Pathological fatigue and drowsiness (hypersomnia) can be observed at different diseases. As a rule, this symptom is shown at diseases of a nervous system.

How drowsiness is shown?

The person suffering from fatigue and drowsiness is often overcome by very strong drowsiness in the afternoon. Periodically or constantly he wants to fall asleep during the period, for a dream not intended. Often such state is promoted by way of life which the person – sleep debt constants, stresses conducts, lack of good rest. If drowsiness and a headache is noted after a chronic sleep debt and serious physical and psychological overworks, then it can be corrected, having fully had a rest. But if chronic drowsiness does not disappear after rest, then it is possible to suspect that this state is a consequence of a disease.

Excessive drowsiness can be followed by a condition of the general breakdown, feeling of chronic fatigue. Dizziness and drowsiness is often combined, drowsiness and nausea can be observed at the same time. In that case how to remove drowsiness, only the doctor after careful inspection can define.

Why drowsiness is shown?

Why constant drowsiness worsens quality of human life, can explain those researches which the specialist appoints in the course of establishment of the diagnosis. This sign can testify to the diseases connected with defeat of a nervous system, a brain, mental diseases, etc.

The constant feeling of drowsiness is sometimes connected with displays of an apnoea in a dream. At the person who snores at night and endures pathological apnoeas (for 10 seconds and more) constant drowsiness and fatigue can be noted. At the patients having an apnoea the uneasy dream, frequent awakenings is noted at night. As a result, they are disturbed not only by such symptom as constant fatigue and drowsiness, but also headaches, increase of pressure, decrease in intelligence and a libido. Before defining what to do at such disease, it is necessary to establish the diagnosis precisely.

In medicine different types of an apnoea are defined. The central apnoea is noted at damages of a brain, peripheral paresis of respiratory muscles.

More frequent phenomenon — an obstructive sleepy apnoea. This diagnosis is result of a hypertrophy or hypostasis of almonds, obesity, anomalies of a mandible, throat tumors, etc.

The diagnosis — mixed by an apnoea is most often made. This disease not only provokes drowsiness attacks, but also is risk factor of sudden death.

Постоянная сонливостьAt a narcolepsy attacks of pathological drowsiness occur from time to time, at the same time the patient is overcome by sudden irresistible desire of the person to fall asleep. Such attacks can occur in absolutely improper situation. Often drowsiness arises when the person a long time stays in a uniform, monotonous situation. The attack can proceed before half an hour, in day there can be also one, and several attacks.

How to overcome drowsiness – the question important for people who suffer from an idiopathic hypersomnia. In such condition of people sleeps much longer at night then suffers from the expressed drowsiness in the afternoon.

At a syndrome Klein-Levina at the patient drowsiness is shown periodically, at the same time it is accompanied by a strong feeling of hunger, and also disorder of psychopathological character. The attack can last about several weeks. If to wake the person violently, then he can aggressively behave. As a rule, this syndrome is noted at men, is more often at teenage boys.

Drowsiness can be shown at damages of a brain. At patients with epidemic encephalitis in an acute stage of an illness strong drowsiness can be noted.

The drowsiness reasons at women and men can be connected also with a craniocereberal injury. After receiving such injury of people feels a breakdown, weakness, headaches and drowsiness. The Gipersomnichesky state develops also at disturbances of blood circulation in a brain. Such state throughout the long period can be noted at development of a tumor of a brain.

This symptom is often shown at Vernike's encephalopathy, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's illness, etc.

Повышенная сонливость у девушекOften increased drowsiness accompanies mental diseases. Staying in a depression, mentally sick person becomes less active, it notes almost constant drowsiness. The teenagers having schizophrenia often have a high need for a day dream.

At the diseases provoked by defeat by an infection at the patient often weakness and drowsiness, temperature 37 and above, the general feeling sick is noted. Besides, there are some more symptoms indicating development of a certain disease

In the mornings the syndrome of the delayed dream phase can be the reason of drowsiness. Such state is a consequence of disturbances of natural rhythms of an organism. The person very hard wakens and in the morning the long time stays in a condition of drowsiness. But evening of desire to sleep at it does not arise therefore people with such syndrome, as a rule, go to bed very late.

The so-called psychogenic hypersomnia is a reaction to emotional shocks owing to what the person can sleep a deep sleep for many hours or even days. At the same time it is impossible to wake him, however EEG defines existence of an accurate rhythm and reaction to external stimuluses.

Constant or periodic drowsiness sometimes takes place and at some somatic illnesses. Such state is noted at a renal failure, a liver failure, respiratory insufficiency, at heavy anemias, heart failure, disturbances of endocrine character. Dizziness and drowsiness are often noted at people who suffer from an insufficient blood-groove in a brain and the lowered arterial pressure.

