Stounterapiya: rest finding

Practically all self-medicate. Before going to the doctor, we by all means will try both herbs, and infusions, and syrups. However, if a disease serious, the professional – the specialist doctor treats it, certainly. But not for nothing say that all diseases – from nerves. Happens so that the campaign to the urologist or the surgeon is provoked by deterioration in a mental state. That is, flow of fatigue happens to remove enough in time not to exhaust itself then swallowing of antibiotics and other aggressive procedures. But how to treat sincere fatigue? Sometimes there is such state that there is even no wish to listen to music … Wise orientals know not the first century – as. In their regions the interesting phenomenon arose: stounterapiya.

Massage, exotic for us, stones, contrast on temperature and color, gains the increasing popularity and in Russia. Such massage does not treat any certain body, and raises the general vitality of an organism, positively influences all nervous system, normalizes a hormonal background and, perhaps, the most important – creates immunity. Therefore also the range of its indications is rather wide: practically all types of stresses, a syndrome of chronic fatigue, muscle pain, and still – disposal of fatty deposits by means of acceleration of a metabolism.

Стоунтерапия: обретение покояLet's notice that this procedure not only does not cause any pain at all, but, on the contrary, it is very pleasant. At the same time massage is carried out in certain conditions, both the comfortable situation, and pleasant smells, and the muffled running-down music are important (or nature sounds – murmur of a stream, noise of a surf, etc.).

In a stounterpiya are used both semiprecious stones, and sea pebble. As a rule, stones of different size, white and black color. Options of this massage set: only hot minerals, alternation of raznotemperaturny stones, the use mixed or identical by the size, etc. It is necessary to mention that the stounterapiya quite often goes together with other procedures. For example, the aromatherapy – both in the form of evaporations at massage, and in the form of preliminary moistening of a body oil is well combined with it.

And also masters practice connection of usual types of massage with a stounterapiya that very well affects health of the client. It is interesting that such exotic equipment can be applied not only on a body, but also on the head, a face, area of a decollete, auricles.

Стоунтерапия: обретение покояAnd whether it is possible to apply a stounterapiya independently? Certainly. Not only the immense fatigue or a sudden nervous breakdown, but also long colds give in to its influence. Self-massage in this case is slightly simpler, but it is also effective. Use such minerals as amber, a jasper, turquoise, sea pebble. Put a pebble on one palm, it cover another and make roundabouts of minutes 20. At slow speed and without strong pressure you will achieve effect of calm, in other case – you tone up the organism.

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