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  • Latin name: Solcoseryl
  • ATH code: B05Z A (solution for injections) S01X F23 ** (eye gel) D03A X50 ** (ointment and jelly)
  • Active ingredient: The extract from blood of healthy milk calfs purified of protein
  • Producer: MEDA Pharmaceuticals Switzerland GmbH, Valeant Pharmaceuticals Switzerland GmbH, SOLCO, ICN, Switzerland; Valeant Pharmaceuticals Germany GmbH, Germany


42,5 mg/ml of hemoderivative (extract) from veal blood as active agent and water for injections (Aqua pro injectionibus) as an auxiliary component are a part of solution for injections.

One gram of eye gel contains 8,3 g of active agent and auxiliary ingredients: sodium carboxymethylcellulose (Sodium carboxymethyl cellulose), sorbitol (Sorbitol), water for injections (Aqua pro injectionibus), a benzalkoniya chloride (Benzalkonii chloridum).

Solkoseril contains in one gram of ointment 2,07 mg of active agent and a number of auxiliary components: methylparahydroxybenzoate (E 218; Methyl parahydroxybenzoate), propilparagidroksibenzoat (E 216; Propyl parahydroxybenzoate), cetyl alcohol (Cetyl spiritus), cholesterol (Cholesterol), white vaseline (Vaselinum album), water for injections (Aqua pro injectionibus).

Solkoseril contains in one gram of jelly 4,15 mg of active agent and a number of auxiliary components: methylparahydroxybenzoate (E 218; Methyl parahydroxybenzoate), propilparagidroksibenzoat (E 216; Propyl parahydroxybenzoate), propylene glycol (Propylene glycol), carboxymethylcelluloses sodium salt (Sodium carboxymethyl cellulose), water for injections (Aqua pro injectionibus), lactate calcium pentahydrate (Calcii lactas pentahydrate).

Release form

Drug has several dosage forms:

  • solution for injections;
  • ointment;
  • eye gel;
  • jelly;
  • dragee.

Solution is issued in ampoules of dark glass on 2, 5 and 10 ml, ointment and jelly — in tubas with a capacity of 20 g, eye gel Solkoseril — in tubas with a capacity of 5 g. A dragee on 0,04 g, 0,1 g and 0,2 g in packaging on 20 pieces.

Pharmacological action

Solkoseril is the medicines exerting impact mainly on processes of a metabolism in fabrics. They activate processes of a fabric metabolism, improve a trophicity and stimulate a reparation and an angenesis in case of impact on them of disturbing factors.

Solkoseril in an injection form treats farmakoterapevtichesky group "Gemodializata and haemo filtrates", ointment and jelly — category of the drugs used for treatment of wounds and ulcers (including badly healing), gel — category of the drugs used for treatment of ophthalmologic diseases.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

The main component of drugs Solkoseril is fractions of blood of calfs with the natural low-molecular substances which are their part which molecular weight does not exceed 5 thousand dalton.

Today its properties are studied only partly. The tests which were carried out by in vitro, and also preclinical and clinical trials, showed that extract of veal blood:

  • promotes recovery and/or maintenance of an aerobic metabolism and processes of oxidizing phosphorylation, and also provides replenishment of the cells which are not receiving sufficient nutrition, high-energy phosphates;
  • in vitro strengthens utilization of oxygen and activates glucose transport in the fabrics suffering from a hypoxia and metabolic exhausted and a cell;
  • promotes improvement of reparation and regeneration processes in the damaged fabrics which are not receiving sufficient nutrition;
  • interferes with development or reduces expressiveness of secondary degradation and pathological changes in reversibly the damaged cells and cellular systems;
  • in in the vitro models activates synthesis of kollagen;
  • has a promoting effect on proliferation (reproduction) of cells and their migration (in in the vitro models).

Thus, Solkoseril protects the fabrics which are in a condition of air hunger and deficit of food, accelerates processes of their recovery and healing.

Eye gel Solkoseril represents a dosage form which was developed especially for treatment of damages of a stroma of a cornea of an eye.

Gel consistence of means provide its uniform distribution on a cornea, and good adhesive properties allow it to remain on it during a long interval of time. Use of eye gel accelerates recovery of the damaged fabrics and interferes with their scarring.

Speed and extent of absorption, distribution, and also speed and ways of removal of active agent from an organism of the patient do not give in to definition with use of usual pharmacokinetic methods as protein-free extract of veal blood has farmakodinamichesky effects which are characteristic of molecules with different chemical and physical properties.

In the course of studying of pharmacokinetic characteristics of solution Solkoseril on animals it was established that after a bolyusny injection effect of drug develops within half an hour. The effect remains for three hours after administration of solution.

Indications to use

Solkoseril's pricks: for what they and to what groups of patients they are appointed?

