Folk remedies of care of hair

The modern industry offers a set of various means on leaving and treatment of hair. However our far ancestors quite could do without expensive shampoos-lotions-creams of foreign firms. A voluminous, beautiful and healthy hair from time immemorial was a distinguishing character of the Russian beauty.

Trikhologichesky means can be divided into three groups – rinsings, masks, grindings in. Use of natural natural products of generally animal or plant origin is the cornerstone of folk remedies.

The first most ancient replacement of shampoo – simple egg. Its yolk soap the head, and after ten minutes all this washes off with lemon juice. Sometimes add a little alcohol to a yolk or cognac for stimulation of skin. Similar procedure not only revitalizes hair, but does them soft, beautiful and brilliant.

For rinsing of the head the most various grass infusions and broths are used. Infusions of a camomile, a burdock, acorus, calendula, coltsfoot, a nettle have the best effect. It is possible to strengthen and revitalize hair also with broth from birch leaves. Its regular use within a week will allow to return to a dim limp hair natural gloss. Broth from leaves of an ivy will accelerate growth of hair.

Oily hair is treated by broth from oak bark. Urticaceous broth will relieve of dandruff. The recipe of preparation of grass "shampoos" is simple – the grass is ready in boiled water, then is drawn. Other way – to insist herbs on alcohol that promotes fast absorption of medicinal infusion and its fastest action. Quite often as shampoo beer is used – to them recover density and splendor of hair.

Grindings in are used at least means for washing. One of the most widespread – rye bread. Its crumb warms up to almost liquid consistence, and then is rubbed in hair. Grain grinding in very well clears hair and does them silky and soft. But it must be kept in mind – bread has to be purely rye, other grades will not give any effect.

The hair loss can be stopped by means of rosemary broth. The grass is filled in with water, boiled minutes five, and after cooling is just rubbed in the head. It is possible to get rid of dandruff and a hair loss by means of onions tincture. Onions juice and vodka are mixed in the ratio 1:2, and then rubbed in the head before a shower. Treatment lasts 3-4 months and gives notable effect.

Powerful, but dangerous means is red pepper tincture. If to fill in a tablespoon of this product with alcohol in calculation 1:10, to sustain about a week, then such grinding in will perfectly feed hair, to improve their outward and health. But it is necessary to observe strictly a proportion not to burn hair, and to use means – not more often than two weekly.

Well softens and rubbing in of broth from burdock roots revitalizes hair. They should be boiled well in water and to filter broth then to use.

Mask from a radish – one of the most ancient and widespread folk remedies. The radish is rubbed, juice is wrung out, and later it is applied on roots of hair. Such mask is held hour, then washed away water.

Strengthening of hair is very much helped by a mask from mix of garlic, an aloe, honey, a chicken yolk and birch sap. It is put approximately for an hour before washing of the head. Will forever expel dandruff and the mask from mix of several drops of castor oil, the juice which is squeezed out of a half of a lemon and two egg yolks will help to keep hair. It is imposed for half an hour. Brilliant hair are guaranteed by the mask made of mix 2nd a table. spoons of castor oil, one egg and teaspoons of vinegar and glycerin. After drawing hair are wrapped up with a towel for 40 minutes.

These are, certainly, not all recipes, they are estimated in hundreds. It is possible to apply national ways of treatment and it is necessary, but at the same time it is necessary to consider: there are no universal remedies from all problems with hair. As different people can react to different means therefore what suited one person, can not help another in any way differently. If any recipe does not give effect, it is not necessary to persist in its use, it is better to choose something another. Especially as choice huge.

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