The increased drowsiness in certain cases is a consequence of reception of a number of medicamentous drugs — neuroleptics, sedative antidepressants, beta-blockers, benzodiazepines, etc.

Сонливость днем на работеFrequent the answer to a question why drowsiness disturbs the person in the afternoon, information on his way of life is. Attacks of day drowsiness, and also the sleeplessness which is shown at night can be connected with disturbance of a usual sleep pattern and wakefulness. In the second half of day strong drowsiness periodically overcomes those at whom serious exercise and intellectual stresses are noted. Often found phenomenon — drowsiness after food. Acceptance of food, especially in large numbers, weakens. Therefore drowsiness after a lunch quite often can influence even quality of work of the person. How to get rid of such state, the therapist or the nutritionist can prompt.

Also drowsiness arises owing to an organism drunkenness. At women drowsiness is sometimes noted in certain days of a menstrual cycle. How to fight against such attacks, depends on their intensity and frequency of manifestation. If drowsiness creates strong discomfort, it is necessary to ask the specialist on methods of treatment of such state.

Often the increased drowsiness at pregnancy meets. This symptom which reasons are connected with intensive changes in the woman's organism can be shown in the first weeks after conception.

Weakness and drowsiness at pregnancy is noted at a large number of women. This state is even regarded as a sign of pregnancy. Such state is absolutely normal as on early durations of gestation this reaction of an organism provides protection against severe nerve strains, stresses, etc. It is quite natural that during pregnancy the female organism needs rest and rest much more, than in usual days of life. Therefore drowsiness can periodically be shown also on late terms of incubation of the child. In the third trimester it becomes heavier to woman to move, she is overcome by fatigue. Therefore drowsiness on the 38th week, on the 39th week, that is practically before childbirth is natural reaction of an organism to the happened grandiose changes. When there passes drowsiness, it is easy to foresee: after the delivery the woman's organism gradually is recovered and returns to a usual state.

How to get rid of drowsiness?

Сонливость за рулем автомобиляTo understand how to win against drowsiness, initially it is necessary to conduct all necessary researches for establishment of the reasons of this state. The doctor performs inspection and poll of the patient who addressed it with such complaints, if necessary additional researches are appointed. At detection of illnesses the corresponding treatment is appointed.

However most often drowsiness and dizzinesses are connected with an adynamy and the general fatigue, improper feeding, insufficient rest, avitaminosis. In that case some general recommendations and folk remedies from drowsiness will help.

Before practicing drowsiness treatment, it is necessary to provide a normal sleep pattern, good rest. Every day it is necessary to sleep not less than 7 hours. The person has to sleep in a quiet and silent situation. It is not necessary to pay attention to those questions which are raised excitement, irritation just before a dream. Then not to accept calmatives, the person has to depart to a dream quiet and pacified. Demulcents against sleeplessness can be accepted only after approval of such treatment of the doctor.

If in a human body the lack of vitamin A, In, With and dr is noted, then it is necessary to fill this shortage surely. It is necessary not only correct food, but also it is obligatory to consult with the doctor concerning the choice of a vitamin complex. What vitamins from drowsiness and fatigue to accept, the specialist will advise individually.

Sometimes allergic reaction to a certain irritant is the reason of drowsiness. In that case antiallergic means will help to overcome this state. Also it is necessary to try to avoid contact with irritants as much as possible.

To understand, get rid of drowsiness, correction of the daily schedule of awakenings and backfilling can help. Specialists advise to depart to a dream at the same time, and, not to change this habit even on the weekend. At the same time it is necessary to eat food also. It is not necessary to drink before going to bed alcoholic beverages as alcohol intake does not allow an organism to enter a stage of a deep sleep.

If a question, actual for the person, is how to banish drowsiness at work, then in this case the following recommendations can help. At sudden attacks of drowsiness it is possible to do several intensive physical exercises or to walk several minutes on fresh air. Such charging will help to cheer up. It is not necessary to abuse the drinks containing caffeine. It is desirable not to drink more than two cups of coffee a day.

Pregnant women who are overcome by drowsiness are longer recommended to sleep whenever possible, to find enough time for both night, and day rest. Significantly improve health of walk in the fresh air. If the pregnant woman works, she needs to find sufficient time for a night dream — future mother has to sleep not less than 8 hours a day. Whenever possible it is necessary to air indoors constantly, to avoid those places where there are many people. The pregnant woman should not overtire strongly and it is always necessary to remember that the condition of the child depends on her rest and tranquility.

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