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  • Latin name: Smecta
  • ATH code: A07BC05
  • Active ingredient: Smectite dioctahedral (Smectite dioctaedric)
  • Producer: Beaufour Ipsen Industrie (France)


One bag of Smekta contains 3 grams of smectite of dioctahedral (diosmektit).

As excipients are a part of drug:

  • vanilla and orange fragrances, saccharinate of sodium, dextrose monohydrate (powder of baby suspension with taste of orange);
  • vanillin, saccharinate of sodium, dextrose monohydrate (powder of baby suspension with taste of vanilla).

Release form

Powder of baby suspension for peror. reception with orange or vanilla flavor. The bags of 3 g packaged in cardboard packagings on 10 or 30 pieces.

Pharmacological action

Antidiarrheal drug with the adsorbing action.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

What is Smekta?

In Wikipedia it is specified that smectite dioctahedral is the mixed silicate (or — according to other data — the mixed oxide) magnesium and aluminum of a natural origin.

Effect of drug is directed to binding and removal of various substances (including toxic) and gases from a digestive tract.


Diosmektit has stereometric structure and represents high-plastic viscous substance.

These properties explain selectivity of sorption effect of drug (Smekta selektivno adsorbs viruses and bacteria from a gleam of the digestive channel) and the high enveloping ability rather mucous the digestive channel.

By interaction with mutsinovy glycoproteins (a mucous secret of a gastrointestinal tract) and educations with them polyvalent bonds diosmektit increases cytoprotective properties of slime and, therefore, its resistance to irritants: to bilious salts, hydrogen ions (Acidum hydrochloricum), the pathogenic microorganisms produced by them to toxins and other aggressive factors.

The blind randomized researches of efficiency of drug in comparison with placebo including 602 patients aged from 1 month till 3 flyings with the diagnosis "acute diarrhea" showed that in group, getting Smekta in a combination with solutions for a peroral regidratation, the frequency of emptyings considerably decreased for the first 72 hours.


The aluminum which is contained in composition of smectite is not absorbed from a gastrointestinal tract, including at diseases of bodies of a digestive tract which are followed by symptomatology of a colonopathy and colitis.

Smectite dioctahedral is characterized by insignificant effect of swelling, in therapeutic doses does not change physiological time of passing of the eaten food through intestines, does not paint fecal masses, is not metabolized and excreted in not changed look.

Drug rentgenprozrachen.

Indications to Smekta's use: from what Smekta helps children and what it is applied at adults to?

Indications to Smekta's use identical to adults and for children, including babies are more senior than 4-week age.

According to the summary, medicine is effective at a diarrhea of medicinal or allergic genesis. It helps from the diarrhea caused by disturbance of qualitative structure and/or a diet at "diarrhea of travelers", and also at the frustration provoked by infectious diseases (at diarrhea of an infectious origin drug is used as a part of complex therapy).

Means can be appointed from heartburn, discomfort in a stomach, swelling and other symptoms of dyspepsia by which many diseases of the digestive system are followed.

At a syndrome of the angry intestines of Smekt does not reduce diarrhea, however significantly facilitates a condition of the patient due to sorption and removal of excess of gases in intestines.

Smekta at poisoning

Whether drug at poisoning helps? If toxic substances got to an organism through a stomach, certainly.

Smekta effectively removes the toxins which were in time to be soaked up in a mucous membrane of a gastrointestinal tract, at the same time promotes recovery of natural balance of intestinal microflora and creates favorable habitat for her useful representatives.

Thanks to unique structure of a diosmektit which is received by difficult technology processing from specific clay and a shell rock drug softly covers a mucous membrane of a digestive tube, strengthening its barrier function and giving to the damaged cells the chance to be recovered.

Smekta at vomiting

Use of drug at vomiting is admissible when the emetic reflex is not a symptom of heavy pathology of digestive organs.

Before accepting Smekta, the adult is recommended to make a gastric lavage as this procedure helps to bring considerable part of toxic agents out of an organism and allows to accelerate effect of influence of a diosmektit.

At vomiting at children resort to use of a sorbent, as a rule, in situations when activation of an emetic reflex was promoted by food poisoning.

From what powder helps animals?

Smekta in veterinary practice is applied to simplification of a condition of animals at vomiting, frustration of a chair and poisonings.

During researches it was established that at the dogs suffering in the period of reconvalescence from diarrhea when using drug as addition to a diet and the main therapy recovery came for 2-3 days earlier, than in group of animals who did not receive to Smekt.


