Backbone scoliosis

Scoliosis – a state at which at the patient the lateral rachiocampsis is observed. At such pathology the backbone has the form of a letter C or a letter S. As a rule, this state develops at children aged from 6 till 15 flyings. Scoliosis is more often diagnosed for girls. As a rule, the disease proceeds benign therefore especially unpleasant feelings in the patient it are not caused. If the backbone is bent very strongly, then the person can periodically have a dorsodynia, breath utrudnyatsya.

Scoliosis reasons

Scoliosis of a backbone arises at the person owing to several reasons. First of all, the rachiocampsis can be shown as an effect of inborn defects of development, rickets, diseases of both the central, and peripheral nervous system, and also some other diseases.

At rickets at the child strong load of a backbone, especially is shown if it constantly stays in the wrong situation when carrying on one hand or at early sitting of the kid.

Very often the reasons because of which at the child development of scoliosis began do not manage to be established. In that case it is about idiopathic scoliosis. In that case scoliosis, as a rule, develops even before puberty, and changes of bones in the place of deformation are absent.

Static scoliosis develops at the child if shortening of one leg because of what the basin constantly is located slantwise takes place. Besides, at school students "usual" scoliosis as an effect of long load of a backbone owing to sitting behind low school desks or in the wrong pose often develops.

Higher risk of development of scoliosis is observed at children in whose family there were cases of this illness. Scoliosis at adults is often connected with age degenerative changes at an osteoarthrosis or osteoporosis.

Besides as the reasons of scoliosis both the ecological factor, and bipedalism of the person per se is called. Therefore, about the accurate only reason of this pathology the speech does not go.

Features of a course of scoliosis

Лечение сколиоза у детейAs a rule, scoliosis of a backbone develops at children when they grow especially intensively. Sometimes children's scoliosis progresses with age about what it is possible to judge easily even by a photo. Therefore it is very important to reveal rachis curvature symptoms as soon as possible and to take all measures promoting elimination of a problem. If only the easy rachiocampsis takes place, then therapy is not required to the patient. However he has to know accurately what is scoliosis what contraindications at this illness exist and to regularly pass surveys at the specialist. As a rule, treatment (a corset, operation, special charging), is necessary for rather small amount of the people having a s-shaped or with-shaped backbone. However prevention is very important in each case as in the future effects of an illness can be shown by serious problems. For example, the yoga at an easy form of scoliosis is recommended.

Scoliosis at adults and children can be suspected if at the person one hip or a shoulder visually is located above, one shovel acts more accurately, than the second, the head is located not on the center of shoulders. If the person with scoliosis bends forward, then edges on the one hand are located to a v_sha, than with the second. The left or right side, depending on that will be higher, left-side or right-hand scoliosis developed at the patient.

The curvature of chest department of a backbone progresses more actively, than lumbar scoliosis. Therefore types of scoliosis is that moment which is especially important point in the course of establishment of the diagnosis.

Young men with a rachiocampsis separately are interested in a question whether take in army with such diagnosis. To define degree of a curvature and, therefore, and to answer this question, only the specialist can. However, as a rule, the army is available to those for whom easy degree of an illness is diagnosed.

Scoliosis types

Doctors allocate several different types of scoliosis at children and adults. At idiopathic scoliosis pathology has no communication with other diseases or frustration. In this case it is that origins of scoliosis are unknown. In turn, three main types of idiopathic scoliosis will be defined.

At infantile scoliosis the illness develops at children after two-year age. In most cases such type of scoliosis recovers spontaneously. The illness of this type rather seldom meets.

Juvenile idiopathic scoliosis at children is shown during the period from two-year-old to ten-year age. Whether treatment at children of this form of scoliosis is necessary, the doctor in an individual order defines. But also this form meets seldom.

Displays of teenage idiopathic scoliosis are noted at early teenage age, and, girls are ill more often such form of an illness which demands treatment.

Except idiopathic also other types of this disease are defined. At functional scoliosis the backbone normality is noted. At the same time development of a curvature happens owing to existence in an organism of the patient of other pathologies (a muscular spasm in spin, the different length of the lower extremities).

At neuromuscular scoliosis of a problem are shown at a stage of forming of a backbone. In certain cases backbone bones just cannot be created completely, sometimes they even during pre-natal development not completely separate from each other. The illness develops at the people suffering from cerebral spastic infantile paralysis, muscular dystrophy, etc. If the backbone is bent already at the birth, then it is about inborn scoliosis. In this case more serious treatment often is required, than at other forms of scoliosis.

From degenerative sclerosis people at advanced age suffer mainly. Changes in a backbone in this case happen as a result of inflammatory processes in backbone joints. Scoliosis is shown as an effect of weakening of linking of soft tissues and growth of a bone tissue. Also the rachiocampsis can occur as an effect of osteoporosis, a degeneration of disks, fractures of vertebras.

Scoliosis degrees

Лечение сколиоза у детокDegrees of scoliosis are defined with rachiocampsis size in a certain party.

