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Stomatitis is the disease of a mucous membrane in an oral cavity having inflammatory character. The illness is a consequence of defense reaction of immunity on action of various irritants. The inflammation of an oral cavity is often shown at children, however now such inflammation is characteristic also of adult patients as the unsuccessful ecological situation, and also mass deterioration in function of immune system affects human health.

About the reasons, symptoms and features of treatment of stomatitis, and also about what types of this disease are defined by specialists, the speech in this article will go.

What is stomatitis?

Now it is a widespread problem among the population. At the same time many patients at whom stomatitis develops for the first time what is it learn only after the address to the doctor. It is important that the inflammation of an oral cavity was timely revealed that adequate treatment was carried out. Therefore if the person had a white spot on the lip interior, morbidity and discomfort is noted, it is necessary to address quickly for consultation the specialist.

Stomatitis reasons

Wikipedia demonstrates that often stomatitis origins at adults are connected with negative impact of a number of bacteria, viruses, causative agents of the infectious diseases leading to emergence of ulcers in an oral cavity. Nevertheless, answering a question from what this disease develops, it is necessary to consider that reproduction of pathogenic microflora requires existence of the accessory factors provoking a course of a disease. At a health normality at the person on mucous a mouth of a bacterium reside and do not cause negative processes.

Therefore, defining from what there is stomatitis, specialists allocate a variety of reasons:

  • The debalanced food allowance – irrational food at which vitamins of group B, iron, zinc, etc. do not come to an organism in enough.
Стоматит на губе, фото

Stomatitis on a lip, a photo

  • Injuries – if in an oral cavity there was a traumatizing a thermal, mechanical, chemical origin (irritation, a burn and blisters, the person bit integuments from within, there were other injuries of a mucous membrane). In particular, the reason of stomatitis it becomes frequent a cheek bite, a wound which was left by an acute fragment of tooth, wound by firm food. Most often the similar injury passes completely, but sometimes, in the presence of other negative factors the sore develops.
  • Ignoring of the principles of personal hygiene, consumption of dirty fruit and vegetables, untimely washing of hands.
  • Low-quality prostheses of teeth (incorrectly picked up prosthetic material, unsuccessfully established prostheses).
  • Excessive hobby for hygiene of teeth, in particular, if toothpaste as a part of which there is a lauryl sodium sulfate is applied. Under its influence salivation goes down that as a result conducts to dehydration of an oral cavity. Such abuse conducts to what mucous becomes susceptible to influence of acids, etc.
  • Use of certain drugs – if the person accepts the drugs reducing production of saliva, and also diuretic tablets.
  • Ulcers in a mouth often develop if the person got used to smoke constantly, regularly to consume alcohol.
  • The disease develops after chemotherapy, radiation, use of other methods of treatment of malignant diseases.
  • The illness arises against the accompanying illnesses. If in an organism functions of a certain system are broken, emergence of a sore can be the certificate that health of the person is broken. For example, sometimes it turns out that at patients malignant tumors of a throat, neck, nose, etc. were formed.
  • At diseases of the alimentary system, infection with worms emergence yazvochek in language and in an oral cavity can be noted.
  • Can turn out to be consequence of dehydration after long vomiting, a diarrhea, an essential loss of blood, fever (the long increased body temperature).
  • HIV-positive people have the increased risk of development of this illness.
  • In the period of a menopause, pregnancies of a yazvochka can appear as a result of hormonal splashes.
  • At people who are ill a diabetes mellitus aphthous stomatitis often develops.
  • At those who have bronchial asthma and, respectively, apply hormones in an inhaler the candidosis type of an illness is shown.
  • Frequent manifestations are noted at anemia.
  • The course of a disease is possible after an odontectomy.

Stomatitis in a mouth, classification

Ulcers in a mouth, the reasons and treatment are defined, first of all, depending on an infestant. There is a certain classification of an illness in dependence because what activator became the reason for which white spots appeared. As stomatitis in a mouth looks, also to some extent depends on the activator.

Type of a disease Description
Bacterial It is shown owing to action of stafilokokk or streptococci. At such form of an illness purulent rash (easy to consider on a photo), afterwards quickly opened is shown. As a result, ulcers and erosion in a mouth are formed.
Virus Consequence of defeat by a herpes simplex virus (stomatitis gerpesny) Epstein-Burra (stomatitis herpetic). Such activators provoke emergence of bubble rashes which contain transparent liquid. Later accession of a consecutive bacterial infection is noted. Further there is their opening, and erosion develop. Also there are similar ulcers in a mouth at HIV. How to treat wounds, the doctor defines, having found out the reason of a course of a disease.
Fungal (candidosis stomatitis) As a rule, it is shown after a course of antibiotics which the patient tries to cure other diseases. Fungal stomatitis in a mouth which photo accurately shows a dense white plaque develops owing to effect which Candida has a fungus. After removal of a white plaque in a mouth, on almonds painful erosion are observed.
Beam The consequence of a radial illness, also develops after chemotherapy. The patient in an oral cavity has erosion, on certain sites the mucous membrane is thickened.
Chemical Consequence of burns which are made by acid or alkalis. There is a scarring and deformation of mucous later.
Erosive It is shown after the postponed diseases and characterized by developing of erosion.

