How to cope with pain at the time of delivery?

Vast majority of women feel pain in labor. Pain degree of manifestation in labor depends on its individual portability, the fruit sizes, especially heads, provisions of a fruit, existence of the previous childbirth and direct force of reduction of a uterus. Some feel pain already on the early periods of patrimonial activity. Others feel painful feelings much later.

The center of pain is in a brain. And the perception of pain can be blocked. For example, in critical situation, say, after a road accident, strongly wounded person can save life to another and at this moment not to feel own pain, this feeling will come to it only when the extreme situation remains behind.

Thus, it is possible to understand that it is possible to block the painful center at the time of delivery though many women consider that painless childbirth is a myth.

How to cope with pain at the time of delivery?

The next ways of monitoring pain are used by women in labor quite often:

1. Relaxation is capable to lift a pain threshold. The better the person is relaxed, the less he feels pain. Allows to relax in labor:
— the movement till the last moment;
— stay of the house till the last moment;
— certain technicians of relaxation;
— stay by a number of the loved one;
— heat bath;
— massage by a foot of legs;
— pleasant music and the muffled light.

Как справиться с болью во время родов2. Uniform breath, breathing exercises promote relaxation. On the contrary, hurried breathing can lead not only to strengthening of tension, but also hyperventilation of lungs.
— significantly classes in prenatal preparation help;
— at the beginning of childbirth deep and slow breath, concentration on an exhalation will help to relax;
— at peak of fight chest breath will help (as though you blow on a candle without intention to blow into it);
— having concentrated on an exhalation during fight, it is possible to breathe correctly without stiskivaniye of teeth.

3. Derivation during pains ( a song singing, repetition of a rhyme, a rhythm hurling back) can relieve pain.

4. Exercises during pregnancy on relaxation and reduction of muscles of a pelvic bottom help to lower significantly pain in labor.

5. Entonoks is a mix of the anesthetizing gases inhaled through a mask which begins to work in 30 seconds.

6. The electroanesthesia – is available not in all maternity hospitals – assumes stimulation of nerve terminations electro categories which stimulate production of endorphines – natural soothing.

7. Pethidine and other analgetics. Pethidine is entered subcutaneously, has effect to strengthen mood. Drug causes some drowsiness, BUT, can be transferred to the child, slowing down his reactions after the birth.

Как справиться с болью во время родов8. Well and a last resort without which it is impossible to cope with pain independently widely used method in modern practice of the obstetrician — epidural lumbar anesthesia is. She will allow to forget about pain at the time of delivery, but safety for a fruit still is not proved.

Each woman herself decides what way of a labor pain relief best of all will suit her. And if it has quite high threshold of sensitivity of pain and she thinks of the future child more, than of herself, it is better to do without medicamentous anesthetics, and to learn art of the correct breath, to be engaged in exercises during pregnancy and to try to distract itself during pains.

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