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  • Latin name: Stomatophyt/Stomatophyt A
  • ATH code: A01AD11
  • Active ingredient: Plant extract
  • Producer: Krasnogorskleksredstva, Russia Klenk's Fitofarm, Poland

Stomatofit's structure

In essence Stomatofit and Stomatofit And are two similar on drug influence which slightly differ in chemical composition.

Both drugs are intended for external use. They represent solution and contain such actively operating medicinal connections as extracts of leaves of a sage, flowers of a camomile, a rhizome of an acorus, bark of an oak, grass of arnica, a thyme and a peppermint in different proportions.

However Stomatofit And, in addition, contains anaesthesin.

Release form

Medicinal solution is let out in bottles from dark glass with a measured glass, with a nominal volume of 45 or 120 ml. In one packaging from a cardboard there is one bottle.

Medicinal extract of Stomatofit And also is packed into bottles from dark glass with a measured glass, with a nominal volume of 25 ml. One bottle is enclosed in one cardboard packaging.

Pharmacological action

Drugs possess antiinflammatory properties.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Components of a plant origin contain both one, and other drug. Both medicines possess the antimicrobic, knitting, antiinflammatory and fungicidal properties.

Thanks to the content of extracts of bark of an oak, a sage and flowers of a camomile, both medicines are effective in fight against inflammatory processes, and also accelerate regeneration and soften a mucous membrane of an oral cavity.

Content of tannic connections as a part of drugs helps immune system to fight against gram-negative, and also gram-positive bacteria and barmy mushrooms of a type of Candida albicans.

Indications to use

Both drugs use at therapeutic treatment of such diseases as:

  • the oral cavity inflammation caused by barmy fungi of Candida albicans;
  • language inflammation;
  • ulitis;
  • periodontal disease;
  • glossitis;
  • stomatitis.

Both medicines are appointed at tendency to periodontosis and to bleeding of gums, and both in structure as a part of complex therapy, and as monotherapeutic means.


Both drugs are not recommended for use at individual intolerance of some vegetable components which are their chemical composition. Most often allergic reaction to plants from the sort Asteracae, for example, a camomile or arnica meets.

Side effects

As a rule, patients well transfer these drugs. However in some cases medicine can cause unpleasant burning, and also discoloration of enamel of teeth which disappears at once after the termination of use of drugs.

Application instruction of Stomatofit (Way and dosage)

Solution for external use (10 ml.) part with water in a proportion ¼ just before use. The oral cavity is rinsed solution by 3-4 times a day, for two weeks. For the correct dosage of drug it is better to use a measured glass. The mode of use of medicine, as well as its dosage, can change depending on appointments of the attending physician.

The instruction to Stomatofit And

Extract is applied to processing of a mucous surface of an oral cavity. Affected areas grease with medicine by means of a wadded disk. After use of drug within half an hour it is forbidden to drink, eat or rinse a mouth. For effective treatment 4 times a day are recommended to use medicinal extract.


According to information of the producer at use of drugs overdose is impossible. At accidental hit of medicine in a stomach it is necessary to make immediately washing and to ask for medical care.


When sharing several drugs for processing of a throat or an oral cavity it is necessary to observe a half-hour interval between Stomatofit's reception and the listed above medicines.

Terms of sale

It is released without recipe of the doctor.

Storage conditions

For preservation of medicinal properties of drug, it should be stored in the place, dark, unavailable to children, at a temperature not above 25 °C.

Period of validity

3 years.

Special instructions

Chemical composition of drugs contains about 70% of ethanol.

Stomatofit's analogs

Now Stomatofit or Stomatofit's analogs And on chemical composition do not exist. However it is possible to find the drugs similar in a way of medicinal influence and a form of release in sale.


  • Liquid 50mlphytopharm Klenka Stomatofit extract
  • Stomatofit And extract liquid 25gphytopharm Klenka
  • Liquid 100mlphytopharm Klenka Stomatofit extract
  • The conditioner for a mouth 250mlphytopharm Klenka Stomatofit juice
  • The children's conditioner for a mouth 250mlphytopharm Klenka Stomatofit juice

Drugstore of IFC

  • Stomatofit fl 50 ml, Phytopharm Klenkapolsha
  • Stomatofit Juice fl 250 ml, Phytopharm Klenkapolsha
  • Stomatofit And fl 25 ml, Phytopharm Klenkapolsha
  • Stomatofit fl 100 ml, Phytopharm Klenkapolsha
  • Stomatofit Juice fl 250 ml children's, Phytopharm Klenkapolsha
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  • Stomatofitphytopharm Klenka (Poland)
  • Stomatofit solution for polosk. rot. cavities 50mlfitofarm Klenka (Poland)
  • Klenka (Poland) Stomatofit And solution for rinsing of an oral cavity 25mlfitofarm


  • Stomatofit solution for polosk. rot. cavities 120mlfitofarm Klenka
  • Stomatofit solution for polosk. rot. cavities 120mlfitofarm Klenka
  • Stomatofit solution for polosk. rot. cavities 120mlfitofarm Klenka
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