Heartburn medicines

General information

Heartburn is an exhausting state which is rather often shown as a symptom of diseases of a digestive tract. Origins of heartburn are connected with the fact that in an organism there is a gastroesophagal reflux: contents from a stomach are thrown in a gullet. At it there is a hydrochloric acid which irritates gullet walls. Mucous a gullet of the person it is not protected physiologically as mucous a stomach. Therefore the person suffers from burning in a breast, bitterish or acid smack in a mouth – severe heartburn is so shown.

But before to ask what to drink from heartburn, it is necessary to establish the reasons of constant heartburn. After establishment of the diagnosis full therapy of a basic disease is carried out.

It is possible to learn from this article what medicines effectively facilitate a state at the exhausting burning in a gullet.

Reasons of severe heartburn

Wikipedia demonstrates that most often this symptom arises at patients a reflux with gastritis. At this state the patient often has a nausea and heartburn. The reasons of this symptom are also often connected with such diseases:

Besides existence of stones in a gall bladder, pancreatitis and other diseases can provoke attacks.

There is also a number of factors which provoke development of such discomfortable state:

  • excess weight, obesity;
  • pregnancy (in particular in recent months);
  • some medicines (Theophylline, Aspirin, other NPVS);
  • alcohol intake, smoking;
  • overeating, abuse of hot, fat, acid, fried dishes.

Than to treat heartburn, depends on the reason of its development. But, as at inflammatory diseases of a gastrointestinal tract there is a gullet inflammation owing to high acidity, for overcoming of attacks of irritation it is necessary to lower concentration of acid in a stomach.

Therefore patients at whom this symptom is often shown try to find those heartburn pills which help to facilitate a state. What tablets to buy in a drugstore and to accept to receive effective action?

Drugs antacids: drugs which lower acidity

Drugs from heartburn are subdivided into several different groups. Antacids among them – one of the most widespread and, besides, they safe for patients.

How to accept antacids, what is it?

Antiacid means are drugs of magnesium, aluminum, these substances are capable to neutralize acid. The list of drugs antacids is rather various that the patient could choose those antiacid drugs which approach most optimum.

Антацидные препараты от изжоги

Antiacid drugs from heartburn

It should be noted that it is not recommended to use for decrease in heartburn baking soda categorically. Initially soda as first aid at heartburn, really helps to cope with an attack, but there is an allocation essential amount of the carbon dioxide irritating mucous later. As a result acid is thrown out in large numbers. Therefore you should not accept soda for this purpose.

If there is a question what to drink from heartburn, then it is better to stop on means antacids. Under their influence process of neutralization of acid happens rather slowly.

Patients have to consider, choosing antiacid drugs that this such means which can provoke development of locks (aluminum drugs) and ponos (magnesium drugs). Therefore those who considers the list of drugs — antiacid drugs are recommended to choose a hydroxide of aluminum and magnesium. However selection of drugs is individual process therefore the doctor has to do it. And even at reception of a hydroxide of aluminum and magnesium the diarrhea and a lock is not excluded. Antacids at a peptic ulcer of a stomach should be accepted according to that scheme which is appointed by the specialist.

That is, medicine antacids — the best heartburn medicine if it is shown periodically and is not long. Also it is reasonable to apply these means if in parallel with burning other symptoms – nausea, an abdominal pain, vomiting, a small appetite, etc. do not develop.

About how to treat heartburn needs to be asked the specialist in the following cases:

  • heartburn arises very often, and with this symptom of people yet never saw a doctor;
  • the patient sharply loses weight;
  • weakness, temperature, vomiting, feeling of weight in a stomach is noted;
  • it is difficult to swallow of food, the hiccups often disturbs;
  • constant or periodic heartburn without the reason which cannot be cleaned the most popular means.

Now exclusively not soaking up antacids are applied to treatment of heartburn. Now the following inexpensive heartburn pills are popular:

  • Maaloks, Almagel, Almagel A (hydroxide and magnesium hydroxide is a part of aluminum);
  • Fosfalyugel (aluminum phosphate enters);
  • Taltsid, Rutatsid (the hydrocarbonate enters magnesium-aluminum);
  • Rennie (the carbonate, calcium a carbonate enters magnesium);
  • Gelusil Lak (compounds of aluminum, magnesium and silicon enter);
  • Vicalinum, Vicairum (subbismuth nitrate, magnesium a carbonate, Natrii hydrocarbonas enters).