Solkoseril in ampoules is shown to patients for whom the occlusal illness of peripheral arteries of the third or fourth degree on Fontaine's classification is diagnosed and which have contraindications or intolerance of other vasoactive drugs.

Also it is appointed to patients with chronic venous insufficiency which is followed by formation of trophic ulcers, steady against therapy, and also to patients with disturbances of a cerebral metabolism.

From what ointment and jelly Solkoseril?

Use of ointment and jelly is reasonable for treatment of insignificant injuries (for example, grazes or cuts), freezing injuries, burns of I and II degrees (thermal or solar), the hardly healing wounds (for example, trophic disorders of skin of a venous etiology or decubituses).

Indications to use of gel for eyes

Eye gel Solkoseril is recommended:

  • for treatment of mechanical injuries and erosive injuries of a cornea of an eye and a conjunctiva;
  • for acceleration of processes of healing of postoperative hems in the post-operational period (for example, after a keratoplasty, operation on removal of a muddy crystalline lens, surgical treatment of glaucoma, etc.);
  • for treatment of burns of a cornea of an eye of various nature of an origin (thermal, chemical or beam);
  • for treatment of cankers of a cornea of an eye and a keratitis of various etiology;
  • at dystrophic defeats of a cornea of various etiology, including including a neuroparalytic keratitis, endothelial and epithelial dystrophy (a violent keratopathy), etc.;
  • for treatment of a xerophthalmia of a cornea at a lagofatalma (a nesmykaniye of a palpebral fissure);
  • for improvement of portability of contact lenses and reduction of terms of adaptation to them.

Indications to use of a dragee Solkoseril

Drug in the form of a dragee is accepted for treatment of trophic and radiation ulcers, decubituses, by gangrenes, chronic venous insufficiency. Also they are appointed to patients with stomach ulcer and a 12-tiperstny gut and to patients who need carrying out procedure of skin transplantation and/or a cornea.


Administration of solution is contraindicated to patients at whom hypersensitivity to dialyzates of blood of calfs is established. Also solution is contraindicated at an atopy and to the persons having an allergy to milk.

As ointment, jelly and solution contain in the structure derivatives of parahydroxybenzoic acid which are used as preservatives, and also trace concentration of the benzoic acid in a free form, do not apply it in the presence of allergic reactions to above-mentioned substances.

With care ointment and jelly are appointed to the persons having predisposition to allergic reactions.

Contraindication to purpose of eye gel is hypersensitivity to its components. As eye gel can provoke temporary deterioration in sight, within half an hour after its use it is not necessary to take the wheel of the car and to manage potentially dangerous mechanisms.

Side effects

Solkoseril's introduction in/in or in oil seldom or never (their frequency does not exceed 0,1%) provokes development of allergic or anaphylactic reactions which most likely are caused by class E immunoglobulins.

At fervescence, emergence of the small tortoiseshell, hypostasis and hyperemia in a drug injection site Solkoseril's use is stopped, and for elimination of the shown symptoms will appoint a symptomatic treatment.

As solution contains potassium, its introduction can provoke painful feelings in the place of an injection.

At cream use Solkoseril in the place of its drawing can be felt short-term burning. Drug withdrawal is required only when the unpleasant feeling does not disappear during a long interval of time.

In isolated cases use of jelly and ointment can become the reason of development of allergic reactions. At emergence of symptoms of an allergy it is necessary to refuse use of these means.

Toxicological researches of eye gel Solkoseril showed high safety of this drug at use it to destination according to the instruction.

After an instillation of means short-term burning and weak irritation which are not the reason for the treatment termination can be noted. Repeated instillations in rare instances provoke development of allergic reactions (the similar effect is noted as well at treatment by other ophthalmologic drugs for topical administration).

Application instruction of Solkoseril

Solution for injections: application instruction

When it allows a condition of the patient, it is recommended to use drug in the form of solution for injections in cultivation not less than 50:50 with physical solution or solution of glucose.

Solkoseril in ampoules is intended for slow introduction in a look in/in injections or infusions. If intravenous administration is impossible, it is allowed to administer the drug in a muscle.

As drug in pure form represents hypertonic salt solution, it is necessary to enter it slowly.

For in/in infusion drug should be diluted previously with 0,25 l of 0.9% of NaCl solution or 5% of solution of glucose. Intravenously solution Solkoseril is entered in the drop way. Rate of administering depends on the hemodynamic status of the patient.

Daily introduction to a vein of 0,85 g (or 20 ml of not divorced solution) Solkoserila is shown to patients with an occlusal illness of peripheral arteries of the third or fourth degree on Fontaine's classification.

Use duration, as a rule, makes about four weeks and depends on a clinical situation.

Intravenous administration of 0,425 g (or 10 ml of not divorced solution) Solkoserila three times a week is shown to patients with chronic venous insufficiency which is followed by formation of trophic ulcers, steady against therapy.

