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  • Latin name: Stodal
  • ATH code: R05X
  • Active ingredient: Pulsatilla + Rumex crispus + Bryonia + Ipeca Spongia tosta + Sticta pulmonaria + Antimonium tartaricum + Myocarde +Coccus cacti + Drosera M
  • Producer: "Laboratoires Boiron", France


Syrup Stodal is a homeopathic medicine which part a number of active agents is. Composition of medicine following: Pasque flower, bryony, rumeks krispus, ipecacuanha, kokkus kakt, spongiya of a toast, stikt pulmonariya, antimonium tartarikum, drozer.

Also as a part of Stodal there are additional substances: syrup Tola, syrup of Polygala, sucrose syrup, caramel, the benzoic acid, ethanol of 96%.

Release form

Stodal's syrup for cough has pleasant aroma, color yellowish, transparent, with a brown shade. It is packaged in bottles from brown glass which capacity — 200 ml. Bottles are implemented in cardboard packs.

Pharmacological action

Hundred-distance – a complex homeopathic remedy which as the operating ingredients generally vegetable components enter. Considering that a large number of components is a part of means, Stodal makes positive impact on an organism at any kinds of cough.

Under the influence of drug dry cough gradually passes into wet. Drug has expectorant, broncholitic effect. The Bryony component promotes reduction of viscosity of a phlegm and its fluidifying. As a result, respiratory tracts are gradually cleared.

Components of Rumeks krispus and the Pasque flower are an effective remedy against cough if the patient is disturbed by dry spasmodic cough. Under their influence desires to cough decrease.

Spongiya's components of a toast and Ipecacuanha have the alkaloids which are effectively reducing manifestations of a bronchospasm at the patient in structure.

Stikta a pulmonariya is effective at treatment of the exhausting cough at which at the patient also other symptoms are noted (a headachesneezing, lachrymation).

Antimonium tartarikum effectively facilitates a state at cough at children, also this component is shown at pulmonary diseases which develop against strong drowsiness.

Kokkus of a kakta eliminates chronic displays of cough which, as a rule, becomes aggravated in a cold season and at which plentiful slime is produced.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Effect of drug is caused by properties of components which enter it.

Indications to use

Means is applied at therapy of cough of various etiology. It is appointed at treatment of both dry, and wet cough.


Means in the following cases is not applied:

  • at individual manifestations of high sensitivity to drug components;
  • at sakharazo-izomaltazny insufficiency;
  • at hereditary forms of a fruktozuriya;
  • at glyukozo-galaktozny malabsorption.

Side effects

If at administration of drug any negative reactions develop, it is necessary to report about it to the doctor at once. At people with hypersensitivity to drug or to its components various allergic reactions can develop.

Application instruction of Stodal (Way and dosage)

The instruction on Stodal following: cough syrup can be applied to treatment of patients of any age. Syrup is applied to children on 5 ml orally each eight hours.

If necessary the application instruction Stodal for children provides increase in frequency of the use of drug up to five times a day.

The hundred-distance is applied to adults on 15 ml orally each eight hours. If necessary the frequency of reception can increase to five times in knocks in a similar dose. Duration of treatment is determined by the doctor appointing a therapy course. If for one week the effect of therapy is absent, drug should be cancelled. As a rule, Stodal is applied as additional drug in the course of treatment of a basic disease.


There are no data on drug overdose effects.


Data on interaction of means with other medicines are not provided. At treatment by syrup Stodal is not excluded reception of other HP.

Terms of sale

The hundred-distance can be bought without recipe of the doctor.

Storage conditions

Drug needs to be stored in the dark and dry place, at the same time air temperature has to make from 4 to 25 degrees.

Period of validity

Period of storage — 5 years

Special instructions

If at syrup reception Stodal the patient does not note improvement of a state for several days, it is necessary to consult in addition with the doctor. People who suffer from a diabetes mellitus need to consider that one tablespoon of means contains 0.94 XE. In the course of treatment the fate follows that one tablespoon of means contains 206 mg of ethanol.

And for work with exact mechanisms reception of syrup does not influence ability to steer vehicles.

With care Stodal is appointed to people at whom alcohol addiction is noted, and also at disturbances of functions of a liver and at epilepsy.


Defining productive analogs of drug Stodal, specialists mention such means as Doctor MOM, Sinupret, the Barberry Computer IOV-Malysh. These analogs make similar impact on a human body. But to replace drugs independently, without consultation with the doctor does not follow.


  • Hundred-distance syrup 200mlboiron Laboratories

Drugstore of IFC

  • Hundred-distance syrup fl 200 ml, Buaronfrantion's Laboratory
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