The use of sweet drinks can be dangerous

For the last several years more and more drinks incorporate dyes and fragrances. It is known that the main fans of such products are children of all age groups and youth who are attracted by pleasant taste and color of a product. Not all from them can realize what harm the use of these drinks puts them to health.

During recent researches by scientists it was found out that the children having obesity or simply having excess weight have reduced sensitivity of flavoring receptors to sweet food irritants, that is the amount of the eaten sweet necessary for satisfaction of need for sugar, constantly increases.

Children in large numbers absorb not only sweet drinks, but also any other food as a part of which there is a sugar. It was experimentally proved if the person who is not suffering from excess weight drinks at least 2 portions of sweet drink a day and continues to do it for 4-5 weeks, flavoring receptors of language begin to lose ability to perceive sweet. It also leads to gradual increase in amount of sweets in a diet of the person, and, so and to a set of extra kilos.

Researchers also consider that the use in food of sweet soft drinks by adults also provokes a set of excess weight irrespective of their age and other food addictions.

Everything occurs because presence of an increasing number of sweets at a diet of the person changes his usual gastronomic habits, and it, in turn, provokes growth of level of glucose in blood that adversely affects on health.

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