Duration of a course of treatment should not exceed four weeks (it is defined depending on character of a course of a disease).

To prevent emergence of peripheral "venous" hypostases, therapy is supplemented with overlaying of a compressing bandage with use of an elastic roller. In the presence at the patient of skin trophic disturbances treatment is carried out, combining pricks or infusions of solution Solkoseril using jelly, and then ointment.

To the patients who had an ischemic or hemorrhagic stroke in heavy or very severe form as a basic course appoint daily introduction to a vein of 0,425 or 0,85 g of Solkoseril (10 or 20 ml of not divorced solution). Duration of a basic course — 10 days.

Further treatment means daily introduction of 85 mg (or 2 ml of not divorced solution) Solkoserila within one month.

At severe forms of bruises of a brain daily introduction to a vein of 1000 mg of Solkoseril (there correspond 23-24 ml of not divorced solution) within 5 days is appointed.

Intramusculary the drug is administered in not divorced look in the dose equal of 2 ml/days.

Jelly and ointment Solkoseril: application instruction

Cream and ointment are intended for drawing directly on a wound surface. Before use of these dosage forms the wound of preliminary is cleared, using for this purpose disinfecting solution.

Patients with trophic ulcers, and also in case of purulent infection of wounds, before an initiation of treatment need preliminary surgical treatment.

Using jelly and ointment from, frostbites, and also for treatment of ulcers and injuries of skin, it is important to remember that for processing of the damaged sites it is necessary to use only a sterile dressing material.

Gel is intended for drawing on fresh (including wet) wounds and on the becoming wet ulcers. Means is applied with a thin layer on previously cleared wound surface by two or three times a day.

For processing of sites with the begun epithelization ointment use is shown. Use of jelly is reasonable until on the damaged surface of skin the expressed granulyatsionny fabric does not begin to be formed and the wound will not begin to dry up.

Ointment is applied first of all to treatment dry (without the phenomena a moknutiya) wounds. Means is applied with a thin layer on previously cleared wound surface of times or twice a day. If necessary the processed surface is covered with a bandage.

The course of treatment drug in this dosage form proceeds until the wound heals and completely will not cicatrize elastic fabric.

Patients with heavy trophic damages of an integument and soft tissues are recommended to combine jelly and ointment with an injection form of Solkoseril.

Experience of use of jelly and ointment for children is limited.

Drug has such no release form as candles. Nevertheless, in complex therapy of chronic colitis (an inflammation of a large intestine) quite often appoint microclysters with jelly Solkoseril.

Before use contained in a jelly tuba (all 20 g) add to 30 ml of warm water and after procedure of a klizmirovaniye which is carried out for the purpose of cleaning of intestines, enter daily within 10 days.

Eye gel Solkoseril: application instruction

If the attending physician did not give other instructions, eye gel is dug in in a conjunctival cavity on one drop by three or four times a day. It is recommended to apply means daily up to full treatment.

In especially difficult cases the oculentum is allowed to be applied on a drop in an hour. If to the patient eye drops and eye gel Solkoseril are at the same time appointed, gel should be applied approximately in half an hour after drops.

During adaptation to contact lenses drug is dug in in a conjunctival cavity just before that how to establish lenses and right after their removal.

Dragee Solkoseril: application instruction

The instruction recommends to take a pill on 100 mg three times a day.


Cases of overdose by Solkoseril are not registered.


Eye gel is allowed to be applied in combinations with the majority of the means used in ophthalmology.

Solution should be applied with care with drugs which increase the content of potassium in blood.

Solkoseril in ampoules is incompatible with the drugs Ginkgo biloba, Naftidrofurila (Naftidrofurylum) intended for parenteral administration and Bencyclanum of a fumarat (Bencyclane fumarate).

Terms of sale

Solution is released according to the recipe, other dosage forms belong to the category of nonprescription.

Storage conditions

Drug in all its dosage forms is stored at a temperature no more than 25 °C. After opening of a tuba jelly, ointment and eye gel are suitable for use within 28 days.

Period of validity

60 months.

Special instructions

Researches concerning safety of use of solution Solkoseril for treatment of children were not conducted therefore it is not recommended to appoint drug for treatment of children aged till 18 years.

Experience of treatment of children using eye gel and topical dosage forms of drug is also limited.

Solkoseril in ampoules it is necessary to enter separately from other medicines (in particular he is incompatible with phytoextracts). The exception is made by isotonic 0,9% NaCl solution and 5% solution of glucose. Also it is not recommended to part means in kaliysoderzhashchy solutions for infusions.

Eye gels are characterized by ability to stick to contact lenses therefore for the period of treatment drug recommends to refuse carrying lenses.

In case of the allergic reactions connected using drug it is necessary to report about them to the attending physician immediately. If drug is used for treatment of an infectious disease of a cornea, therapy is supplemented with purpose of the appropriate antimicrobic means.

