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  • Latin name: Stresam
  • ATH code: N05BX
  • Active ingredient: Etifoksin (Etifoxine)
  • Producer: BIOKODEKS, France


50 mg of an etifoksin of a hydrochloride are a part of 1 capsule.

Treat excipients: monohydrate of lactose, talc, microcrystallic cellulose, colloid silicon, magnesium stearate.

Are a part of a cover: titanium dioxide (E 171), indigotin (E 132), gelatin.

Release form

On 50 ml of powder of color, white without impurity, and a foreign smell in gelatinous, brilliant, smooth, capsules. Capsules have the white body and a blue lid.

Capsules are placed in planimetric cell blisters. In each cardboard pack there is an instruction with instructions on drug use.

Pharmacological action

Anxiolytic (sedative).

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

The main active agent as a part of sedative drug Strezam is etifoksin a hydrochloride which makes anksiolitichesky impact. Because etifoksin the hydrochloride does not influence the speed of psychomotor reactions, it can be used as a day tranquilizer.


Etifoksin a hydrochloride is quickly soaked up from a gastrointestinal tract (within 2-3 hours).


Etifoksin a hydrochloride freely gets through a placental barrier.


Process of a metabolism happens in a liver from formation of metabolites (dietiletifoksin).


T1/2 of the main substance (etifoksin of a hydrochloride) makes 5 — 6 hours, and T1/2 of a metabolite (dietiletifoksin) – about 20 hours. Drug with urine and bile in not changed look (small amount) and in the form of metabolites is removed.

Indications to Strezam's use

The sedative is used for elimination of such symptoms as:

  • alarm;
  • fear;
  • apathy;
  • hypoactivity;
  • internal tension;
  • acrimony;
  • decrease in mood against somatopathies.

Additional indications to use:


Anxiolytic use Strezam is contraindicated at:

  • hypersensitivity to medicine components;
  • depressed case;
  • myasthenias;
  • heavy abnormal liver functions or kidneys;
  • inborn galactosemia;
  • glucose/galactose sprue;
  • deficit of lactose;
  • pregnancy or feeding by a breast.

Also drug cannot be used it is aware of treatment of children and teenagers till 18 flyings.

Side effects

In an initiation of treatment there can be insignificant dizziness which independently disappears in several days of reception of sedative drug.

Strezam can sometimes cause allergic reactions (the small tortoiseshell, angiodermit).

Strezam: application instruction (Way and dosage)

Duration of a course of reception and dose of anxiolytic is defined by the doctor individually as depends on a condition of the patient.

Strezam accept inside on 1 capsule (50 mg of an etifoksin of a hydrochloride) 3 times a day or 2 capsules (100 mg of an etifoksin of a hydrochloride) 2 times a day. Capsules need to be accepted to food and to wash down with a small amount of water. The course of treatment can vary from several days to 3-6 weeks. Specifies application instructions of Strezam that the maximum duration of a course – 12 weeks.


At overdose symptoms of arterial hypotension appear. For elimination of these symptoms it is necessary to make in the shortest possible time a gastric lavage a large amount of water.

There is no specific antidote.


Strezam strengthens action of means, the oppressing TsNS. With care it is necessary to apply this medicine with opioid analgetics, barbiturates, somnolent drugs, antihistamines, neuroleptics.

Medicine also exponentiates ethanol influence.

Terms of sale

Strezam it is possible to get in a drugstore according to the recipe.

Storage conditions

To store at a temperature which is not exceeding 25 °C.

Period of validity

Strezam is stored 3 years at observance of storage conditions.


The main analogs of drug Strezam are Trankvilar's (Trancvilar) tablet and Oxylidinum (Oxylidinum). Popular anxiolytics are also Meprobamate (Meprobamat), Temazepam (Temazepam) and Amizyl (Amizylum).

About Strezam

The average assessment of reviews of Strezam at forums makes 4 on 5 to a ball scale. Visitors of forums consider as drug pluses:

  • soft sedative action;
  • lack of drowsiness;
  • fast elimination of alarm.

Participants of discussions carry to drug minuses:

  • high price of Strezam.

Having analyzed comments of doctors on Strezam, it is possible to draw a conclusion that on it drug it is necessary to pay special attention to people in whom sedatives cause strong drowsiness. This drug does not cause this side effect, but, nevertheless, doctors advise to observe when driving the car during treatment the maximum vigilance, and at all to refuse control of difficult mechanisms.

Also doctors do not advise to use this sedative drug for treatment of alarming and phobic frustration at children and teenagers who did not reach age of 18 years yet.

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  • Strezam of 50 mg No. 60 kaps.laboratoires Biocodex (France)
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