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  • Latin name: Structum
  • ATH code: M01AX25
  • Active ingredient: Chondroitin Sodium sulfate (Chondroitine Sulfate Sodium)
  • Producer: Farmfirma SOTEKS (Russia)

Struktum's structure

One capsule of Struktum contains active agent – sodium sulfate chondroitin — 250 mg or 500 mg.

Excipient: talc.

Structure of a capsular cover: titanium dioxide, indigo carmine, gelatin.

Release form

Capsules on 250 mg are issued:

  • on 15 pieces in blisters; 4 such blisters to cardboard packaging;
  • on 10 pieces in blisters; 3 such blisters to cardboard packaging;
  • on 30 pieces in a polypropylene bottle; one such bottle in cardboard packaging;
  • on 100 pieces in a polypropylene bottle; one such bottle in cardboard packaging.

Struktum of 500 mg is issued on 12 capsules in blisters; 5 such blisters in cardboard packaging.

Tablets as release form, in production of drug are not used.

Pharmacological action

Regenerating, hondrostimuliruyushchy, antiinflammatory.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics


Chondroitin sulfate – one of the main components of a cartilaginous and bone tissue, joints, it promotes preservation of integrity of a cartilage thanking:

  • to strengthening of anabolic action of chondrocytes (activation of products of proteoglycans);
  • to oppression of an adverse effect интерлейкина-1β on structural components of a cartilage;
  • to braking of excessive degradation of a cartilage (by blocking of elastase in fabrics, reduction of activity of metalproteases and increase of activity of inhibitor of metalproteases).

Chondroitin sulfate improves balance of the synovial environment thanks to strengthening of products of hyaluronic acid – thus appropriate viscosity and density of synovial fluid is maintained. Chondroitin sulfate also suppresses development of inflammatory reactions.


After administration of drug more than 70 of its percent are soaked up in a digestive tract. The maximum concentration in a blood plasma is observed in 3-4 hours, in synovial fluid — in 4-5 hours. Bioavailability makes about 13%.

Indications to use

Medicine is applied as a part of complex therapy at degenerative pathology of a backbone and joints (intervertebral osteochondrosis, an osteoarthrosis).


  • age less than 15 years (researches of efficiency were not conducted);
  • reactions of hypersensitivity to drug.

Side effects

Application instruction of Struktum

The application instruction of Struktum of 500 mg recommends to accept drug orally, washing down with water.

To adults and children of 15 flyings medicine 2 times a day appoint in a dose 1 gram a day or on 500 mg - it is two capsules, it is wrong to tell "tablets". The optimum duration of an initial course of therapy makes half a year. Medical effect of drug remains for 3-5 months depending on a stage of a disease and its localization. If necessary repeated courses of treatment are resolved.


Overdose signs: seldom — vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, at long-term reception in high doses emergence of hemorrhagic rashes is possible.

Treatment: symptomatic therapy.


If to use drug along with indirect anticoagulants, fibrinolitika and antiagregant, action of the last amplifies.

Terms of sale

Is on sale according to the recipe in Ukraine and without recipe in Russia.

Storage conditions

To protect from children. To store at a temperature up to 25 degrees.

Period of validity

Three years.

Special instructions

Patients need to use drug with care with tendency to bleedings.

Struktum's analogs

The following analogs of Struktum are most widespread: Artron Hondreks, Hondroksid, Hondrofleks, Terafleks, Alflutop. The price of analogs 10 times less the original price.


  • Struktum of 500 mg No. 60 kapsulysoteks Farmfirma of closed joint stock company

Drugstore of IFC

  • Struktum kaps. 500 mg No. 60, Piere Fabre/of Sotekrossiya
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  • Struktum of a capsule of 500 mg No. 60 Pierre Fabr (France)


  • Struktum of 250 mg No. 60 kaps.pierre Fabre Medicament Production (France)
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