Children — we overcome fear of dental care

The fear of children of dentists is almost constant, daily phenomenon. However how to explain to the child that it is need and that it is not necessary to be afraid?

The children's stomatology in itself a little in what differs from adult. But we will not forget that in a case with the child it is harder and harder, than with the adult. Though dental care at children process inevitable and in modern stomatology often painless, children as it is strange, are afraid of everything that is connected with stomatology. It can be partly connected with unpleasant memoirs, for example when the child was absolutely small in a stomatologic office very painful, and unpleasant procedures were made or if someone decided to frighten him of it.

Methods of impact on the child

There are many ways of impact on mentality of the child (in many respects methods depend also on your imagination). It is possible to lead difficult discussion with the child, having in detail explained that such treatment of milk teeth, having in passing touched upon a subject of tooth diseases, and with what the course of a disease without intervention of the stomatologist is fraught.

Many parents offer the children new a toy, or a campaign to some place where it will be interesting to the child. Though the similar technique will work smoothly in most cases, it is necessary to mention a technique of psychological influence which will help to preserve a wallet and safety.

Parents can give to the child psychological support, just being near him during any procedures with his teeth, to take at the right time by hand. It is easier for children to endure pain if nearby there is someone from a family, that is those to whom the child trusts. Also we will pay attention that a lot of things depend on a situation in which there is a child. Researches showed that if treatment takes place in small blackout, and the situation is friendly, the child transfers treatment of milk teeth far more simply. It will be still effective if the child takes the favourite toy which will cause associations with the house, something native and to calm respectively.

Some fathers, in addition, it that the father, or mother put before the child (most often the son) the fact that that will not be able to sit out in the stomatologist's office, having waited for the sons until that carries out necessary in this case diagnosis, and respectively treatment. In spite of the fact that a method very rigid, it helps the child to feel the adult.

Дети - преодолеваем страх лечения зубовNow it is worth touching upon a subject of how it is easier for child to transfer necessary procedures and to bear possible pain. Really, for any child it will already be shock to appear in the stomatologist's office not to mention that it is necessary to make dental care. As a rule, many stomatologists make dental care to children under anesthetic.

It is valid that it in suffering a small ukolchik to the area of gums afterwards not to pay attention to what occurs in a mouth. That is, the child it is necessary only to persuade to suffer a prick, but then treatment becomes not only painless, and in many respects even interesting process.

Most of children's stomatologists before getting children into the dental chair talk to them, helping them to realize that treatment is necessary, encouraging them, and giving all moral support. Widespread the phenomenon in an office of the children's stomatologist is the monitor which is before a chair and which shows some interesting animated film. It distracts the child, helping that not only to endure pain, but also about much simplifying work to the stomatologist.

Anesthesia (anesthesia) to which doctors resort can be local and the general. Local anesthesia is that ukolchik about which it was already told. With the general anesthesia everything is slightly more difficult. It is done when it is clear that dental care will be not only long, but also very disease process even if to make a local anesthesia. Anesthesia in stomatology in general is difficult process, but if to resort to the general anesthesia, preparation is necessary and the children's stomatology applies this method of anesthesia in rare instances.

First of all the consent of parents and the child to it is necessary. It is possible that the child will decide and to suffer that in rare instances, but happens. It is necessary to check whether is not present at the child of an allergy to any substances which are an anesthesiology part. If is not present, then it is possible to start. This type of anesthesia is used for serious operations which are made in hospitals. For stomatology the general anesthesia is not too frequent phenomenon.

Dental care to children under anesthetic has both pluses, and minuses. Pluses are that it will not be painful to the child, he will not be capricious, or to ache. Minus only one, but it is worth paying attention to it. As a rule, substances which contain in anesthesiology structure very and are very toxic, and each anesthesia will be reflected on health of your child. It does not mean that it is impossible to resort to an anesthesia in general, in many cases not to do without it. Just it is impossible to use it too often that with health of your child everything was as it should be.

Unfortunately, the children's stomatology did not think up absolutely painless ways of dental care yet, however, considering the fact that all possible problems with teeth are studied, and technologies in medicine generally, and stomatology in particular improve every year, shortly teeth it will be possible to treat without any nervousness. And dental care at children will become for them just small game.

Basic rules of care of teeth

Дети - преодолеваем страх лечения зубовIn conclusion we will tell several words about what should be done that teeth did not hurt the child and because of what they in general can hurt, and also about hygiene of an oral cavity.

Tooth deposits (hygiene). Tooth deposits are the pieces of food which got stuck between teeth. They are one of basic reasons of emergence of caries. The matter is that food pieces begin to decay over time, causing extremely unpleasant smell from a mouth, apart from the fact that for any bacteria it is just a home. Council only one - is more often to brush teeth to exclude unpleasant effects.

Sweet. All children - love sweet, it is an axiom. And whether here love sweet teeth of children? It is other question. Usual rolls with poppy, or with cinnamon it is not counted, and here caramel candies, or toffees very harmful influence enamel of both children's, and adult tooth. It is better not to take them at all even if offer as even one such candy can cause very unpleasant effects.

Hot and cold. Cases when the child eats hot, or warm food are very frequent, in passing washing down with cold water. It cannot be done at all. More hotly in combination with cold causes any destructive processes on a surface with which they interact. And if even the car windshield can crack, provide that can happen to tooth.

Non-compliance with hygiene. This really widespread phenomenon among children. If not to brush teeth, on their surface the dental plaque accumulates. On it there can be various microbes among which and those which cause caries. And though over time all the same it is necessary to make whitening of teeth (teeth will change color for lurid over time) the after it it is necessary to make, the better.

Conform to these rules and accustom to them the child. In that case the children's stomatology will not cause traditional negative feelings and emotions.

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