Cheese with a mold — a product for long-livers

The use of the well-known delicacy — cheese with a mold — is one of the factors influencing what will be life expectancy of the person. Modern researchers reported that in the countries of Europe the greatest long-livers are French. It is interesting that citizens of this country do not like to keep to diets. And here greasy, nourishing food and in, cheese with a mold representatives of this nation very much respect particulars.

Scientists assumed that the hobby for cheese with a mold promoted that in time from 2009 to 2012 France took the world the third place on an indicator of the lowest death rate from illnesses of cardiovascular system and a stroke. Scientists from university in Cambridge and specialists from the European group on fight against cardiovascular diseases even conducted special research which allowed to confirm that cheeses with a mold positively influence the general condition of cardiovascular system of the person.

Physicians report that those cheeses which contain blue and blue streaks have the expressed antiinflammatory effect. In their structure there are substances which eliminate hypostases of walls of vessels. The substances which are contained in a cheese mold make the most salutary impact on a cover in blood vessels which is called an endothelium.

But not only this property of cheeses with a mold it is necessary to consider such that it positively influences health of the person. In the course of carrying out research specialists established that cheese with a mold can suppress an inflammation mucous a stomach.

But nevertheless you should not abuse so exotic product. According to nutritionists, daily people can use no more than 50 g of cheese with a mold. Those at whom allergic reaction to mold mushrooms is noted need to eat such cheese with very big care.

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