Also, depending on associated diseases, allocate syphilitic, streptococcal stomatitis.

Stomatitis symptoms

As a rule, symptoms of stomatitis are identical at any of the types of a disease described above. Most often symptoms at adults are shown not sharply. Symptoms of degenerate intoxication – high temperature, etc. are not noted. As a rule, the onset of the illness occurs after emergence of small reddening - it is the first symptoms of a disease. Further the area about the center of defeat becomes edematous, it swells, pain, burning is shown.

Стоматит на небе, фото

Stomatitis in the sky, a photo

At a bacterial form of an illness next day on site of the center the round or oval yazvochka with smooth edges, and a red spot — an aura appears around. In the center of an ulcer – a thin white film.

Besides, the patient is disturbed by strong salivation, bleeding of gums, the bad smell from a mouth is noted. Pain disturbs constantly and happens so strong that prevents to chew, move lips and language normally.

At acute disease body temperature sharply grows, the lymph node or several lymph nodes can increase. Heat-spots at stomatitis are generally localized on the interior of lips – upper and lower, on almonds, in the sky. Spots can also develop in language, under it.

Stomatitis at adults

Before beginning treatment of stomatitis at adults, the doctor has to establish the diagnosis and define what diseases of an oral cavity take place in a specific case.

Фото стоматита у взрослых

Stomatitis photo at adults

Symptoms of all types of stomatitis at adults (herpetic, aphthous, gerpesny, ulcer) are shown gradually. Initially on mucous weak reddening, a swelling appears. Further there is an ulcer which main symptoms following:

  • single, round or oval form, superficial;
  • thin leaky white or gray film in the center of an ulcer;
  • smooth edges, reddish aura;
  • the erethistic ulcer also creates notable discomfort.

Such diseases of an oral cavity, as a rule, proceed 4-14 days. Origins of frequent stomatitis at adults are described above, but if the person had this illness once, then the probability of a repeated course of a disease is high. Sometimes the milkwoman's symptoms  in a mouth at adults and other types of stomatitis appear periodically, getting actually chronic form. In this case the doctor has to define symptoms and treatment at adults of this disease only, appointing drugs only after careful research.

There are no data that stomatitis is infectious now. However the last does not concern some of its forms.

Treatment of stomatitis

If on mucous or in language the catarral stomatitis connected with hygiene violation of the rules, then on condition of its easy current was shown, it is possible to treat an illness independently, previously, having found out, than to treat stomatitis, at the specialist.

The diet has to be kept  – important to exclude from a diet acute, salty, and also too cold or hot, firm food. It is recommended to practice rinsing for what use antiseptic solutions.

Treatment of stomatitis at adults

Before to treat stomatitis at adults, it is necessary to define what form of a disease takes place.

Стоматит во рту, фото

Stomatitis in a mouth, a photo

In case of massive defeat of an oral cavity or at development of serious forms of an illness, how to treat stomatitis at adults, the doctor defines after careful research. It is very important not to make the independent decision how to treat stomatitis in a mouth at adults, at pregnancy.

If for the patient it is diagnosed candidosis, aphthous or a stomacace, treatment has to consist of a package of measures which to allow to clean quickly discomfort and pain. It is important not to allow emergence of recurrence, transition of an illness to a chronic form.

How to treat stomatitis in a mouth

At prescription of medicine the reasons of development of a disease are considered. To adult patients appoint a complex of means: tablets for a rassasyvaniye, conditioners, ointment, sprays, gels, etc. However if the person is disturbed by the severe pain worsening quality of life, the doctor recommends to take the anesthetizing stomatitis medicine in a mouth at adults.

In particular, it is recommended to apply anesthetics. These are tablets for creation of the powder Anaesthesin, a tablet Geksoral Tabs, solutions Hlorgeksidin and Benzocaine. Also gel Lidokhlor – the strong drug anesthetizing in 5 minutes after reception is applied.

It is reasonable to pick up spray with which it is convenient to use a bubble for all day. It means Geksoral, Lugol, Inhalyptum, Vinilin, Cametonum in the form of spray. Anesthesia, treatment and prevention are carried out with use for rinsing of broths of a calendula, a camomile, kalanchoe juice.