It is not enough contraindications to use for drug. So, Smekta is not appointed at impassability of intestines, the known hypersensitivity to components of powder, food intolerance of fructose, insufficiency of a sakharazo-izomaltazny complex, a sprue (absorption disturbance) of glucose and a galactose.

It is not recommended to accept suspension also at osmotic diarrhea. It is explained by the fact that additional sorption of nutrients can provoke strengthening of a syndrome of the broken absorption.

With care medicine is appointed to patients heavy chronic locks in the anamnesis.

Side effects

At a stage of clinical trials it was established that drug can become the lock reason. The phenomenon it arises rather seldom and passes after individual change of the mode of dosing.

At some patients vomiting and a meteorism are possible.

Throughout the postregistration period cases of development of reactions of hypersensitivity which included emergence of an enanthesis, urticaria, an itch, a Quincke's disease were fixed. Frequency of these side effects is unknown.

Smekt's powder: application instruction. How to part with the adult to Smekt and how to dilute powder for children?

How to give Smekta adult?

The adult at acute diarrhea in an initiation of treatment needs to accept up to six bags of powder a day. After stabilization of a state the daily dose is reduced to three bags.

At other indications the patient is given three bags of Smekta a day.

How to part Smekta (3 g) for adults and how to accept her — to food or later?

Medicine is issued in powder. It is necessary to drink it, previously having dissolved in liquid.

Route of administration of Smekta very simple: powder is dissolved in 100 ml of water before receiving suspension. It is necessary to do it just before drug intake.

In the application instruction of Smekta it is specified that at inflammatory defeats mucous a gullet suspension is recommended to be drunk after food, at other indications — for an hour to or in two hours after meal.

Through how many drug works?

Medicine begins to work with the first reception (at diarrhea the effect develops in 6-12 hours, at poisoning — 2-3 hours later, at an esophagitis — within half an hour).

To consolidate effect, treatment is recommended to be continued at least within three days.

How to dissolve Smekta for the child of chest age?

In need of use of drug for newborns, it should be parted in 50 ml of the decanted milk or in the similar volume of mix for artificial feeding.

How to part to Smekt for children years aged are more senior?

More senior children can dissolve powder in milk, compote, vegetables/fruit puree or juice for baby food. Before pouring out to Smekt in liquid, the last needs to be warmed up up to the temperature which is a little exceeding room.

It is necessary to dissolve 3 g of powder gradually, when stirring. The optimum volume of liquid — 50 ml.

How to accept Smekta in powder to the child about one year?

Smekta children about one year are given by means of a small bottle. After the kid will drink mix, some time in vertical position is recommended to take him. It is not necessary to rock to sleep or shake.

The application instruction of Smekta for children

The children's dosage is defined depending on age and indications to use.

The daily dose of Smekta for children who did not reach one-year-old age usually makes one bag on 100 ml of liquid. Children of 13-24 months are given two bags of powder on 200 ml of liquid a day. A dosage for children from 2 to 12 one or three years of a bag on 300 ml of liquid.

How to drink to Smekt at diarrhea?

At a diarrhea babies aged from 4 weeks till 12 months in the first three days are given on two Smekta's bags, further transfer the child to reception of one bag in days.

To children is more senior than one-year-old age in the first three days it is necessary to give on four, further — two bags a day.

At other indications, following recommendations in the instruction on Smekta for children, during the day the child about one year is given one bag a day, to children from 12 months to 2 one or one-two years of a bag, to children is more senior than two-year age — on 2-3 bags a day.

Route of administration at vomiting

At vomiting follows the children who did not reach one-year-old age as one-time reception give on one bag of Smekta a day. Drug follows the adult for stopping of unpleasant symptoms three times a day (on a bag on each reception).

At emergence of a lock, children should reduce a dose.

Use in veterinary science: a dosage for dogs and cats. How to dissolve drug for animals?

Dosage for a cat at diarrhea — 3-5 ml 3-4 times a day. To prepare suspension a half of a package mix from 25 ml of warm water. The kitten is given at one time 2 ml.

Before giving to a kitten or a cat suspension, the animal needs to be turned in a terry towel and to open for it a mouth. Medicine is gathered the one-time syringe (without needle), let out from the syringe in air, to turn away an upper lip, to insert the syringe a nose in the place where there are no teeth and to press accurately the piston.

If the first attempt to give to a cat medicine was unsuccessful, and the part of medicine poured out, it is necessary to give in addition to an animal a half from the previous dose.

