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  • Latin name: Sorbit
  • ATH code: A06AD18
  • Active ingredient: Sorbitol (Sorbitol)
  • Producer: BIOCHEMIST of joint stock company, Marbiofarm (Russia)


Active agent sorbitol is a part of drug.

Weak solution of alcohol or the purified water can serve as additional components.

Release form

Sorbite in the form of solution or powder is issued. Package drug in ampoules, bottles or plastic bags.

Pharmacological action

Drug possesses cholagogue, disintoxication and spasmolytic action.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Chemical formula of Sorbite – C6H14O6.

Sorbite – what is it?

It is known that Sorbite is the substance which is also called by Glucitum. It is the hexatomic alcohol possessing sweetish smack and registered as a food additive of E420. Substance consists of small white crystals, enough firm, inodorous, but has pleasant taste and good solubility in water. At the same time its sweet is twice lower, than at usual sugar. The industry receives sorbite from corn starch.

Isotonic solution of sorbitol is used when it is necessary to fill up an organism with liquid. Its energy value is equal to 4 kcal/g that matches solutions of fructose and a dextrose. Use of sorbitol does not raise a glycemia and a glucosuria. The holeretichesky and holetsistokinetichesky effect, reception of the raised dosages is characteristic of this solution can slow down process of bile secretion and cause laxative action.

What is Sorbite food?

Sorbite food is a natural sakharozamenitel, emulsifier, kompleksoobrazovately, teksturatory and as show high-quality reactions, the stabilizer of color, the moisture-holding and dispersing substance.

Full absorption and high nutritiousness is characteristic of this component. It is considered that at the use of this substance the expense an organism of vitamins of group B – thiamin, pyridoxine andand biotin decreases. Strengthening of intestinal microflora where these vitamins are synthesized is also noted. At the same time Sorbite does not belong to carbohydrates therefore it is recommended in food for people with a diabetes mellitus. Properties of substance remain at boiling and heat treatment.

Potassium Sorbite – what is it?

Sorbate of potassium or E-202 is potassium salt of sorbic acid. It is natural preservative which is actively used for conservation of foodstuff. By means of this substance preserve fruit, vegetables, egg and confectionery, meat and fish, fruit juices, soft drinks and so on.

Indications to use

Use of Sorbite in medical practice is noted at:

Besides, this substance is actively used in life, the food industry and cosmetology as substitute of sugar, preservative, a gigroskopik, a strukturoobrazovatel, a filler and so on.

Advantage and harm of Sorbite

As a rule, the advantage and harm of Sorbite consists in its expressed laxative action which can be increased or reduced depending on the accepted substance.

The dose of 40-50 g can cause a meteorism, and from 50 g – strong laxative action. Therefore substance is often applied as means from locks.

However reception of high doses is followed by the increased gas generation, stomach aches, diarrhea, a syndrome of the angry intestines and decrease in absorption of fructose. Excess concentration of substance in an organism is capable to do it serious harm, causing a neuropathy or a diabetic retinopathy.

Contraindications to use

It is not recommended to apply Sorbite at:

  • hypersensitivity or intolerance of fructose;
  • ascites, colitis, cholelithiasis, syndrome of the angry intestines.

Side effects

At reception of this substance can develop: weakness, nausea, a meteorism, dizziness, diarrhea, a hyperglycemia – sometimes arising at patients with a dekompensirovanny diabetes mellitus.

Application instruction of Sorbite (Way and dosage)

For reception of substance in the form of powder, previously it is dissolved in warm water. Ready solution is accepted by 1-2 times daily in 5-10 minutes prior to the use of food. Duration of therapy can make 1-2,5 months.

Solution for injections is entered intravenously kapelno. At the same time rate of administering should not exceed 40-60 drops a minute. Treatment duration – till 10 days.

Use for clarification of a liver

The cholagogue effect therefore it is used for carrying out a tyubazh – the procedure of washing allowing to clear a liver, kidneys, a gall bladder and bilious channels is characteristic of Sorbite.

As a result of such procedure biliation which a natural flow cleans zhelchevyvodyashchy ways becomes more active. In general tyubazh does not assume disposal of stones, moreover, at their existence carrying out this procedure contraindicated.

For carrying out a tyubazh various products are used, but usually it is Sorbite and a dogrose.

Cleaning of a liver a dogrose and Sorbite is carried out by means of specially prepared infusion from these components. The dried-up berries need to be crushed carefully, then to trouble boiled water in a thermos. To sustain during the night. Add Sorbite to the received infusion in the morning and drink on an empty stomach.

Along with it it is necessary to adhere to dietary food, the full-fledged drinking mode and moderate exercise stresses. Difference from blind sounding is here that it is necessary to move.

Similar procedure has to cause ease of a chair therefore it is throughout the day better to be at home. If clarification is carried out for the first time, then usually it is repeated by 6 times every 3rd day. Then this way is carried out weekly.

It is necessary to remember that at such procedure there can be a washing away of potassium and calcium from an organism. For this reason it is previously necessary to consult with the specialist, as well as at emergence of undesirable side effects, for example, of nausea, weaknesses, dizziness and spasms.

How to do blind sounding by Sorbite in house conditions?

Blind sounding of a gall bladder is carried out as much as possible to open bilious channels and to achieve reduction of a gall bladder for the purpose of outflow of stagnant bile. It is supposed that as a result of this procedure out of a liver and zhelchevyvodyashchy ways it is possible to bring also small sand.

This procedure is carried out since morning. It is necessary to drink a glass of any cholagogue means, for example warm still mineral water with addition of Sorbite or magnesia. In 20 minutes it is necessary to drink the same liquid again.

Also it is necessary to prepare special mix from: egg yolks and icing sugar, olive or other vegetable oil with citrus juice, a glass of water and honey. To drink any of these mixes, and in 15 minutes again – mineral water. After that it is necessary to go to bed and to place a hot-water bottle in the area of the right hypochondrium for 1-1,5 hours.

It should be noted that procedure of blind sounding is carried out incidentally and does not depend on the aggravation periods.


In overdose cases various undesirable symptoms affecting work of the alimentary system can be shown by substance: meteorism, pain, diarrhea, syndrome of the angry intestines. Long exceeding of a dosage can lead to development of a neuropathy or a diabetic retinopathy.


Medicinal interaction with other drugs is noted.

Terms of sale

It is possible to buy this drug without recipe.

Storage conditions

Storage of Sorbite requires the dry, cool place unavailable to children.

Period of validity

3 years.


The main analogs are provided by substances: D-sorbite, D-sorbitol, Sorbitol, Xylitol.


Sorbite is used in the course of treatment and prevention of development of drunkennesses.


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