The list of drugs for heartburn includes the short description of drugs antacids. It is necessary to consider that to select any heartburn medicine and stomach aches the specialist after establishment of the diagnosis has to. The prices of tablets from heartburn, the list of such drugs it is possible to learn in any drugstore. If necessary it is possible to find out the list of the Russian analogs of drugs from heartburn which are, as a rule, cheaper.

Hydroxide of magnesium and aluminum

ГасталThese drugs lower high acidity to its physiological level. Besides, they reduce expressiveness of the dispepsichesky manifestations provoked by excess of hydrochloric acid which the gastric juice contains. It is necessary to maintain an interval not less than two hours between reception of these medicines and other drugs. The application instruction demonstrates that antacids cannot be given to children who are not present six years yet. After achievement of this age children have to take carefully any medicine from this category.

The analogs containing the same operating component: Gastal, Almagel, Gastratsid, Maaloks. The price of such drugs – from 60 to 350 rubles.

Aluminum phosphate

Gel Fosfalyugel is applied orally. Before reception it can be parted in half of glass of water or to apply not divorced. It is necessary to consider that in the course of reception of gel at the patient the lock can develop. In this case it is necessary to increase a daily water consumption. Fosfalyugel costs about 300 rubles.


It is made in the form of chewable tablets. Cannot accept such drugs the people having a renal failure and children till 6 flyings. If to accept means several days in high doses, diarrhea can develop.

Drugs Taltsid, Tisatsid, Rutatsid are made. The cost of these drugs – from 150 rubles.

Magnesium and calcium carbonate

РенниChildren cannot apply tablets to Rennie's chewing till 12 flyings. However those who is interested that helps from heartburn during pregnancy should know that Rennie in the recommended dosage is not contraindicated to future mothers.

It is necessary to consider that simultaneous use of antacids with tetracyclines, ftrokhinolonam, cardiac glycosides, etc. Absorption of these drugs decreases.

The cost of medicine of Rennie – about 300 rub. There are also cheaper drugs from domestic producers, for example, of Pechayevskiye's tablet.

Acorus rhizomes, subbismuth nitrate, bark of a buckthorn olkhovidny, magnesium carbonate, Natrii hydrocarbonas

Drugs with such components make antiacid, the soft laxative, knitting, spasmolytic effect. It is impossible to accept these means during pregnancy, a renal failure, a lactation, also children cannot accept. Responses demonstrate what during treatment of kcal of the patient can become dark.

The price of the tablets Vicalinum, Vicairum – from 100 rubles.


Complex means — an antacid with carminative components (glycyrrhiza extract, aluminum hydroxide, magnesium hydroxide, simetikon). Drug removes burning, protects from developing of heartburn and reduces a meteorism.

Reltser children cannot accept till 10 flyings, to pregnant women and the feeding women. Means can negatively affect kidneys, cause vomiting, a lock, stomach spasms, osteoporosis, displays of an allergy. Medicine cost – from 150 rub.

Advantages of treatment of heartburn drugs antacids

The following advantages of use of antacids at heartburn are noted:

  • all list is freely implemented in drugstores – recipes of the doctor are not required;
  • are not applied as prevention – such medicines accept only when directly there is a burning sensation.

Shortcomings of antacids

  • the effect of drugs short – is no more than two hours;
  • manifestation of negative effects – a lock, a diarrhea is possible;
  • medicine does not help to get rid of the reasons of development of heartburn, does not warn repeated attacks;
  • it is possible to accept during pregnancy only in rare instances, the majority of means cannot be given to children;
  • influence efficiency of action of other medicines;
  • it is impossible to accept constantly as frequent use is harmful and leads to disturbance of processes of a mineral exchange.

Anti-secretory drugs: list, features

Drugs from this group reduce products of acid. But it is possible to apply these medicines only to destination doctors. They are appointed if neither the diet, nor refusal of an overeating reduce expressiveness and frequency of development of heartburn.

The drugs lowering products of acid have the following advantages:

  • longer time, than antacids work;
  • the effect lasts about 8 hours therefore it is possible to accept means once a day;
  • it is possible to get without recipe;
  • effective and rather safe drugs;
  • if to drink constantly, help to prevent repeated attacks of heartburn;
  • suspension which is convenient for applying to the child is made.

Shortcomings of drugs from this group:

  • action comes not so quickly as at reception of antacids, the patient notes that heartburn passed, only one hour later;
  • have more than serious side effects, in particular at their use the depression, hepatitis, diarrhea, headaches, etc. are possible;
  • influence efficiency of other drugs applied at the same time;
  • it is impossible to apply such means during chest feeding and pregnancy.

