Whether sport in critical days is useful?

If the woman has no diseases of gynecologic character and contraindications to exercises, then training can be not cancelled. It is worth reducing number of repetitions of exercises and time of training.

If you are weakened after an illness or not really well take out exercise stresses, it is possible to practice Pilates or yoga. Always know that during periods it is impossible to carry out the turned poses, heavy power exercises. By means of classes in system of Pilates it is possible to get rid of premenstrual syndromes: spasms in the bottom of a stomach, irritability.

During periods the pulling pain in the bottom of a stomach can be taken off if to raise legs on a wall, but it is impossible to throw back them for the head. It is good to do easy exercises on a press. Regular trainings sport shorten a bleeding time about three days, PMS is facilitated. The optimum mode of trainings – each three days. It because muscles are recovered 48 hours.

At women power splash happens since the end of periods approximately to the middle of a menstrual cycle. At this particular time it is necessary to carry out all intensive, power and complexes. Intensive exercises on a press, wrestling, occupations on various exercise machines, work with dumbbells will come to you easily. It is possible to drink unlimited number of liquid during trainings, without thinking that she will be late in an organism, and will remind of himself in the form of hypostases.

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