so, where exactly they are located. The below on a body there was bruise, the longer it will be noticeable. Therefore, on a face bruise disappears approximately in a week, and here standing the person sometimes rather long there do not pass bruises. It speaks simply: blood pressure in vessels which are located in legs more, therefore, and bruise in such place will be more expressed.

As quickly there pass bruises, often depends on that, first aid was how correctly given. That there passed quicker bruises which appeared from behind blow owing to an injury, it is necessary to put at once after a bruise ice or a cold hot-water bottle to that place on which the blow fell. It will allow not only to reduce the size of the formed bruise, but also will appease pain.

If the bruise fell on an extremity, then the struck area should be bandaged an elastic roller, in view of, first of all, that fact why bruises are formed. The matter is that with a pressure upon the burst joints blood leak is prevented. Therefore, bruise will not be very big. What to do is farther, depends on that how strong was a bruise. At moderate injuries and in that case when bruise is already created, it is possible to put heat. By means of warm compresses blood vessels can be expanded that promotes more intensive advance of the collected liquid and circulatory cells. Nevertheless, through how many there will pass bruises, depends, first of all on intensity of an injury and force of a bruise.

If the person is constantly disturbed by the developing bruises, then on a question why bruises do not pass long, the doctor will be able to answer. Surely it is worth consulting with the doctor and if interests the patient why bruises and hypostases develop without the reason.

The cream or ointment containing vitamin K will help to accelerate process of disappearance of usual bruise which appeared owing to a bruise. Such means will help to cure bruises of blow on an eye, on a hand and on other parts of a body. To rub such means to the place where bruise after blow was formed, not less than two times a day are necessary. Quicker the means containing arnica extract help to remove bruise after blow. However it is possible to use them only if on skin there are no grazes and cuts.

For strengthening of immunity and prevention of emergence of big bruises it is recommended to eat food containing a large amount of vitamin C which activates production of collagen in an organism.

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