Blockers of a proton pomp

ОмепразолThe means containing omeprazol as active component lower the level of stimulated and basal acid regardless of an irritant. Omeprazol, Omez, Ortanol, Omitoks, Losek Maps, Ultop, Gastrozol treat this type of drugs.

Among these drugs there are very cheap heartburn pills. So, Omeprazol's cost – from 60 rub for packaging. The price of tablets Omez – from 180 rub for 30 pieces.

Drugs which contain in a basis rabeprozol are often more effective in comparison with drugs on the basis of an omeprazol. These are drugs of Noflyuks, Zulbeks, Ontaym, Hayrabezol, Pariyet, the Beret. Beret medicine cost in Moscow – about 400 rubles for 14 pieces Hayrabezol – from 500 rub for 15 pieces Ontaym can be bought for 650 rub for 10 pieces, Pariyet – from 1500 rub for 10 pieces.

At drug intake on the basis of esomeprazole within 5 and more days heartburn attacks at patients completely stop. So, use of such means, the main which esomeprazole is in a dose of 40 mg in a month at 80% of people was noted healing a reflux esophagitis, after two months of treatment esomeprazole caused the same effect in 93% of people. Drugs Emanera, Neksium belong to this group. The price of means of Emaner – from 300 rub for 10 pieces, Neksium stands up about 1300 rub for 14 pieces. In Ukraine such drugs can be bought at the price from 100 hryvnias.

Blockers of receptors of a histamine of H2

This group includes a number of drugs which provide antiulcerous influence, acid secretion suppression. Under their influence the gastric juice is allocated in smaller volume. The drugs reducing acidity of a gastric juice can be applied only after appointment of the doctor and it is strict in that dosage which was appointed.

Means Ranitidine can cause in the course of reception the expressed side effects – dryness in a mouth, allergic manifestations, a lock, vomiting, abdominal pains, etc. It is necessary to consider that if the patient smokes much, efficiency of such drugs decreases. Analogs of this means – Ranisan, Zantak, Gistak. How many there are tablets Ranitidine, depends on the producer. It is possible to buy them at the price from 30 rubles.

Drugs which contain famotidine at reception along with antacids with aluminum and magnesium, are worse absorbed therefore in at one time them it is impossible to apply – it is necessary to do a two-hour break between receptions. Drugs as a part of which there is a Famotidine, – rather inexpensive heartburn medicines. Famotidine stands up from 50 rub for 30 pieces, Kvamatel – from 150 rub for 28 pieces.

Stimulators of motility of a gastrointestinal tract

МотилиумDrugs which are stimulators of motility of a gastrointestinal tract can also be drunk that who looks for what to accept from heartburn. These drugs do not influence acidity, but reduce manifestations of a reflux, work as antiemetic, reducing nausea.

Means Motilak, Domperidon, Motilium belong to this group. Such drugs increase duration of peristaltic reductions of a stomach, are effective at functional frustration of the alimentary system. They increase a tone of the lower sphincter of a gullet, reducing displays of vomiting.

Motilak it is possible to buy for 150 rub (packaging of 30 tablets), Motilium in tablets costs about 400 rub, in the form of suspension – from 460 rub.

Other drugs for a stomach

The list of tablets from a stomach ache very wide therefore what pill for a stomach it is reasonable to take at a certain diagnosis, is defined by the doctor. Initially it is necessary to define, inflammatory process mucous a stomach – high or low acidity is a consequence of what. There are very different names of tablets from stomach ulcer and gastritis, however they are subdivided into several different groups.

Group Drugs
Drugs for a stomach which are used at an ulcer which is followed by heartburn, an eructation, pain Gastrofarm, Gastal, Maaloks, Almagel
Tablets from a stomach which help at stomach spasms Besalolum, Nospanum, Buskopan
The list of the drugs for a stomach applied at inflammatory processes in a gullet, an ulcer, pancreatitis Kontrolok, Omez, Gastromaks, Epicurus, Famotidine
Drugs which can be applied at an indigestion, at all unpleasant feelings caused by an overeating, especially in people with the lowered acidity Mezim, Kreon, Mezim Forte, Pancreatinum, Panzinorm, Festal, Trifermentum

However, in spite of the fact that it is possible to find very large amount of the drugs which are on sale without recipes about what it is better to accept at a stomach ache in sale now how to get rid of a stomach hyperoxemia, it is better to ask the specialist. The doctor can appoint the correct complex of drugs not just to relieve of symptoms, and to cure a disease.

