Steroid hormones

Steroid hormones are substances which possess high biological activity. These substances more often are animal origin, is more rare than vegetable. Predecessors of steroids are izoprenoidny substances. Existence of special system of a structure considerably differs this class of substances from others. In its basis – system of a gonan which represents saturated hydrocarbon. The kernel of a steroid can be partially nenasyshchenno or saturated, to include alkyl and functional groups in the structure. Thanks to special qualities, steroid hormones can easily get into blood through plasma membranes in target cells. For hit in such cells hormones contact transport proteins which bring them to the necessary place.

Synthesis of steroid hormones comes in bark of adrenal glands from cholesterol, in a yellow body and follicles of ovaries, in a placenta. To steroid hormones sex hormones: female (oestrogenic) among which there is an ethinylestradiol, estriol, oestradiol, estrone; men's (androgenic) hormones among which there is methyltestosterone, testosterone, androsterone; and also corticosteroids which treat Aldosteronum, pregnane, corticosterone, a cortisone, etc.

Steroid hormones take the important place in normalization of a metabolism in a human body. Some synthetic hormones are even capable to exceed natural analogs, it is possible to carry Prednisolonum to them, for example.

Use of anabolic steroids is eurysynusic among athletes, especially among those who are interested in a certain physical shape, among bodybuilders, for example. Their action is based that steroids accelerate production of testosterone. Considering the fact that reception of such drugs is equated to reception of a dope, and they have considerable quantity of side effects, the thoughtless use of such means is capable to do irreparable harm to health of the person. However today it is possible to buy steroid drugs about the content of artificial hormones practically in any shop for food of athletes, possible negative effects do not stop not only professional athletes, but also fans.

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