Specific what to treat stomatitis in a mouth at adults, the doctor defines after survey and carrying out researches.

Treatment of candidosis stomatitis

This kind of a disease is generally observed at the weakened people suffering from a diabetes mellitus, tuberculosis at patients with HIV infection, those who passed treatment by steroid hormones.

Кандидозный стоматит, фото

Candidosis stomatitis, photo

Fungal stomatitis is shown owing to action of a fungus of Candida. Therefore complex treatment of adults in this case includes a number of actions. In particular, local and peroral antifungal means are appointed: Nystatin, Flukonazol, Levorinum, Clotrimazolum, Irunin.

It is necessary to see a doctor behind purpose of specific drug in this case – no medicamentous drug can be selected independently. The struck surfaces need to be processed locally levorin or nystatin ointments, Miconazolum.

It is reasonable to process the struck surfaces and dentures soda solution, Iodinolum, Lugol, Lugol spray.

It is not less important to adhere to a diet as food influences a condition of the patient. For recovery of microflora in the menu of children and adults there should not be digestible carbohydrates.

Treatment of aphthous stomatitis

Than to treat such form of an illness, depends on extent of defeat. Sometimes after purpose of the scheme of therapy treatment of aphthous stomatitis at adults in house conditions is carried out.

Афтозный стоматит, фото

Aphthous stomatitis, photo

At an aphthous form emergence of defeats happens against decrease in immunity. To define why yazvochka in a mouth appeared, the reasons and treatment can only specialists as some of them believe that the reasons of this type of an illness are connected with defeat mucous a herpes infection. At a chronic form of an illness white yazvochka in a mouth at the adult appear periodically and arise on cheeks, on the lip interior, sometimes – in a throat.

At aphthous stomatitis of people can note as single manifestations (for example, on a gingiva the white yazvochka appeared), and multiple. Unlike herpetic stomatitis at aphthous there are roundish white plaques, that is the afta having a red rim that is noticeable on a photo. If once again in a mouth the white yazvochka appeared how to treat, depends on whether passed stomatitis into a chronic form. The illness can last for years therefore it is important to define at once, than to treat yazvochka in a mouth.

At an aphthous form of an illness treatment is carried out step by step. Processing aft is initially carried out what solution of boric acid and broth of a camomile is applied to. Also antiseptic rinsing is carried out by solution which was recommended by the specialist. For example, the throat and an oral cavity can be rinsed weak solution of potassium permanganate or Furacilin. It is possible to do also other rinsings. Use intravenously of sodium thiosulphate for the purpose of desensitization and a detoxication practices. By that for whom this disease of a mucous membrane of an oral cavity is diagnosed appoint means Prodigiosanum, the Lysozyme, Pyrogenal. Means Lidokain Asept contains local anesthetic in structure and effectively acts at an aphthous form of an illness.

Also appoint polyvitamins, antihistamines, soothing.

As aphthous stomatitis develops at people, having diseases of nervous, endocrine, digestive systems, it is possible to warn recurrent stomatitis, having cured these diseases.

Treatment of catarral stomatitis

Clinic of this form such is that for successful treatment it is necessary to remove the cause of its manifestation. If on mucous affected areas appeared, they need to be processed carefully, solutions antiseptic agents – Miramistin, Hlorgeksidin. Use of applications with lidocaine or benzocaine at strong morbidity practices.

Means Metrogil Denta, etc. which can spread defeats after purpose of this means is widely applied. If after reception of these means the state does not improve, it is reasonable to address to hospital. For treatment it is worth refusing a toothbrush not to irritate gums. Practice also use of folk remedies: from stomatitis sea-buckthorn oil, honey, etc. helps.

Treatment of herpetic stomatitis

This type of a disease is shown most often, the carrier of a virus of herpes is the vast majority of the population. However, stomatitis on a lip or on other sites of mucous develops when at the person deterioration in immunity is noted.

Герпетический стоматит, фото

Herpetic stomatitis, photo

The disease does not cause acute reactions therefore often the person notices an illness when yazvochka appear, the sky in a mouth hurts. The doctor has to define the reasons and treatment of a disease. However people who have "a white sore" often try to practice independently treatment of an ulcer on a lip inside.

Viral stomatitis often develops also under language. At this form of an illness practice the following scheme of treatment.

Initially appoint the anesthetizing drugs to kill pain. The local drugs reducing an inflammation are also reasonable:

These means apply on the struck points. Sometimes the doctor appoints antiviral drugs:

That the disease did not pass into chronic stomatitis, use of immunostimulators, vitamin complexes is shown.