At diarrhea at a dog contents of a bag are dissolved in 10 ml of water. It is necessary to Vypaivat on one bag 3 times a day

At incessant diarrhea drug is given every 3 hour.

At poisoning contents of a bag are parted in ¼ glasses of warm water. It is necessary to Vypaivat an animal on 1 teaspoon on 5 kg of weight.

Treatment is combined with a diet. Optimum in the first days after emergence of symptoms of poisoning not to feed a cat/dog. At the same time the animal has to receive enough liquid.

If after 2 procedures of administration of drug the state does not improve, the pet should be shown to the doctor.


Overdose can cause the expressed lock or to become the reason of formation of a bezoar.


As diosmektit possesses the adsorbing properties, the probability of decrease and/or delay of absorption of the medicine taken along with suspension is not excluded.

In this regard between Smekta's reception and other drugs it is necessary to observe an interval of 1-1,5 hours.

Terms of sale

Smekta is released without prescription forms.

Storage conditions

The recommended temperature for powder storage — to 25 degrees Celsius.

Period of validity

Three years.

Special instructions

At diarrhea (in particular at children) the risk of an imbalance of electrolytes and dehydration of an organism increases. To avoid it to the child Regidron and Smekta together, as a rule, are appointed. Instead of Regidron it is possible to use drugs Tsitraglyukosolan, Disol, Trisol, Reosolan, Gidrovit and so forth.

Solution of oral rehydration salt promotes completion of loss of electrolytes at vomiting and diarrhea, the glucose which is contained in it improves absorption of salts, and citrates help to correct balance at a metabolic acidosis.

The adult rehydration means are appointed if necessary. The volume of a regidratation depends on features of a course of a disease, age of the patient and intensity of diarrhea.

Smekta's analogs

Smekta's synonyms are: Also Neosmektin Diosmektit. Choosing analog for children, the preference is given to drug Neosmektin.

Possess the close mechanism of action: Absorbent carbon, Mikrotsel, Laktofiltrum, Lignosorb, Polisorb of MT, Filtrum-STI, Polyphepanum, Enterodesum, Entegnin, Enterosorb, Enterosgel, Enterumin, SUMS-1 Enterosorbent.

What it is better — Neosmektin or Smekta?

Neosmektin is full analog of drug of Smekt. The difference between these means is that the first is issued the Russian enterprise JSC Farmstandart-Leksredstva, to Smekt the French company Ipsen of Farm is issued.

Smekta or absorbent carbon — what is better?

Both Smekta, and absorbent carbon is the drugs possessing sorption properties.

However Smekta in comparison with the last possesses a number of advantages. First, this drug differs in selectivity of action: removing toxic substances, salt acids, excess of bile acids and viruses, it at the same time does not take away substances necessary for it from an organism.

Absorbent carbon together with pathogenic microorganisms and poisons of a biological origin removes also beneficial bacteria without which the stomach and intestines cannot normally function afterwards. Diosmektit promotes creation in an organism of the most optimal conditions for development of useful microflora.

Secondly, working very softly, drug envelops walls of the digestive channel, protecting them from aggressive factors whereas absorbent carbon which has rigid structure, can injure them in addition.


  • Smekta powder for suspension of vanilla 3 g No. 30 paketikiipsen Pharma
  • Smekta powder for suspension of orange 3 g No. 10 paketikiipsen Pharma
  • Smekta powder for suspension of vanilla 3 g No. 10 paketikiipsen Pharma
  • Smekta powder for suspension of orange 3 g No. 30 paketikiipsen Pharma

Drugstore of IFC

  • Smekta por.d/susp pack ice of 3 g No. 10 vanilla, Beaufour Ipsen Industryfrantion
  • Smekta por.d/susp pack ice of 3 g No. 10 orange, Beaufour Ipsen Industryfrantion
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  • Smektabeaufour Ipsen Industrie (France)
  • Smekta Apelsin powder for preparation of suspension 3 of No. 10bofur Ipsen (France)
  • Smektabeaufour Ipsen Industrie (France)
  • Smekta Apelsin powder for preparation of suspension 3 of No. 30bofur Ipsen (France)


  • Smekta Apelsin time. baby susp. 3 g No. 10bofur Ipsen
  • Smekta Apelsin time. baby susp. 3 g No. 10bofur Ipsen
  • Smekta Apelsin time. baby susp. 3 g No. 10bofur Ipsen
  • Smekta Apelsin time. baby susp. 3 g No. 10bofur Ipsen


  • Smekta of 3 g No. 30 por.d/susp. for intake
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