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  • Latin name: Suprastinex
  • ATH code: R06AE09
  • Active ingredient: Levotsetirizin (Levocetirizine)
  • Producer: CJSC EGIS Pharmaceutical Plant, Hungary


The structure of tablets, film coated includes active component of a levotsetirizin dihydrochloride. Additional components: cellulose silicon microcrystallic, lactoses monohydrate, the hypro rod low-replaced magnesium stearate. The cover of a tablet consists from: gipromelloza, titanium of dioxide, lactose of monohydrate, macrogoal and triacetin.

Drops for intake also include in structure active component of a levotsetirizin dihydrochloride. Additional components: glitserol, propylene glycol, sodium saccharinate and acetate trihydrate, methylparahydroxybenzoate, propilparagidroksibenzoat, acetic acid ice, the water purified.

Release form

Suprastineks in the form of tablets and a thaw for intake is issued.

Tablets contain 5 mg of active agent packaged on 7 or 10 pieces in blisters on 1-3 blisters in a pack.

Drops for intake also contain 5 mg of active component on one ml. Drug is packaged in bottles of 20 ml of brown glass with a dropper.

Pharmacological action

Drug possesses antihistaminic and antiallergic action.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Suprastineks influences a gistaminozavisimy stage of various allergic reactions, reduces migration of eosinophils, reduces vascular permeability, reducing release of mediators of an inflammation. During reception of this drug allergic manifestations develop less often and their current is considerably facilitated. Besides, the anti-exudative and antipruritic effect is noted, without causing sedative, antiserotoninergichesky and anticholinergic action.

The therapeutic effect of drug develops 12-60 min. later from the moment of reception of a single dose and remains within a day.

Fast absorption is characteristic of Suprastineks, at the same time the use of food does not influence full value of this process, but reduces its speed. For 90% active agent contacts proteins of plasma. At a metabolism the inactive metabolite is formed of part of substance in a liver. Full removal of drug from an organism happens during 96 h, mainly by means of kidneys.

Indications to use

Drug is appointed for a symptomatic treatment at: year-round and seasonal allergic rhinitis and conjunctivitis, the shown itch, sneezing, a rhinorrhea, dacryagogue, a conjunctiva hyperemia;

Contraindications to use

Suprastineks it is not recommended to accept at:

  • hypersensitivity to drug;
  • heavy renal failure;
  • children's age till 6 flyings – tablets, till 2 flyings – drops, because of a lack of information of their influence on a children's organism;
  • lactations, pregnancies;
  • lactose intolerances, hereditary form of deficit of lactase or sprue of glucose galactose.

Care is required at treatment of patients with a chronic renal failure and at advanced age.

Side effects

At treatment by Suprastineks the side effects affecting work of immune system, for example can develop: various allergic reactions.

Besides, disturbances in activity of a nervous system are possible: strong drowsiness, headache, high fatigue, adynamy, migraine and so on.

Also deviations in a metabolism, functioning of a respiratory organs, by a gastrointestinal tract, a hypodermic fatty tissue and some other systems and bodies are not excluded.

Application instruction of Suprastineks (Way and dosage)

This drug in any form is intended for intake, before or during food. At the same time a pill is taken in the whole look, washing down with water, and the application instruction recommends to measure drops of Suprastineks in a spoon or a glass with water. It is necessary to take medicine right after dissolution.

The daily dose of drug is intended on one reception. To adult and elderly patients, and also children of 6 flyings appoint on one tablet or 20 drops a day. The maximum dosage should not be higher than 5 mg

Little patients of 2-6 years are recommended to accept drug in drops on 1,25 mg on 2 receptions a day is on 5 drops on every time. The most admissible dosage makes 2,5 mg.

To patients with disturbances of functions of kidneys the scheme of reception is established taking into account specific features. The patient with a chronic renal failure appoint a half of an admissible form. Irregular shapes of a disease are contraindication to reception.

Disturbances of functions of a liver do not demand special changes in dosing and the therapeutic scheme. If at patients simultaneous disturbance of functions of a liver and kidneys is revealed, then the dosage is reduced.

Duration of treatment depends on complexity of a disease. The matter is that at various deviations the therapeutic course can proceed both week, and half a year.


Cases of overdose by Suprastineks can cause drowsiness manifestation in adult patients, and children have a superexcitation, concern which are quite often replaced drowsiness.

It demands carrying out treatment with a gastric lavage and obligatory survey of the doctor. The specific antidote is not developed therefore the symptomatic and supporting procedures are recommended. At the same time the hemodialysis is inefficient.

Special instructions

Drug in the form of tablets contains lactose therefore it is not appointed to the patients suffering from intolerance of this substance, a hereditary lack of lactase or a sprue of glucose galactose.

Drops for internal reception are not recommended to children till 2 years as their action on little patients is studied insufficiently. Besides, drops can lead to development of allergic reactions to components of this medicine.

The patients accepting this drug for treatment need to abstain from performance of the dangerous work requiring special attention and fast reactions.


According to laboratory researches interaction of a levotsetirizin and pseudoephedrine, Cimetidinum, Ketokonazola, Erythromycin, Azithromycin, Glipizid, Diazepam has no important clinical value. The combination to Ketokonazol and macroleads does not exert impact on change of indicators of an ECG.

The concomitant use with Theophylline can reduce the general clearance of a levotsetirizin, without changing Theophylline kinetics.

Terms of sale

Drops and tablets release without recipe.

Storage conditions

The cool place unavailable to children will be suitable for storage of each form of drug.

Period of validity

3 years.

Suprastineks's analogs

The main analogs of Suprastineks are provided by drugs: Levotsetirizina Digidrokhlorid, Glentset, Zodak, Ksizal, Zenaro, Levotsetirizin-Tev, Tsezera and Eltset.


  • Suprastineks drops 5mg/ml 20mlegis
  • Suprastineks 5 mg No. 14 tabletkiegis
  • Suprastineks 5 mg No. 7 tabletkiegis

Drugstore of IFC

  • Suprastineks drops for vnutr. comment 5mg/ml 20 ml, Egisvengriya
  • Suprastineks tbl p / about 5 mg No. 7, Egisvengriya
  • Suprastineks tbl p / about 5 mg No. 14, Egisvengriya
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