It is necessary to consider also the fact that sores in a mouth of this kind are infectious and can be transmitted through close contact, for example, through a kiss. Therefore if the person had a bubble on a gingiva, or in a mouth a white sore how to treat and what its nature, the specialist has to define. To fight independently against such manifestations – to smear with brilliant green, to drink antibiotics and to practice other unconfirmed methods – does not follow.

Treatment of allergic stomatitis

Approximately at a third of the population the various allergic reactions connected with effect of these or those allergens are shown. Stomatitis in language or on other places mucous can be connected with them.

In this case the sore reasons – contact with dentures, drugs, etc. As this manifestation is not considered an individual disease, than to treat a yazvochka in language and also how to treat a wound, depends by nature allergic reaction.

Treatment at adults is reduced to use of antihistamines – Suprastinum, Tsetrin, Tavegil. Prevention is reduced to allergen elimination.

Also so-called prosthetic stomatitis which can be subdivided into the following types is allocated: allergic and bacterial. In case of a bacterial form stomatitis on a gingiva is shown by reddening of a mucous membrane of a prosthetic bed. At an allergic form reddening can extend further, for example, stomatitis in a throat, etc. is shown.

Stomacace, treatment

What to do at stomatitis, depends on its form. The ulcer form is shown, as well as some other, against deterioration in immunity, bad hygiene of a mouth, etc. at the same time is noted a number of unpleasant symptoms – emergence of ulcers, a bad smell from a mouth, the increased temperature. If such stomatitis in the sky is shown or the place where earlier there was a spot, in other place mucous inflamed and hurts, it is necessary to define initially why there were yazvochka in the sky in a mouth, and then — than to treat an illness.

Язвенный стоматит, фото язвы на языке

Stomacace, an ulcer photo in language

The easy form of an illness can be cured by means of local means. Will enough practice a sparing diet and plentiful drink, to grind keen edges of teeth and to remove a dental calculus. For rinsing practice use of solutions of peroxide of hydrogen, a hlorgeksidin, Furacilin, also broths of herbs. To accelerate process of epithelization, appoint the regenerating means.

If the disease does not pass in several days, and disintoxication and antibacterial treatment lasts long, practices. Sometimes appoint also vitamins, the general treatment, physioprocedures. If the center which inflamed to treat timely, then ulcers are closed in 6-8 days. If the disease keeps a long time, its transition to a chronic form is probable.

Complications of stomatitis

Timely to get rid of unpleasant symptoms and to avoid complications, it is necessary to know what is stomatitis and as to treat it. If appeared on mucous – on lips from a reverse side, on a cheek from the inside a white sore, it is necessary to take measures for elimination of an illness. Treatment it is necessary to practice so much time how many the doctor appointed.

Стоматит на десне, фото

Stomatitis on a gingiva, a photo

Special attention should be paid on stomatitis at pregnancy. In that case it is necessary not only to obtain accurate information on what to treat stomatitis at pregnancy, but also to define an etiology and, whenever possible, to eliminate it.

At the correct approach to therapy the illness is not dangerous. But if the patient does not know what doctor treats this disease and what to do, an illness can flow in a chronic form. Also treatment of an inflammation of the sky in house conditions can be dangerous.

Often at stomatitis (stomatitis on a gingiva, etc.) as complication bleeding of gums develops. Dedentition, development of consecutive infection is also possible. Defeats on tonsils, quinsy can be noted. At the started illness forms at the person the osiplost and hoarseness of a voice, later – chronic laryngitis can be noted.

At women constant fungal stomatitis can lead to development of candidiasis of generative organs. The heaviest complication – infection of all organism.

Therefore it is thoughtless to perceive an illness and to write on unspecialized forums of the message like "bit a cheek, the yazvochka was formed, than to treat" or to ask nonspecialists whether it is possible to smear with ulcer brilliant green, categorically does not follow. It is important to know how this disease what doctor treats this illness looks.

Prevention of development of stomatitis

Responses demonstrate that at the correct prevention it is possible to avoid displays of this illness. It is necessary to consider that the price of disease prevention is much lower, than treatment cost. In most cases the best prophylactic is the correct hygiene of an oral cavity and timely treatment of infectious and chronic illnesses.

That afterwards did not torture stomatitis, people with dentures need to adjust as much as possible them by the size. This illness at those who refused smoking, an alcohol abuse is less often shown. It is important to take measures for immunity strengthening, doing it not one week or month, and taking full courses of reception of vitamins, minerals, etc. One more important point – needs to be known where there is an office of the stomatologist and to regularly visit him for routine inspections.

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