It is necessary to avoid contact of gel with soft contact lenses as it can decolour them.

If necessary treatment by Solkoseril can be supplemented with antibacterial, vasodilating and other drugs.

Solkoseril in cosmetology: for a face, hands, the coarsened elbows and heels, for skin around eyes

In medicine drugs Solkoseril are used for acceleration of healing of the injured skin, in house cosmetology they are used as spots medicine, from extensions, from wrinkles. They are used for mitigation of skin, increase of its turgor, improvement of complexion and elimination of traces from an acne.

Ointment in cosmetology can be applied as independent means (it also two-three times a week on skin around eyes), and in combination with other means (in particular, with the drug Dimexidum apply pointwise on problem places, in the form of a mask weekly before going to bed).

For the person Dimexidum and Solkoseril use as follows: on previously cleared by means for a peeling (it is possible to make also an alkaline peeling with use of tar soap, salt and soda) a face, a neck and area of a decollete apply Dimexidum solution with water prepared in a proportion 1:10 (it is enough to part 5 ml (teaspoon) of Dimexidum in 50 ml of water); until means managed to be absorbed, on it a thick layer apply ointment Solkoseril.

If gel in cosmetology is used, then the mask should be sprinkled periodically thermal water (it is possible also usual water via the sprayer). The mask on a face is left approximately for half an hour-hour, then washed away and apply soft hypoallergenic cream on skin.

According to the women who tried on themselves this recipe of a mask, Solkoseril's ointment for a face is more comfortable, than gel (after drawing it can be not washed away, rather simply to remove the remains with a napkin). Besides, the mask with gel is not recommended to be used more often than once a month.

Used as wrinkles medicine around eyes, Solkoseril proved ointment as very effective remedy. Putting it as usual cream, in a week it is possible to see that the quantity of wrinkles and wrinkles decreased, skin was tightened and smoothed, and its color became fresher and healthy.

Dimexidum and Solkoseril from wrinkles not less, and, perhaps, are even more effective. It is caused by ability of Dimexidum to strengthen penetration of active agent of drugs deeply in fabric. After use of these means in a combination roughnesses and shortcomings of skin disappear, and the effect of a mask is comparable with effect of Botox.

Gel and ointment can be used also for mitigation of the coarsened skin on elbows and heels. It is the best of all to apply them on problem sites before going to bed.

Solkoseril's analogs

Solkoseril's analogs: Ayekol, Atserbin, Bepanten, Shostakovsky's balm, Vundekhil, Depantol, Kontraktubeks, Pantekry, Panteksol Yadran, Panthenol, Pantestin, Hepiderm Plus, Ekhinatsin Madaus.


  • Solkoseril eye gel 5gvaleant Pharmaceutical GmbH.
  • Solkoseril solution for injections of 5 ml No. 5 ampulyvaleant Pharmaceutical GmbH.
  • Solkoseril ointment of 5% 20glegasi Farmasyyutikals Switzerland Gmbh
  • Solkoseril solution for injections of 2 ml No. 25 ampulyvaleant Pharmaceutical GmbH.
  • Solkoseril dentat paste 5gvaleant Pharmaceutical GmbH.

Drugstore of IFC

  • Solkoseril gl.gel 20% 5 g, HONEY of Pharmaceutical / Legasi farmasyyutikalshveytsariya
  • Solkoseril ointment of 5% 20 g, HONEY of Pharmaceutical / Legasi farmasyyutikalshveytsariya
  • Solkoseril dental paste 5 of, HONEY of Pharmaceutical / Legasi farmasyyutikalshveytsariya
  • Solkoseril gel 4.15mgg 20 of, ICN Pharmaceuticalsshveytsariya
  • Solkoseril solution for in 2 ml No. 25, HONEY of Pharmaceutical / Legasi a farmasyyutikalshveytsariya
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  • Solkoseril
  • Solkoseril
  • Solkoseril paste dental adhesive 5gay Xi En Svitselend (Switzerland)
  • Solkoserilshveyts
  • Solkoserilicn Switzerland (Switzerland)


  • Solkoseril of 10% 20 g gel in tubelegas of Farmasyyutikals Switzerland Gmbh (Switzerland)
  • Solkoseril of 5% 20 g ointment in tubelegas of Farmasyyutikals Switzerland Gmbh (Switzerland)
  • Solkoseril of 5 ml No. 5 solution for in.amp. Legas of Farmasyyutikals Switzerland Gmbh (Switzerland)
  • Solkoseril of 20% 5 g gel glazn. Legas of Farmasyyutikals Switzerland Gmbh (Switzerland)
  • Solkoseril of 5 g paste dental adgezivnayalegas of Farmasyyutikals Switzerland Gmbh (Switzerland)
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