Scoliosis of 1 degree is diagnosed for the patient if it is rejected from an axis less than by 10 degrees. The small deviation of a backbone by several degrees exists at most of people. Therefore, the first degree of scoliosis is defined as norm option.

Scoliosis 2 degrees is defined if the backbone is rejected from an axis to the left or to the right by 11-25 degrees. In this case correction as in the future scoliosis can progress is already required, and the situation becomes complicated. To patients with such diagnosis special remedial gymnastics is most often appointed.

At scoliosis 3 degrees the backbone deviates already by 26-50 degrees. 4 degrees define scoliosis if the backbone deviates more than by 50 degrees. In the last two cases scoliosis to treat very difficult.

Complications of scoliosis

In the presence of a rachiocampsis at the person a number of the accompanying illnesses can develop over time: osteochondrosis, VSD, diseases of a gastrointestinal tract, sexual sphere, respiratory system, etc. At scoliosis at the child immunity is, as a rule, weakened. Over time hormonal disturbances, disturbances of a menstrual cycle at girls can be shown. Besides later with the bent basin it will be difficult to woman to become pregnant, take out and give birth to the kid.

Diagnosis of scoliosis

Initially diagnosis of scoliosis provides careful external survey of the patient. To define a disease, the patient ask to bend forward as in such situation displays of scoliosis are best of all noticeable. It is necessary to be bent in a waist and to bend forward with freely lowered hands. Palms should be cramped together. In such situation at patients with scoliosis the asymmetry in height of edges and a back is noticeable. The doctor also pays attention to a condition of integuments of the patient as in the presence of changes it is possible to assume inborn defects. If necessary amplitude of movements, reflexes, an animal force is checked.

At the expressed scoliosis on purpose specification of the diagnosis X-ray inspection by results of which it is possible to define a rachiocampsis corner is conducted.

If the disease progresses very quickly, then in order that not to subject the patient to frequent radiation, the method of a skoliometriya, three-dimensional touch research of a backbone is applied.

Treatment of scoliosis

Специальный корсет при сколиозеTreatment of scoliosis is carried out after careful research and definition of degree a course of a disease. So, if scoliosis of 1 step is diagnosed for the patient, then therapy is not required. At scoliosis 2 degrees practice special exercise for treatment of scoliosis. It is important that physical exercises at scoliosis were picked up by the specialist who is well informed with specific features of an organism of the patient. The complex needs to be carried out regularly, throughout a long time. Remedial gymnastics at scoliosis includes exercises for a back, and also specially picked up exercises for correction of a backbone.

Scoliosis 3 steps at adults and children progresses rather quickly therefore the doctor chooses such tactics of treatment which allows to suspend progress as soon as possible.

Three categories treatment practice in modern medicine: supervision, the conservative treatment directed to the general strengthening, and also operational treatment.

Defining how to treat scoliosis, the doctor surely considers a form of this disease. So, at functional scoliosis it is important to remove that cause which provoked its development. For example, at a difference of legs it can be corrected by means of special footwear.

Use of a special corset which can be carried also in house conditions is in certain cases reasonable. Korsetirovaniye allows to create normal symmetry of a body of the patient and to eliminate shift. However, making the decision on how to fix a backbone, it is necessary to consider that carrying a corset demands very great patience and has to proceed throughout the long period. Carrying a corset is appointed generally to children. Stop it when the period of active growth comes to an end. For receiving effect it is necessary to carry a corset not less than 16 hours a day.

At treatment by means of carrying a corset to the patient LFK at scoliosis is without fail appointed. Long carrying a corset leads to atrophy of muscles, and physiotherapy exercises allow to prevent return of scoliosis after the termination of carrying a corset and to strengthen muscles. Also swimming at scoliosis is useful. In certain cases the specialist advises to use special massage at scoliosis as an auxiliary method. Also the physical therapy, electrostimulation of muscles of a back can be used. Reception of vitamins practices.

If irregular shape of a disease is diagnosed, then the doctor, making the decision on how to cure scoliosis, can insist on surgery.

In the course of operation straightening of a backbone then it is fixed by special metal cores is carried out.


Sick scoliosis it is necessary to follow some rules allowing a message full-fledged life and not to aggravate an illness. In particular, it is impossible to allow too strong exercise stresses as at scoliosis constantly there is additional load of internals. Best of all as an exercise stress to carry out the special exercises appointed by the doctor.

Not to allow development of scoliosis, since the early childhood of the child it is necessary to accustom to watch correctness of a bearing. It is desirable that the child since the childhood slept on an equal, rigid bed, learned to sit correctly, without bending at the same time a back.

It is necessary to watch that loads of a backbone were not excessive always. For this purpose the child should replace a portfolio with a satchel.

The healthy lifestyle, foot walks, stay in the fresh air, physical activity are effective measures of prevention. It is reasonable to pass routine inspections from time to time not to pass an onset of the illness.

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