Feeding habits at heartburn

Those for whom the question "How to Get Rid of Heartburn?" is actual should pay special attention to features of a food allowance. Food has to be balanced and correct as houses, and during work. That at whom heartburn an eructation is often shown a hiccups, it is impossible to overeat, abuse alcohol. Also you should not eat often smoked products, and also fat, acid, fried, tinned food. Especially often attacks cause the fried and fat products as they stimulate products of acid.

It is desirable to eat often, in the small portions, is not too quickly. After food it is necessary to move more, it is undesirable to accept horizontal position within at least one hour after food. It is necessary to avoid suppers, especially, is not at night. It is desirable to have supper in 3 or 4 hours prior to a dream.

Неправильное питание при изжогеIt is important to include cellulose, and also complex carbohydrates as they favorably influence digestion in a diet, and also I neutralize excesses of acid.

Milk influences development of heartburn ambiguously. Everything depends because how many milk to drink. If to use it it is a little, then the state is facilitated. However milk in large volume on the contrary activates products of acid why it is necessary to treat consumption of milk when burning in a gullet carefully. It is necessary to weigh everything pros and cons at consumption of this product, to drink it separately from reception of other food.

If the person notices that attacks of heartburn are caused by coffee or tea, then it is necessary to reduce amount of these drinks. Instead of them it is possible to drink drinks on herbs. It is also possible to make drink on the basis of honey, having parted a teaspoon of this product in one glass of water. This drink – quite good protection against the developing attack. But there is a honey in large numbers too it is not recommended.

The person inclined to heartburn has to weigh carefully what to eat not to provoke a sudden attack. Such attitude towards own health will help to warn heartburn.

What else can cause a heartburn attack?

It is negative to affect a condition of the person inclined to heartburn, also smoking, reception of some drugs can. Even the close clothes which the person wears very long can cause such attack. The pieces of linen and clothes reducing volumes often are the reason of such attacks.

It is also necessary to avoid some movements which provoke emission of contents of a stomach in a gullet. The most undesirable movements – frequent low inclinations.

It is better to sleep on a high pillow that will help to avoid attacks at night. It is also possible to put the roller under a mattress that the head was above a trunk at least on 15 cm.

How to get rid of heartburn at pregnancy

During incubation of the kid for women often one of the most topical issues — that helps from heartburn at pregnancy. Attacks of burning are frequent, in time when the fruit grows and every day presses on internals more and more. At the same time it is important to remember that the pregnant woman can drink not all drugs freely. Some drugs during this period are strictly forbidden.

Изжога при беременностиBest of all about what helps pregnant women from heartburn to ask the doctor. Councils how to get rid of this state, are contained practically by each forum about pregnancy. But not each council suits all.

Therefore heartburn medicines at pregnancy to select individually. Some tablets in the instruction do not contain information that they are contraindicated to pregnant women. But even what pregnant women can drink from heartburn has to be applied is accurately dosed. It is authorized to pregnant women to take Rennie's pill, on late terms we will allow reception of Ranitidine, Omeprazol. But it is not necessary to ignore also folk remedies from heartburn at a hyperoxemia. For example, at the beginning of an attack it is possible to drink a little milk, fresh potato juice, kissel. Sometimes rather "original" recipes help: for example, at some pregnant women heartburn passes from bananas.

The pregnant woman should avoid the factors provoking heartburn: there are no "risky" products, to sleep on spin – on a high pillow, to wear convenient clothes.

Folk remedies from heartburn

What will help from heartburn, the people suffering from such attacks look for also among recipes of traditional medicine. It is known many "house" methods relieving of attacks of women and men. Everyone chooses the most effective for himself individually.

Картофельный сок от изжоги

Potato juice from heartburn

There are some ways, the most popular among those who often have this symptom and who is interested that can be drunk from heartburn:

  • To chew and swallow fennel seeds – one teaspoon. Having swallowed, it is necessary to wash down them with water. It is also possible to drink dill water – broth of seeds of this plant.
  • To eat crude new potato, previously having peeled it. Freshly squeezed potato juice is also effective.
  • Rice broth will help to remove an attack.
  • Effective remedy is baked pumpkin with cinnamon.
  • It is possible to add a ginger pinch to tea – such method will reduce the frequency of attacks if to practice it regularly.
  • At heartburn it is recommended to chew grains of crude oats.

And here a popular method — soda from heartburn — is better not to use. Soda quickly removes burning, but later the state is only aggravated. It is worth applying it as a last resort. Those who is interested how to accept soda from heartburn need to consider that the coffee spoon of soda at first needs to be stirred carefully in half of glass of water. And here the answer to a question whether pregnant women can drink soda, is unambiguous: it is impossible.

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